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Title: Meeting Minutes for 11-18-01
Last modified: 2005-08-27
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   Meeting Minutes for 11-18-01

Meeting Minutes for 11-18-01 (Meeting #14)

Meeting Start 6:30pm

Roll Call (those present, unless otherwise denoted)

Br. Burgess
Br. Martin
Br. Powell -- LATE
Br. Garner
Br. Aldridge
Br. Rogers
Br. Branson
Br. Lewis
Br. Siard
Br. Williams
Br. Meizlish
Br. Scott
Br. McCann
Br. Kirkpatrick
Br. Gilland -- LATE
Br. Thomas
Br. Martin
Br. Abernethy
Br. Cantu
Br. Murphy
Br. Brumbaugh
Pl. Hafner
Pl. Collie
Pl. Reif
Pl. Ulmer
Pl. Pounder
Pl. Knous
Pl. Anderson

* Last week's minutes weren't sent out; therefore, no minutes were passed.

President's Report
- There will be no business meeting next Sunday, because of Thanksgiving. The next (and final) business meeting will be December 2nd. We should move that to earlier in the day, perhaps 5:30pm, if nobody objects. This is to facilitate the aftermeeting.

Vice-President's Report
- We had a banquet on Saturday.
- Aftermeeting at 9:30pm.
- Many of us won't be here on Tuesday night for dinner. Br. Aldridge suggested anyone remaining can get together for dinner. Talk to him.
- If nobody objects, we'll order pizza and run the aftermeeting after the business meeting on December 2nd.

Secretary's Report
- Nothing to report.

Treasurer's Report
- Budget for next semester has been drawn up, awaiting the election of the next Treasurer.
- I suggest the next Treasurer sit in on the next bill round.
- Thanks to Br. Forsythe for an alumni donations.
- Any alumni wishing to pay off outstanding debt would be great.

Rush Chairman's Report
- Pl. Collie: I'm bringing a rushee on Tuesday.
- MAB: The next Rush chair should hound Brett about drawing up a rush schedule.

Chapter Editor's Report
- All articles are due by the end of the month.
- If you have any announcements you'd like to submit, send them to me.

House Manager's Report
- We raked leaves. We cleaned the basement a little.
- We vacuumed and got things done for the banquet.
- Nothing next week. The after that, plan on Friday (the 30th) at 4:30pm being a workday.

Social Chairman's Report
- I'm going to schedule a meeting for the 27th after dinner.
- We've got a party coming up on December 1st. It'll be the Nuclear Winter Formal.
- I need to know about t-shirts for the party.
- Remind me to register the party on this Tuesday, so that we're at least a week ahead of time.
- We got fined for the last party, even though I sent out an email. MAB: I'll talk to them about that.

Scholarship Chairman's Report
- Keep studying.

Athletics Chairman's Report
- TRA: We played a really good game, but lost 2-1. We're getting better, and it's fun. If you want to come watch, please do. Thanks to Br. Burgess for playing for us.

Alumni Relations Chairman's Report
- We had lots of alumni here for the banquet. It was really good to see them.
- There will be more alumni showing up for some heavy discussion later tonight.

IFC Representative's Report
- We learned that James had a bad week.

Philanthropy Chairman's Report
- Thanks to Pl. Ulmer, adopt-an-area was done at 5pm.

Alpha Sigma Kappa Liaison's Report
- MAB: The ASK Masquerade ball was just that. I tended bar, which was fun. It was at Andrews Park.
- MAB: At the party last night, Lynn made the crest hanging in the main room at the Manor for us. Thank her when you see her.

Historian's Report
- We had a nifty slide show at the banquet last night.
- We have a bulletin board that's actually going to get done after Thanksgiving.

Public Relations Chairman
- The newspapers we forwarded the PR's to haven't sent anything back to us yet.

Pledge Educator's Report
- Since nobody came tonight, I'll make you suffer on Tuesday.
- I'd like the philanthropy chair to speak at the next meeting, and the VP the week after that.

Pledge Class President's Report
- Pledge class is doing quite well.
- We were supposed to have a meeting, but some people didn't show up. We didn't have a quiz.

Reaper Report
- No report.

Executive Committee Report
- Met at 5:30pm today. We discussed the budget for this semester.
- We'll have another meeting before the final business meeting. It'll be the week after Thanksgiving. We need to meet with the new officers to discuss turnover.

Old Business
- Officer Elections
   - President: 15-0 Br. Abernethy over Br. Murphy.
   - VP: TNL (by MAB). 11-7, Br. Murphy over Br. Lewis.
   - Secretary: on a vote of 13-5-0, Br. Cantu wins over Br. Scott and Pl. Pounder.
   - Treasurer: Br. Murphy declines nomination. 14-3, Br. Branson.
   - House: MBW (by RZC). 9-8, Br. Williams over Br. Branson.
   - Scholarship: MDS (by TRA), Pl. Knous (by MPA). 13-3-2, Br. Scott wins over Br. Cantu and Pl. Knous
   - Rush Chair: TNL (by Pl Reif). 13-3-2, Br. Martin wins over Pl. Hafner and Br. Lewis.
   - Chapter Editor: 13-5, Pl. Pounder wins over Pl. Reif.

New Business
- No new business.

Action Item List
MAB: Need to get a t-shirt design done by this week.
TNL: Get the party registered with IFC on Monday or Tuesday.


Br. Burgess
- Soccer was fun.

Br. Powell
- Nothing worse than old C compiler errors on SQL.

Br. Hugh Martin
- Pretty cool weekend. It's great to see you all again, and the new pledge class.
- Soccer was enjoyable to watch. I recommend you all go watch them play.
- I wish I had a job, but other than that, things are going pretty well.

Br. Garner
- Just getting kind of nervous about this graduation thing. Hopefully it works out.

Br. Aldridge
- The Harry Potter movie was pretty good.
- The soccer game was extremely fun today. I'm proud of the team.

Br. Rogers
- I got new glasses last Thursday.
- Fortunately, I haven't seen the Harry Potter movie. I want to see how long I can forgo it.
- It's been a pretty shitty week, except for this morning.

Br. Branson
- I had a really good weekend.
- Yesterday was busy, but it was fun.
- I have a hell of a lot of homework before I go home for Thanksgiving.
- If you can give me a ride to the Airport on Tuesday, talk to me after the meeting.

Br. Lewis
- Nothing.

Br. Siard
- I feel like a millstone has been lifted from my neck, and placed on yours (to Br. Branson).

Br. Williams
- Had a good week... lots and lots of homework.
- Looking forward to seeing my sister again.
- It should be a good next week.

Br. Meizlish
- I had a pretty good week.
- Tomorrow will be stressful.
- Tests in all my classes will make my break stressful.

Br. Scott
- Nothing to report.

Br. McCann
- The Harry Potter movie was good.

Br. Kirkpatrick
- Thanks to the Alabama football team, Christmas will be enjoyable at home.
- Almost got arrested Thursday night. I flipped off a police car camera.
- I'm house sitting for my boss for two weeks. Maybe we'll have a nice house warming party without her knowledge.

Br. Gilland
- Kissing drunken lesbians is fun.
- Brian is in town. Yeah!
- The Real Thing is an absolutely excellent superb thing.

Br. Thomas
- Apparently, a gas station is one thing that asks you to come again.

Br. Martin
- Nothing to report.

Br. Abernethy
- Nada.

Br. Cantu
- The postal service sucks.

Br. Murphy
- I'm starting my holiday early. I'm leaving tonight. Thank you Br. Burgess!

Br. Brumbaugh
- Lovely week.
- Had to go to Goddard.
- Three days.

Pl. Hafner
- I have deflowered ASK.

Pl. Collie
- Finished painting MegaMan Mural on Tuesday. Come by and check it out. It's in my hall in Honors.
- I brought two decks of Lord of the Rings tonight, in case anybody wants to learn.

Pl. Reif
- I'm still my father's son. Cool.
- Real programmers use negative subscripts to modify the operating system.
- I've learned that whatever skill of separating speaking I had is gone.

Pl. Ulmer
- The only class I have tomorrow is Intro to Engineering at 12:30pm. My classes on Tuesday are cancelled.

Pl. Pounder
- My parents are coming here for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Pl. Knous
- Pohick.

Pl. Anderson
- I hurt today.
- Clover is good.

Final Announcement
- To Br. Williams for the Founders Day Banquet

Meeting End 8:13pm