Name: 321
Title: 09.07.2009
Last modified: 2009-10-04
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#Br. Senkowski - Absent
* Br. Rowe
* Br. Bruce
Br. Creasey
Br. Wilson
Br. Boles
Br. Browder
#Br. Hale - Absent
Br. Smith
Br. Brandt
Br. Sanders
Br. Ashley - ABSENT
Br. Schlupp
Br Hudson – Excused absence
Br. Foster - ABSENT
Br. Miller
Mr. Barber
Mr. Zaracoff(sp?)
@Ms. Kidson
@Ms. Weber

Presidents report

Met with IFC Pres.
* Talked about h1n1 flu
** Have been getting some cases every day.
** Take care of yourself like the normal flu
** We have disposable thermometers for you to check yourself

Formal Rush was amazing based off of statistics

Rash of bike thefts, one was locked up.
* Check lockup
* register your bike with Norman

VP: AM at 7PM
Retreat is 11/7-8
* Cabins


Pay your bills
Will be investing in upgrade to LAN party

Sorry last weeks minutes up
Paperwork, I need it soon,

Nerf War on Thurs.
* Flyering tonight at 9 PM
* Invite people
* Contact your Contacts

Study night will be 7-9 tonight.
Talking on the 1st floor is discouraged
Group projects in astrolounge until AM is over.

Need articles!
Also FNGs and recent FNGs to do articles.

Work Day was good.
Mophead award: Clay Miller.


The past week some people were assigned and didn't show up.
* Will start fining people (need to make up by workday)
* Also start doubling schedule
Chapter Dinner: Baslamic Porkloin.
* Rachel and Powers
No dinner night.

Resident Manager:
Br. Boles - in door bike rack.

ASK liaison
Ms. Kidson:
Waffelgazing - 9 PM
* Stevenson lawn

TASK Event: Laser tag a possibility.

Old Business:
Minutes not posted.

New Business:
Powerwash front porch to get rid of remnants of graffiti.

Br. Rowe
I have homework I need to do.
I had fun ethics training.
I also got called a pizza thief (and was cleared a little while later)

Br. Bruce
I'm tired.

Br. Creasey

Br. Wilson
I wish my bike hadn't been stolen.
My parents went to OU game and dad was mad that we lost.
Was mad before, had something wrong with car and was to be serviced. And it was serviced was hit by car on the way home.

Br. Boles
I need to do laundry.
I'm glad I got sick early instead of later.

Br. Browder
Physics is confusing
Lost ...

Br. Smith
Plague is spreading around OU
I want to know backup QB for OU so I can say he sucks.

Br. Brandt
Pleasantly surprised bike isn't stolen but tried to do it.

Br. Sanders
Had 1st exam and got a 95% (signals and filtering)

Br. Schlupp
Computer's broken. Windows restore broke MBT.

Br. Miller
Managed Applied Logic and Eng Prac. homework
Physics & Calc and more physics.

Ms Weber.
I want to learn German

Ms. Layne
Stomach hurts

Ms. Kidson
Biked a lot this week
Drowning in classes.

Mr. (Matt)
Alienware came in.
Helped mom build table

Mr. Barber
HS screwed up on my certification

Ms. Weber - Sam for attending ASK meetings regularly
Br. Browder - Had successful workday


I want you to touch that. I will touch that to your face. - Kathryn
They're all the women Ive slept with - sam
I cheat hard - sam
What, are you going to take all your clothes off before you did that? Sam
Where's jeff when I need a screamer - Sam
I want to be a chick that things Anthony Hopkins is hot. - Higgy
Will you take food stamps for sexual favors? - Higgy
What have you done for Jesus today? - Kahn
I'd do it to just about anyone regardless of gender - Rachel