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Title: Meeting Minutes for 4-22-07 (Meeting #12)
Last modified: 2007-04-25
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Meeting Minutes for 4-22-07 (Meeting #12)

Meeting Start 6:33pm

Roll Call (those present, unless otherwise noted)
Br. Collie
Br. Ferguson
Br. Powers
Br. Kincheloe - Absent
Br. Bagwell
Br. Tuttle - Absent
Br. Lamoureux - Tardy
Br. Eyster
Br. Cole
Br. Roberson
Br. Campaign - Absent
Br. Stone
Br. Gibbons
Br. Kirk - Absent
Br. Rowe - Absent
Br. Huffmaster
Br. Lauth - Absent
Br. Nikolaev
Br. Bruce
Br. Creasey
Br. Jones
Br. Suba
Br. Lavelle
Br. Anderson - Absent
Br. Wilson

President: We obviously don't have quorum.

Officer Reports
President's Report
President Cole: We're having a meeting at 6:30 Sunday, like every other week.
Do what you're supposed to be doing - be accountable for your duties -
some of us are still trying, and those of us who are would like others
to do so also. I haven't specifically asked people to do stuff, so I
am going to start doing that. I expect a whole lot more out of
everybody, and a little bit more out of the people who have actually
been doing things."

Vice President's Report
Vice President Roberson: John Eyster, Nick, Kyle, Marty and Khan are
really awesome

President Cole in lieu of Secretary Rowe: I'll be talking to Montana,
because something needs to change.

Treasurer Bruce: The four-digit club has shrunken by one. Accounts
receivable is down to 7K. Pay your bills.

Rush Chair
Rush Chair Lamoureux: Rush goes on. Again. Still.
President Cole's addendum: In fact, rush will be picking back up - we
will be doing some things to prepare for the fall before the end of this
semester. The schedule will be finalized before the end of the first
week after classes. We will be expecting more people to participate.

Scholarship Chair
Scholarship Chair Gibbons: I guess a heads-up that we'll be having at least three study nights during dead week - this will not interfere with all-night
movies. We will definitely be having eight to midnight study nights
Tuesday through Thursday, and probably Monday, that week. Ideally,
dead week is for you to study comprehensively about the big picture of
the course - this is also the point behind comprehensive finals. I
think if I say anymore, I will just be rambling. Don't sleep your way through your exams!
Br. Powers: If anyone needs any help with any last-minute stuff, I'm
here to help. I helped Montana with a programming project this
afternoon, so I'm feeling pretty God-like right now.
President Cole's: Let's pair up brothers who can offer help and with
those who need help.
Scholarship Chair Gibbons' addendum: Marty, you're kind of unique in
being willing to accept help and
actually needing it - most people in this organization actually need
help but are unwilling to talk about it. Get over it and talk to
someone about the fact that you are bad at classes.
Correspondence Secretary Nikolaev's: If you need someone to prod
you, I am more than willing, because I only have one final.
Br. Bagwell's: We used to send a list out of all the courses people
needed help with and all the courses they can help with -
interestingly, some people put the same course in both columns.
Support was pretty big every time I've seen this done. It's less
intimidating than going up to Ted
and saying they need help.
Scholarship Chair Gibbons: I will do this next week, in addition to
posting lists and sending emails.

Chapter Editor
Chapter Editor Stone: We're having a centennial issue of the Event
Horizon. Give me some articles! I need your articles!
Scholarship Chair Gibbons: If I don't have anything positive to say, I
will say it anyway -
it will knock down the support that Br. Mercer has been drumming up.

Steward Eyster: The meal list, will be up later tonight.
President Cole: I would like for in the future to have the chore and
meal lists up before business meetings.

Lord of the Manor
His Excellency Br. Jones: You guys did a decent job at chores last
week, believe it or not. When I assigned someone to clean every
shower, every shower was clean except for the one I use.
President Cole: We do not have adequate supplies to clean the showers.
His Excellency Br. Jones: We have acid phosphate, it is dangerous.
Br. Roberson: I made an awesome, beautiful flower garden, much more
beautiful than Ford's. It's on the north side of the entrance, go look
at it.

Philanthropy Chair
Philanthropy Chair Huffmaster: Thank you everyone, we have reached our
relay for life goal. But keep donating!

Correspondence Secretary
Correspondence Secretary Nikolaev: We are going to send a postcard to
the brother who died in the
Virginia Tech shootings. The semester is about to end - you will all
get grades, you need to report them to me so I can submit the Form N
to nationals on time. We want to be serious about this this time, so
we need you to submit your grades IMMEDIATELY after they are released.
Br. Bagwell: We do not have the university's cooperation while other
chapters do.
President Cole: Personal accountability is the theme here - it's going
to be the theme from here on out.

Social Chair
Social Chair Suba: We're having a party next weekend, I know a lot of
you don't like that because you have something to do, but we're having
it anyway. This was the only chance we have for a party. I've been
having some ideas for next semester. I'm going to send out an email
with a breakdown of the ideas and I hope to solicit feedback. We will
publish the party schedule for next semester before the semester
starts. I will need help with that also as far as deciding what's
best. I think we need to start combining the social activities with
rush. If you all have any ideas about events just run them through me,
because we will be doing them.
President Cole: We formed a social committee at the beginning of the
semester. This committee is supposed to help the Social Chair. People
complained about Reprimanded Hate, but no one helped him plan it.
Scholarship Chair Gibbons: I am on this committee and never heard anything.
Social Chair Suba: I will be sending out an email asking for
bartenders and stuff like that.
Scholarship Chair Gibbons volunteered to bartend the late shift.
Chapter Editor Stone volunteered to bartend any shift.
Correspondence Secretary Nikolaev volunteered to bartend any shift.
Br. Wilson volunteered to work the door or bartend.

Appointed Officer Reports
Br. Bagwell: Corp. Bookkeeper: We're coming up on a .. I know I
overbilled for meal plan a little bit; I sent an email to this effect.
We're coming into summer, which are our tight months. I need to talk
to Ryan, Marty, John, and I already talked to Matt.

Chapter Editor Stone: Ted is giving away a laptop - come get it while
he's still in the bathroom!

Historian Creasey: I am going to be continuing to put the
pictures from last party up.

Brotherhood Committee:
Bob's effort to fix all the problems, we have a list of things that we
need to do before brotherhood week so we can cooperate with nationals.
Sometime in the coming week someone will come and talk to you about
your commitment to the chapter and what you can do for us. Suffer
through it because it's important. Further info will be forthcoming,
if you want to contact me about it.
Br. Bagwell: Don't forget that people want something out of the chapter, too.
Vice President Roberson: To elaborate, I have contacted both Executive
Director Tenclinger and Br. George Griffin who I'll be coordinating
with to help facilitate us building brotherhood during the
latter part of B-week.

Old Business:
Br. Wilson: I remember a suggestion that we start workdays again.
Chores are nice and keep the house up week-to-week, but every once in
a while we need a whole bunch of people to show up and organize the
basement. If people don't show up I will personally get Nick to kill
Scholarship Chair Gibbons: I would like to thank almost none of you
for volunteering to show up and help move the pool table.
President Cole: Workdays used to happen every week, it was moved to
weekly chores because of lack of solid time together. But we need a
monthly time where we can do this.

Br. Powers: Have you guys picked out a delegate to national convention?
May 1st is the deadline. The alumni have been on it, but we need to
know which actives are coming so we can coordinate ride-sharing with
President Cole: We do need to decide on a delegate. I will be working
in Austin all summer, so someone else will have to.
Vice President Roberson: Having gone before, it's not just going and
hanging out. You do
legislation for the national constitution. If you want to go, take it seriously.
Social Chair Suba: I'll go!
Br. Bagwell: It should cost individuals nothing, except for
transportation to and from.
President Cole: We have paid for two.
Br. Bagwell: TEF has scholarships available to attendees.
Philanthropy Chair Huffmaster: What are the dates?
Vice President Roberson: July 12th, starts on Thursday.
President Cole: If interested, get with me today or tomorrow and I
will get you the information you need to get this finalized.
Br. Powers: The alumni want to know now so they can plan with people.
Br. Bagwell: They can bill us for more later.
President Cole: Future leaders - this is an extra bonus! Get with me!

Chapter Editor Stone: I would like to initiate the formal procedure
for bringing about changes to the constitution next week. I am
concerned that my legislation will get stonewalled ex virtue of the
fact that people who should be aware of the formal proceedings may in
fact be ignorant of them. So, please make sure you have read the
constitution as you should have so that I can propose my legislation.
President Cole: The moral here is read the constitution - you ALL
should have done so already.

Daryn Ray Collie: Yes, so, I lost my post at Crimson Park through no
fault of my own, so now I'm working at Leadership Square in OKC. It's
fewer hours and further way, and less entertaining.

Steven Edward Ferguson: I've been having a light homework load, that's
all going to change this week. I've been sleeping too much.

Steven Michael Powers: Necromunda - fucking awesome - I've been
reading, and it's 30 to 50 dollars to play 40k. Anyone who's
interested, the PDF is online. Also, I am down 42 pounds on my diet.
Also, I got accepted to grad school.

Brandon Wayne Bagwell: I've become addicted to WhattaBurger because
the construction next
to Dell has made it difficult to get elsewhere. Fun caller of the
week: Someone actually called Dell because they lost the number 9 on
their keyboard. I asked what happened, they said their bird ate
it. Fortunately it's covered under warranty. Work, work, more work. I
finally got my grad school stuff sent, that's about it.

David Christopher Lamoureux: Blah.

John Michael Eyster: Blah blah.

Martin Michael Cole: I am saddened that there are only three members of my
pledge class that are actually here, being that we initiated seven -
yeah, seven. A couple who are missing are technically still active. I
will be harassing them soon - that's all, I don't want to turn things

Robert Michael Roberson: It starts with me and ends with me. I have nothing.

Jonathan Wesley Stone: You guys had better read the minutes.

Theodore Robert Gibbons: Uhhhh. Ahh. I guess I'm not gonna say anything

Nicholas Jarrod Huffmaster: If anyone wants to go to a choir concert,
there one at First Methodist Church on University Blvd. at 8PM.

Alexander Igorevich Nikolaev: Yay Christmas! I am really tired of emo
kids. I am really,
really tired of emo kids! But I like meeting you people. My name will
show up in a federal case. I am so tired of emo kids.

Ryan Scott Bruce: So, Wednesday I'm going to be driving my trailer to
Shawnee to be moving a car. A specific one.

Kyle Thomas Creasey: Okay, so I've called the cops the first time in
my life Saturday morning. I was getting up for MS Walk and there was a
kid in our parking lot and he was really out of it, he thought our
parking lot was his house and ended up being escorted out. Bolton and
I ended up raising about half of the total raised by the MS Walk. I
don't know about your teachers, but one of mine is on IMDB.

President Cole note: Public Relations: When we do cool stuff, when any
members, not just the
whole organization, do something cool, we can still do a press
release, it improves our image, not a bad thing.

James Matthew Jones: So I got inducted into Phi Beta Kappa, the most
prestigious honors society ever. It's just for well-rounded excellent
academics. Genereally arts & sciences, but some engineers.

Eduard Alexandru Suba: I have really being trying to get it together
and I am looking forward to starting fresh, because I'm starting to
feel like giving up. I'm not going to give up, but it feels like it.

Sean Anthony Lavelle: Nothing.

Samuel Nathan Effinger Wilson: In line with what he (James Matthew
Jones) did, I'm now in ALD - Alpha Lambda Delta. I'm guessing that
everyone in this room would have to back up a couple years to get in.
Oh yeah and I got into NSCS. When is induction? Ride bikes, it makes
you feel happier! I have on this
napkin the list of movies that I'm going to be showing for movie
nights. If you've got movies and want to let me borrow them, let me
know. If you don't let me borrow them I will rent them from

Member of the Week nominations:
Alexander Igor Nikolaev nominates: Robert Michael Roberson
Martin Michael Cole nominates: Steven Michael Powers.
Alexander Igor Nikolaev nominates: Jonathan Wesley Stone
Kyle Thomas Creasey nominates: self.
Brandon Wayne Bagwell: Robert Michael Roberson.
Theodore Robert Gibbons: Matthew Corey Ulmer.
Acting Secretary Stone confirms Alexander Igor Nikolaev's nomination
of Jonathan Wesley Stone

Quote of the Week:
Steven Michael Powers: "Pretend you're dating Jesus" -my pastor
Kyle Thomas Creasey: "Akers: So we have a fifteen year old kid
wandering around our parking lot thinking Marty's car is his house;"
"Marty, what have you been doing?"

Meeting Adjourned at 7:20PM