Name: 307
Title: 01.19.2009
Last modified: 2009-02-08
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Spring 2009, January 19
Start of Meeting: 5:05PM

ROLL CALL (present unless otherwise denoted)

Br. Powers
Br. Kincheloe
Br. Bagwell - absent
Br. Roberson - absent
Br. Senkowski
Br. Rowe - absent
Br. Bruce
Br. Creasey
Br. Lavelle - absent
Br. Wilson
Br. Talaese
Br. Boles
Br. Browder
Br. Herrera
Br. Hale
Br. Smith
Br. Brandt
Br. Sanders
Br. Ashley - late
Br. Schlupp
Ms. Curry
Ms. Clear
Ms. Kidson




PLA was great. Got to meet a lot of chapters. Road trip will be north to visit some really cool chapters. I have the list of criteria for a healthy chapter, and we need to work to stay on top of that.


After meeting is at 7:15. Everyone be there, especially FNG's


Welcome is next Thursday. Rush schedule is coming out this week and everyone needs to sign up. Also, there will be an integrated committee for both Rush and social.


Talking with the old treasurer. Working with Omega Phi for the billing service. You will be able to use a credit or debit card with the online service


There are three sets of minutes that haven't been approved.


I need to talk to the old Scholarship Chair. Also, go to class.


First Event Horizon should be sent out by spring break.

Articles are need from:


Good job on work day everyone. Work day will be every Sunday at 2:OOPM. No excuse for forgetting. There will be chore lists at every business meeting. If you can't attend work day, you have an entire week to do your chore. I will be forming a committee to separate the house into sections with people responsible for each section.


Sign up for meal plan. I sent out an e-mail asking what plan and availability.
Plans are:
5 meals per week
3 meals per week
Chapter Dinner only

Chapter Dinners continue to be on Tuesdays
Prices will be announced soon, and meal plan will be paid along with all other bills going through Omega. Also, some kitchen chores will be integrated with work days. Please send me recipes.

Meal plan meeting Thursday night.


Br. Smith is appointed Publicity Chair.
Br. Bruce is appointed Librarian.


Anybody who has pictures from the last year need send them to me.


Good job on work day.
There is a pile of good but useless objects in the dining room and on a couch in the basement. At Friday at midnight these become free game. On Saturday at midnight it is being disposed of.

We have a new boarder whose name is JD.
We may have more soon.
So if you're doing something in the house consider sending to locals or manor instead of actives.


Everyone will be notified soon of what they owe. Omega will be set up soon. Wednesday of next week, all debt will be transferred to Omega, so try to pay what you can before then.




Br. Powers
I have one class left. So, I'm almost almost almost done with school. I'm going to miss being able to drink in the middle of the day.

Br. Kincheloe
No announcements

Br. Hoffrichter
This is going to be a great year for me, and everybody. Go fight win. Go to class sometimes

Br. Senkowski
I wasn't joking about enrolling, I actually have to go do that on the first day of classes tomorrow. If anyone touches my desktop while cleaning, I will end them. I will try to be around more this semester.

Br. Bruce
I need to apply for grad school. If anyone claims that aquarium, I have some guppies they can have. Anime night will be starting up again.

Br. Creasey
In terms of my room I am single again
I just bought a bad ass computer, thanks to Ryan but the motherboard was bad and needs to be replaced
My health should be better this semester, unless I start eating paint off the walls.

Br. Wilson
My break was good, except my grandmother died. This semester looks like it's going to interesting. I'm only taking 12 hours. I am running Exalted so if anyone is interested

Br. Talaese
I claim the CD rack. Throughout the semester I hear a lot of people complaining about papers. Bring a copy and I'd be willing to proofread. My break sucked.

Br. Boles
I got a sweet hat for Christmas. My break was great. I went on vacation with my family so I have a picture of a trashcan full of 6 bottles of rum and beer cans. Looking forward to being president

Br. Browder
I need to bust out that card game I made last semester. I am turning it into a computer game. I'm done I guess.

Br. Herrera
Break was good. I said no to sobriety. I have no class on Fridays now. And only 1:30 to 4 the rest of the week.

Br. Hale
Expect to see me in suspenders more often. We got into some wacky hijinks last night swimming. I feel like I can conquer the world. I decided I really dislike Macintosh.

Br. Smith
[LOOKING THROUGH PILE OF UNCLAIMED STUFF] going through this trying to find the stuff I need.

Br. Brandt
PLA was great. Help with Rush

Br. Sanders
has anyone seen a red blanket? I had it during i-week, and it disappeared. My schedule sucks, but I have no class on Tuesday. It's going to suck, but i'll live

Br. Ashley
Last month was crazy. Finally got my schedule worked out

Br. Schlupp
Kitties. Or puppies. Or vajayjay's

Ms. Curry

Ms. Kidson
I had an interesting break. Learned to make chainmail, got a nerf gun, and cleaned my dorm room. Maybe my roommate will hate me less.

Ms. Clear
Helsing OVAs one through four tonight in the basement. Paid off my credit card over the break with two jobs. I have two semesters left then I can move on to an actual bachelors program.


Powers for organizing work day
The gavel for putting up with Jeff
The chapter for putting up with Jeff


“I'm pretty sure these are your pants because I recognize your belt” - Kathryn
“So I heard you're good at playing guitar hero”
“I'm going to lose my watch when I punch you in the vajayjay”

Adjourned at 5:47PM