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Title: Meeting Minutes for 8-27-2000
Last modified: 2005-08-27
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   Meeting Minutes for 8-27-2000

Meeting Minutes for 8-27-00 (Meeting #2)

Meeting Start 6:36pm

Roll Call

*postpone minutes to next week

President's Report
-We have a new house
-This week we are working on what we need for this new house (press-report etc…)
-(MAB) Dog Days has been moved
-Congrats to George for the help with the house (He's so cool!)

Vice-President's Report
-I've got the WOW sheet, I'll interview each person for merits in September
-I'll have place and time for banquet soon, this will also be Local Founders (might do it in the new house)
-I have some retreat plans, I'm talking to people this week
-We are getting new pledge pins soon
-Aftermeeting is at 9:30pm

Secretary's Report
-Our webpage is messed up, but now fixed
-Out new address is secure online
-Event Horizon has also been uploaded

Treasurer's Report
-I have bill calculations for each of you
-Please pay ASAP

Rush Chairman's Report
-Dinner is this Tuesday at 6:30pm for RUSH
-Wednesday is Games Night in Cate Center
-Thursday is Bowling at 8:00pm
-Monday is the Picnic at Reeves Park (Sept 4th)
(ADDED 7:15pm)
 -Tues  Escorting: HPM,MWY  Calling: JCK,KLR  Cooking: MLD,TDM,MPA
 -Wed Calling: MDM,JDP   Snacks: MDS,WPR
 -Thurs Escorting: JMG,MBW  Calling: SCS,NLC
 -Mon Escorting: AML,TNL  Calling: SCS,TDM  Supplies: BMG,JMG

Chapter Editor's Report
-Event Horizon did go out
-The Rush Schedule is now up on the webpage
-Want to send out a newsflash version of the EH about the new house

House Manager's Report
-Sorry for not putting out a chores list
-We have the new house, but please keep this place clean (RUSH)
-Get the shit out of the house

Social Chairman's Report

Alumni Relations Chairman's Report
-(MLD) BLF has promised to buy the house
-Slap our prez because he wasn't at our meeting
-We are going to be inspected by the city soon, lets get ready and look good
-What do the Actives want for Rent Maximum, for what kind of mortgage to get (rent at $275)
-We need a solid head count for people that are moving in (Roll Call)
- Br. Kraft  Yes
- Br. Yarrison Possible (Good)
- Br. Powell  Yes
- Br. Martin  Yes possibly +1
- Br. Lowe  Yes and strong possiblity of +1
- Br. Garner No, I have a dog
- Br. Aldridge  Yes
- Br. Rogers  Yes, and possibly +1
- Br. Ycedo  No
- Br. Branson  Yes
- Br. Lewis  Yes +1
- Br. Siard  Yes
- Br. Williams  No, in one year
- Br. Rye   No (not present)
- Br. Meizlish  No
- Br. Scott  Maybe (I could take a room and NOT sell  my house)
- Br. McCann  Yes
- Br. Kirkpatrick  possibly (depends on cost)
- Br. Gilland Yes (not present)
- Br. Craig No
- MLD and IHB (at a house mom) are good possible
- 11-18 is our range
-people can live in house during the summer
-Borders are going to be considered OKAY (by vote)

Scholarship Chairman's Report
-Study groups will be set after RUSH
-Come to me if you have problems

IFC Representative's Report

Philanthropy Chairman's Report
-(HPM) Dog Days is not possible
-(MBW) Nothing is up on Adopt a School get
-(AML) MS150 bike ride is coming up, should we donate money, I'd ride it. (150 miles)  Sure, we'll give $

Alpha Sigma Kappa Liaison's Report
-If you have anything for RUSH remind them
-(SCS) Chem review session needs to be coordinated

Historian's Report

Executive Committee Report
-Set Meeting Time: 5:30 on Tuesdays

RUSH Committee Report
-Discussed Formal Rush and Rushiees
-Next meeting is going to be Weds after Games Night (10pm or so)
-Thursday is Fall Festival, we haven't heard anything
-(HPM) Tues 9:30am, Thursday 3:30pm these are the optional times for the Health thingy for the  Hamburger Feeds, we need people to staff the table from 10 to 3 (MLD) on Thursday

Old Business

New Business

Action List
SCS - Article to the Shamrock
JCK - Speak to Dean Snow about the new house
MAB - New Location for the picnic
MAB - Bowling Alley reserved
JWK - Looking into the Adopt an area / school
AML - Can you talk to Dean Porter about the new house
MWY - Can you send her some flowers
TNL / HPM - Take care of the neighborhood meeting
HPM - James Parker Meeting, VP student affairs, and president Boran
MPA - Talking to Triangle National about the new house


Br. Green
-I'm in the Air Force, Flight Test Engineer
-I've just gone to Test Flight School, I'll be flying next year
-I'm surprised, there is someone that always looks like MadDog here
-I'm impressed with the way the meetings go
-I crashed the SR-71 in simulation

Br. Bryant
-I have a new phone number

Br. Dickinson
-I have a job at Service Zone
-(JMG) I think I just got fired
-I'm waiting for a better job
-My car still needs $1000.00 of work

Br. Kraft
-This week has been awesome
-Glad we got the manor, looking for pledges

Br. Yarrison
-I am joining a fencing team
-Shamrock is no longer in debt

Br. Powell
-Spent 4 hours walking around Wal-Mart while they worked on my car (badly)
-Mom will be dropping by on the weekends
-I was elected President of NUL (for now)

Br. Martin
-I was in shock yesterday, I'm in awe
-My parents are excited
-I had to go home on short notice, but nothing is wrong

Br. Lowe
-Yesterday capped off the end of a great summer
-We got a house!
-I finished the Hotter than Hell 100, I'm proud of myself!

Br. Garner
-I had a weird week
-I went to every class and DID homework
-Tuesday my family was here, my sister is going to WASHINGTON
-I stabbed myself in the thigh with a knife last night, ER for 4 hours, it hurts like a bitch

Br. Aldridge
-Long week
-I've missed my first class
-I got new glasses
-Happy about the new house
-Catch Phrase: Ripple my Nipple

Br. Rogers
-Cool week
-I get my computer tomorrow, watch for it please
-Contra dancing in OKC is trying to get more college students, OCT demo dance will start

Br. Ycedo
-Good week
-I have a zero balance on my credit card (I didn't make a payment)

Br. Branson
-RUSH, lots of RUSH, more RUSH
-no, just RUSH
-My computer is still gone, Damn Acer!
-I'm not angry

Br. Lewis
-Pretty good week, 4 weeks of homework are done
-We have a large thing to live in
-You can now stash your shit
-We have to find that midget…

Br. Siard
-My room is a mess
-I am now packing ?
-I have 21 hours and a part time job

Br. Williams
-The new house looks awesome
-found my spirit again
-I'm ready to jump into semester now

Br. Meizlish
-We have a house, this kicks ass, I'll move in later
-I'm missing several RUSH events for Job Training 4-midnight (Service Zone)

Br. Scott
-I have some colleges coming in for this week, I'm missing some RUSH stuff
-Do not eat at the Taco Bell on Lindsey and 12th the health department will be called soon
-I broke my sprinkler, it now waters my driveway

Br. McCann
-I have 18 hours of boring classes, thank God for Crono Cross
-I can't wait to move in

Br. Kirkpatrick
-I balanced my buget (I have 50 to error in)
-I had a kick ass first week

Br. Craig
-14 weeks till finals!
-That’s it

Added Br. Powell
-My brother is flying airplanes for the AF
-5-7 weeks before I can get money for Finical Aide
-Motorolla wants me to return and a $3000 scholarship

Final Announcement
-George for the effort put into New House

Meeting End 7:56pm