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Title: Meeting Minutes for 4-29-07 (Meeting #13)
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Meeting Minutes for 4-29-07 (Meeting #13)

Meeting Start 18:28

Roll Call (those present, unless otherwise noted)
Br. Collie - Absent
Br. Ferguson
Br. Powers
Br. Kincheloe - Absent
Br. Bagwell
Br. Tuttle - Absent
Br. Lamoureux
Br. Eyster
Br. Cole
Br. Roberson
Br. Campaign - Absent
Br. Stone
Br. Gibbons - Left Early
Br. Kirk
Br. Rowe
Br. Huffmaster
Br. Lauth
Br. Nikolaev - Absent
Br. Bruce
Br. Creasey
Br. Jones
Br. Suba - Absent
Br. Lavelle
Br. Anderson - Absent
Br. Wilson
Ms. Abreu - Late

-this semester's minutes except last week's are passed

Officer Reports
President's Report
-got fng shingles
-vote yes for curbside pickup of recyclables
-rmr and eas are our delegates for convention
--ain will also attend
-deadlines will be set

Vice President's Report
-b-week monday may 14 through saturday may 19
--i expect all brothers there
-aftermeeting 21:15

-not satisfied with minutes
-staying on as secretary
-proper usage of lists
--don't send out to multiple lists

-pay yer bills

Rush Chair
-i expect there to be several rush meetings during b-week
-tef money
--bwb needs expected fall rush numbers

Scholarship Chair
-i really dropped the ball this past week
--three study nights this week
---20:00 to 23:00 tues through thurs with option of silence until 0:00
-finals are coming up
-grades will be due within 48 hours of posting

Chapter Editor
-i am unsatisfied
-ktc njh and sal will write articles
--due during b-week

-meal plan list will be up tonight

House Manager
-chore list is up
--due friday
-2nd and 3rd floor a/c
-resident manager has submitted his resignation as of may 13
--see bwb for resident manager things until then

Philanthropy Chair
-had relay for life
--raised about $1000 altogether
-let's do habitat for humanity

Appointed Officer Reports
-i have asked lrk to move his stuff out of the library
-buying more bookshelves

-need a copy of composite sent to hq as soon as possible


Old Business:


Br. Ferguson
-i need to borrow a c++ book from bwb for compilers
--monday and tuesday will be hectic and then the rest of the week will be boring
Br. Powers
-i'm pretty happy
--i have a crazy new idea for an rpg
Br. Bagwell
--me and josh and his rm
---mutants and masterminds
-no angry customers right now
Br. Lamoureux
-this lady's been calling me for frank since last night
Br. Eyster
Br. Cole
-friday afternoon
--please send in pictures of people's mothers
-the crazy russian dramatic chapter of my life has come to a close
Br. Roberson
Br. Stone
Br. Kirk
Br. Rowe
-homework in 5 of 6 classes
--3 group assignments
Br. Huffmaster
-hooray final fantasy tactics
--no homework
Br. Lauth
-new computer for $915
Br. Bruce
-my assembly broke
Br. Creasey
-yay not having 18 hours
-new weather program
Br. Jones
-working on 3 theses
--i have to orally defend one of them in the middle of finals week
Br. Lavelle
-bean and i are ruined in ai
Br. Wilson
-had a really bad cold
-merry Christmas

Member of the Week:
-workday kids
-relay kids

Quote of the Week:
"I care, I'm just not interested" ~Stephanie
"Like water from the closet" ~ Marina, after drinking Dr. Pepper

Meeting Adjourned at 19:09