Name: 239
Title: Meeting Minutes for 1-21-07 (Meeting #1)
Last modified: 2007-02-02
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Meeting Minutes for 1-21-07 (Meeting #1)

Meeting Start 6:33pm

Roll Call (those present, unless otherwise denoted)

Br. Collie
Br. Ulmer - Absent
Br. Ferguson - Late
Br. Powers
Br. Faulkner - Absent
Br. Kincheloe
Br. Bagwell
Br. Williams - Absent
Br. Bolton
Br. McCarroll - Absent
Br. Tuttle - Absent
Br. Lamoureux
Br. Eyster
Br. Akers
Br. Cole
Br. Roberson
Br. Campaign - Absent
Br. Stone
Br. Gibbons
Br. Kirk
Br. Senkowski - Absent
Br. Rowe
Br. Huffmaster
Br. Lauth
Br. Nikolaev
Br. Bruce
Br. Creasey
Br. Jones
Br. Suba
Br. Lavelle
Br. Anderson - Absent
Br. Wilson
Ms. Abreu
Ms. Tackett

Last week's - passed

Officer Reports
President's Report
-Appointed officers
--Song Leader
----"I don't have a clue how to sing."
--IFC Representative
--Social Chair
--Alumni Relations
--Alpha Sigma Kappa Liaison
--Philanthropy Chair
--Formal Rush Chair
--Public Relations
--Two undergraduate interns needed for centennial
---April 1st is the deadline for the application
--100 for 100
---We want to initiate 100 new brothers for centennial
--Malmquest said we need 20 pledges
-TEF scholarship apps
--due Feb 15

Vice-President's Report
-Founders Banquet
--April 13-14
-Aftermeeting tonight

Secretary's Report

Treasurer's Report

Rush Chairman's Report
--arrive at 21:00
-Games Night
-Alumni Barbecue
--14:00 Saturday
-Contact your contacts

House Manager's Report
-chore list is up

Resident Manager's Report
-possible sales-taxless future

Steward's Report
-give me your meal plan availability
--if not, I'll use your availability from last semester
-schedule is up

Chapter Editor's Report
-write something for the event horizon

Scholarship Chairman's Report
-TEF scholarship applications are due February 15
-grades need to improve
--chapter GPA 2.46
--pledges got 3.25
--this affects the chapter monetarily

Appointed Officer Reports
Social Chairman's Report
-we're gonna kick up the jam
-feedback is key

Historian's Report
-previous secretary tried to make a contact list
--public information counts as voluntary

Public Relations Chairman
-needs help with fliers

Librarian's Report
-the non-textbook books are getting cataloged

Song Leader

Philanthropy Chair
-please help
--only serious

LRK sent out a message to actives
-needs philanthropy, publicity, e.r., rush chair, house manager
-Josh Gay's hackathon
--eg. rfid "tag"
--Free Software Foundation funding

---national instruments
----guest speaker
--get your schedule to Marty
--cohosting hackathon

Old Business


Br. Collie
Br. Ferguson
-wow, WoW
Br. Powers
-started a diet
--no carbs, please
Br. Kincheloe
-go robots
Br. Bagwell
-Houston and TAMU initiation
--17 initiates
-Stocco and Mercer will be here on Wednesday
--Mercer for career fair
-job hunt goes on
Br. Bolton
-ready for semester to be over
Br. Lamoureux
-WoW subscription is over
--3/4 have brothers in them
Br. Eyster
Br. Akers
-several no-fun classes
Br. Cole
-love assembly
-4.0 club
Br. Roberson
-was with Bagwell
Br. Stone
-plumbing got fixed
-math capstone
-attendance 8 for 8
Br. Gibbons
Br. Kirk
Br. Rowe
Br. Huffmaster
-ready for tough semester
-Wheel of Time series
-my scholarship team will crush yours
Br. Lauth
Br. Nikolaev
-working over break
-likes few classes
-gimme laptop
Br. Bruce
-tried to take 15 hrs, taking 12
Br. Creasey
-worked at McDonald's over break
-moved in with MSR
-got a palm
-taking 14 hrs
Br. Jones
-my scholarship team will crush yours
-do your chores
Br. Suba
-dropped ballet
-haven't bought books
Br. Lavelle
-dropped ODE
--only taking 15 hrs now
Br. Wilson
-has anyone seen my tie?
--has large circles
Ms. Abreu
-some time-consuming classes
Mrs. Tackett
-good week
-start school this week

Member of the week
RMR and BWB for taking 17 guys at once

Quote of the Week
"I'm engaged and you're not!" CGL

Meeting End 7:22 PM