Name: 242
Title: Meeting Minutes for 2-11-07 (Meeting #4)
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Meeting Start 6:29pm

Roll Call (those present, unless otherwise denoted)

Dr. Grady
Br. Collie - Late
Br. Ferguson
Br. Powers
Br. Kincheloe
Br. Williams - Absent
Br. Bolton - Absent
Br. Tuttle - Absent
Br. Lamoureux - Late
Br. Eyster
Br. Akers - Absent
Br. Cole
Br. Roberson
Br. Campain - Absent
Br. Stone - Late
Br. Gibbons
Br. Kirk
Br. Senkowski - Absent
Br. Rowe
Br. Huffmaster
Br. Lauth - Absent
Br. Nikolaev
Br. Bruce
Br. Creasey
Br. Jones
Br. Suba
Br. Lavelle
Br. Anderson
Br. Wilson - Absent

Meetings 1 and 2 - passed by consent

Officer Reports
President's Report
-bring natl amendments to me
--we have til apr 1
-people, show up to meetings

Vice-President's Report
-retreat committee
-aftermeeting at 21:00

Secretary's Report

Treasurer's Report
-accounts recv almost at 10k

Rush Chairman's Report
-movie night
--8 or 9 after dinner
-games night
--walker 4
-ice skating
--leave here by about noon
-formal pledging
--feb 25

House Manager's Report
-do your chore

Steward's Report
-rinse glasses and put them in the sink when done
-put silverware where it goes

Chapter Editor's Report
-eh is done, but it needs to come to kinkos

Scholarship Chairman's Report
-breaking bad habits
-study night

Appointed Officer Reports
Social Chairman's Report
-committee meet for like 5 mins

Athletics Chairman's Report

Alumni Relations Chairman's Report

IFC Representative's Report

Philanthropy Chairman's Report
-big event is apr 14

Alpha Sigma Kappa Liaison's Report

Historian's Report
-i've updated contact info in closet

WebMaster's Report

Public Relations Chairman

Librarian's Report

Pledge Educator's Report

Pledge Class President's Report

--bond numbered ip addresses have guaranteed upload

New Business

Dr. Grady
Br. Collie
-i'm not awake yet
Br. Ferguson
-some of you owe me money for dinner last night
-did not make the interview stage, so i need a real job
-hot pink hair tie
Br. Powers
-all churches back home collaborated for lent
--i'd like to get a marauding band of Christians vagabonding between churches
--talk over dinner
Br. Kincheloe
Br. Lamoureux
-i am sore
Br. Eyster
Br. Cole
-lack of sleep
-classes, hw
-classes are going well
--still pretty hopeful
-got my new compy
--64bit matlab doesn't have what i need
Br. Roberson
--david and i lifted weights yesterday
Br. Stone
-crotchy biscuits
-fairweather friends
Br. Gibbons
-finally set up new conputer
-dropped keyboard on laptop
Br. Kirk
Br. Rowe
Br. Huffmaster
-heinous week
--brought fiery hammer down on it
Br. Nikolaev
-i'm actually still here
-friday got license
-having fun with classes
-made lappy happy
Br. Bruce
-new shoes
Br. Creasey
-reinstalled win and installed linux
-dr page made a double-negative joke about duck tape shoes
Br. Jones
Br. Suba
-made a huge change in my life
--installed nix
-juggling classes and stuff
-this is why barney got shot
Br. Lavelle
-eclipse sux
Br. Anderson
-last sunday i fell through my friend's roof
--i learned how to do drywall

Member of the week
suba, party

Quote of the Week
this chapter contains instructions for obtaining, maintaining, and disposing of nuclear weapons

lemme shoot some steaks at you

Meeting End 6:59 PM