Name: 261
Title: 10.14.07
Last modified: 2007-12-05
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Meeting Starts - 16:45

Roll Call (those present, unless otherwise denoted)

Br. Powers
Br. Kincheloe
Br. Bagwell
Br. Tuttle - Absent
Br. Lamoureux
Br. Cole
Br. Roberson
Br. Stone
Br. Kirk - Absent
Br. Rowe
Br. Huffmaster
Br. Lauth - Absent
Br. Nikolaev
Br. Bruce
Br. Creasey
Br. Suba
Br. Lavelle
Br. Anderson - Absent
Br. Wilson - Late
Pl. Talaese
Pl. Boles
Pl. Browder
Pl. Price
Ms. Abreu - Absent
Ms. Curry - Absent
Mr. Frazier
Ms. Weber

Last two meetings' minutes - not posted

Officer Reports
President's Report
We have some new Pledges (Qty: 4).

Vice-President's Report
We've got some new pledges!
Aftermeeting will start promptly at 8:00PM.
After Business Meeting, we are going to Braums. Bigs will buy for their

Secretary's Report
- I'm your guest Secretary for the week (Br. Bagwell)
- I'm trying to post the minutes... I'm a bit.

Treasurer's Report
- We need money, do your part.

Rush Chairman's Report
- Rush will be still be going on.
- I'm looking forward to having one event a week, that will be advertised.

House Manager's Report
- Absent.
- KTC stepping in
-- I have been disappointed with the participation in chore sign up.
-- We will be having a house meeting soon. Be listening for details.
-- WORK DAY: Sunday 3:30pm (From Matt Jones via Text Message).

Resident Manager's Report
- Nothing this week.

Steward's Report
- Meal plan is absolutely awesome.
- Due to lack of participation in Meal Plan Meeting this week, Goulash
will be listed.
-- RMR: Remember that Chapter Dinner is now mandatory. So be there!

Chapter Editor's Report
- The Event Horizen is coming back like Jesus on the 3rd Day.
-- November 1st is the target publication date.

Scholarship Chairman's Report
- Absent
-- MTC: mid-terms are coming up! Be there.
-- BWB: What is the last drop date?
-- Suba: Up until the 26th of this month.
-- RMR: Please come to Study Nights!

Appointed Officer Reports
- Banquet is coming up. We need to make sure that you're pretty for banquet.

Social Chairman's Report
- Festival of Sin is coming up. Dress appropriately.
- Wal*Mart has cosutumes and everything.

Athletics Chair:
- Friday's activity was a success! We couldn't find the frisbee and
nobody showed up.
-- Next week's weather will actually be good.
- I'm trying to organize Rackuetball.

ASK Relations:
- From Ms. Rachel Webber, We're going to initiate our 7th candidate this
- 7pm, Willoughby Lounge - Bring Canned Goods for Fundraiser.

Old Business

New Business

Br. Powers - I'm thinking of a new door code, let me know if you're
Br. Kincheloe - I'm considering turning my room into a distributed
clustered data-center.
Br. Bagwell - I'm taking minutes, so I can't think of anything. working in
a call center is awesome for multi-tasking (like taking minutes while
giving advertisments).
Br. Lamoureux - Got a few hairs cut. Having truck issues.
Br. Cole - Notice that the Scirocco isn't in the parking lot now. Still
doesn't run that great. I still need to fix Mandy's car too. My kids are
Br. Roberson - Nothing.
Br. Stone - I think I'm pretty cool. I was going to say something epic
and powerful. Puppies. I have the best little!
Br. Rowe - That's okay... I have the best big! I also don't have any free
time... I keep thinking I'm going to and then it doesn't happen. ACL2...
Br. Huffmaster - My little is awesome! I've been partyin' too much.
That's it.
Br. Nikolaev - Apparently my phone can fly two stories and keep working.
That fact that it flew was because I was under a great number of stress. I
also met a good number of government people here lately. Some I think
might be in prison some time. It was awesome.
Br. Bruce - I has a sowrd. Since I got that money that I mentioned last
week, I'm getting a server.
Br. Creasey - I found out that my check card has been missing. Turns out,
it was left at Santa Fe last Sunday. Don't get behind on homework. I have the best little and the best big. Go strong line! I love my companion Cube.
Br. Suba - Despite what you think, I have the best little, and will be
sponsering a Greco-Roman wrestling tournament this weekend to prove it. I
just bought two new games (FF7 and Fusion Frenzy).
Br. Lavelle - This was a triumph. I'm making a note here: huge success.
Br. Wilson the LATE - Hi everybody.
Pl. Talaese - Being the first little and pledge to speak, I hereby accept
the title of Best Little. Taking the option away from the other 3 pledges.
I'm very happy I made it home last night.
Pl. Boles - Well, I'm glad Nick was sober when he had the (pledging
ceremony) sword near my head.
Pl. Browder - Nothing.
Pl. Price - I had an enjoyable evening with some interesting people... who
showed up in a truck.
Mr. Frazier - I have busted myself. It was fun, until it busted.
Ms. Weber - This week has been busy, have a mid term paper that's about 7
pages long. Worked for 6 hours at the library and did nothing but browse
the Internet. Everytime I check my email now, I throw up a little in my

Member of the week
The Pledges!
Close second - Pirate Jon Stone:

Quote of the Week
"Oh Pirate Jon, control yourself" - AIN's Mom.

Meeting End - 17:18