Name: 320
Title: 08.23.2009
Last modified: 2009-10-04
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*Br. Powers
#Br. Senkowski - Absent
*Br. Rowe - LATE
*Br. Bruce
Br. Creasey
Br. Wilson
#Br. Talaese - Absent
Br. Boles
Br. Browder
#Br. Hale - Absent
Br. Smith
Br. Brandt
Br. Sanders
Br. Ashley - ABSENT
Br. Schlupp
Br. Hudson
Br. Foster - LATE
Br. Miller
Ms. Curry
@Ms. Weber – LATE
@Ms. Lane – LATE
@Ms. Elliot
@Ms. Quiroga

President's Report

I-Week was good; welcome FNGs.
Thanks for those who showed up for I-Week, cleanup, and Formal Rush.
Direction to take chapter

Office Changes:
Br. Brandt to VP and Philanthropy
Br. Creasey also as Secretary
Br. Hudson as Scholarship and Social Chairs
Br. Schlupp as Chapter Editor and Network Chair
Br. Browder as Rush
Br. Sanders is Historian.
Br. Foster as IFC Rep.

More appointed officers soon

VP Report:
AM @ 7:15PM
FNGs: Need to show up.

Omega Fi paperwork
We are still financially solvent
Some billing problems and FNGs owe Pledge Dues

Paperwork is due.
Working on website.

Rush Schedule is done. Printed in Atrium and also written up on white board.
We NEED people to be here. Also invite people.
Thursday's Special Event: BBQ.

Monday & Tuesday: Free-for-all period. Be here on time.

Need Flyers; need pictures of Welcome


Monday Night study Nights!
First meeting tomorrow for discussion.

Chapter Editor:
Need articles for Event Horizion. FNGs and previous FNGs need to write articles!

House Manager:

Workdays Sunday @ 2 PM (like last semester)
I will keep track of if you show up or not!

Anyone with questions or want to be on Meal Plan talk to me!

Chapter Dinner: Chicken Fetachini Alferdo
This week @ 5PM
Cook: Br. Boles, Br. Smith, Ms. Weber
Clean: Br. Brandt, Br. Miller, Br. Creasey

Monthly TASK dinners again.
Triangle Liaison: Monthly Dinners already, how about merging?
Need them to be events.

On second White Board: Activity Suggestions. Please suggest.

Be doing parking on football game days.
20% of game expected but will wait until after first game to decide amount.

Resident Manager:
Leases are out. Give them to me by the end of the meeting.


Meeting minutes from last semester past unanimously.


Text Message service for events?
Possibly special events only?
Weekly Digest addition? Social Chair's responsiblity.responsibility.

Br. Powers
Crazy Summer: Alab, TN, FL, GA, Miss.
Work has picked up in activity.
I like how new and fresh the Active Chapter is.

Br. Rowe
Long summer was long.
slogan has some new features.

Br. Bruce.
I has a Camaro.

Br. Creasey
Formal Rush was a workout. I walked several miles in 2 days.
Computer hosting server with Wiki and WX

Br. Wilson
Ireland was pretty cool.
Just moved into the Manor.
(Netherlands to Ireland to TX to Norman into Manor.)
This semester will be interesting.

Br. Boles
Ireland was also cool. People complained about the rain but not me.
Everything else this summer was boring.
Formal Rush is over (Sec. fact correction: No it isn't; just the house tours.)
Looking forward to semester

Br. Browder
I'm tired and school hasn't started yet.
I have hobbies that will be neglected due to Rush Chair obligations.
I will get stuff done instead of half done.

Br. Smith

After summer school went to Las Vegas. I then came back here to move in.

Br. Brandt.
Didn't leave Norman this summer except for Dallas.
Worked and met cool people.
Got into cycling, it is fun. Considering I'm lazy it's weird.

Br. Sanders
Took up game editing and took calculus
Went to CO.

Br. Schlupp
Summer's been crazy
Tired and sick. Been stressed and not ready for classes.

Br. Hudson
Year 7, GO!

Br. Foster
Took Calc 4
Tired from I-Week

Br. Miller
Formal Rush took a lot out of me. Need a nap before AM.

Ms. Weber
I hope I get a job.

Ms. Layne
I gotta catch them all!
I met a really pretty gay guy from a LGBT group.

Ms. Kidson
The people I'm staying with this year are sane.

Ms. Curry
I don't summer to be over but it is. I'm sad.

Ms. Elliot
I don't want to go to class tomorrow. I'm excited, though.

Ms. Quiroga
Need to finish decorating my room but my shelves keep falling off the walls.
I fell in to a rose bush today.
We rescued a sewing machine last night.

Ms. Zimmerman
I want to get a goldfish.

Member of the Week:

Quote of the Week:
It's doing the rancid dance. – Boles
He's chemo sexy! – Julia
He's my gay guy! – Allison