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Title: Meeting Minutes for 11-19-06 (Meeting #13)
Last modified: 2006-11-21
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Meeting Minutes for 11-19-06 (Meeting #13)

Meeting Start 6:31pm

Roll Call (those present, unless otherwise denoted)

Br. Ulmer
Br. Ferguson
Br. Powers
Br. Faulkner
Br. Kincheloe
Br. Bagwell
Br. Williams
Br. Bolton
Br. McCarroll - ABSENT
Br. Tuttle - ABSENT
Br. Lamoureux
Br. Eyster
Br. Akers
Br. Cole
Br. Roberson
Br. Campain - ABSENT
Br. Stone
Br. Gibbons
Br. Kirk
Br. Senkowski
Br. Rowe
Br. Huffmaster
Br. Lauth
Br. Nikolaev
Br. Bruce
Br. Creasey
Br. Jones
Pl. Suba
Pl. Lavelle
Pl. Wilson
Pl. Anderson - ABSENT
Ms. Abreu
Ms. Clear

Last week's - Approved!

Officer Reports
President's Report
- Had a BoD meeting last night
-- Scholarship goal
--- Average GPA of 2.85 for next semester
--- 3.0 for the Fall
-- Recruitment goal
--- Continue to get 10 or 11/year
--- 30 people by Jan 08
-- Event Horizon
--- 3 per year
-- Misc
--- Clarification of House Manager and Resident Manager roles
--- House manager is in charge of house committee
--- House committee is in charge of advertising the Manor and approving boarders

Vice-President's Report
- No aftermeeting tonight!

Secretary's Report
- Look at minutes

Treasurer's Report
- Active org things are going ok
-- Two pledges paid
- National org messed up our paperwork
-- Said we didn't pay fees for last set of pledges
- Should be getting paperwork for GFK next week
-- Thanks to Br. Gilland and BoD for fixing this
- There will be a December bill to make up for lack of billing in August

Rush Chairman's Report
- Rush goes on
-- Keep in contact with your contacts

House Manager's Report
- Clean up after yourself
- Take down your posters today if you want to keep them
-- Otherwise taken down by me or SMM and given to historian

Resident Manager's Report
- BWB: Work on his ceiling and showers this past week
-- Actually guarantees his work
- Pay your bills

Steward's Report
- Hoping to pass on all knowledge that he has
-- Wants Steward-elect to come with him to by groceries
-- Also show quickbooks usage
- Not doing Thanksgiving dinner on Monday since no one expressed an opinion

Chapter Editor's Report
- Nothing

Scholarship Chairman's Report
- Nothing

Pledge Class President
- Pl. Wilson just got nominated and elected for Pledge Class President and spork
- Nominated all the offices
- Went over black books

Appointed Officer Reports
Social Chairman's Report
- If no objections, moving Nuclear Winer Formal moving to Friday of Finals week
-- Will also be Transiberian Orchestra that night
- Need to see t-shirt ideas
-- SEF: Suggest contacting professional. Thats what we've done in the past with all our good
shirts. We can give concept and they draw it out.
- Br. Gilland: Alumni suggest making a polo with the logo on the chest that they can wear to

Athletics Chairman's Report

Alumni Relations Chairman's Report

IFC Representative's Report

Philanthropy Chairman's Report

Alpha Sigma Kappa Liaison's Report

Historian's Report
- We had picture day yesterday
- We are going to have a makeup day on 30 Nov at 8pm
-- Will get back to you on location

WebMaster's Report

Public Relations Chairman

Librarian's Report
- Need matching shelves

Pledge Educator's Report

Pledge Class President's Report

Old Business
- ELECTION 2006!!!!
- President
-- Nominations: Br. Roberson, Br. Lamoureux, Br. Eyster, Br. Cole
--- RMR is withdrawing
-- Discussions...
--- for Br. Lamoureux
---- MMC thinks DCL will do awesome in any position
--- for Br. Eyster
---- KAF nominated him because he is well-rounded and will be good at representing us well.
Will also do all the paperwork
--- for Br. Cole
---- Br. Gilland nominated Br. Cole because he would be a good face of the chapter. Looked for
someone that can work with others and speak well.
---- RMR withdrew from the nominations because he wanted any votes for him to go to MMC
---- MMC: Iron fist can be soft too
-- Elected: MMC

- Vice-President
-- Nominations: Br. Cole, Br. Eyster, Br. Lamoureux, Br. Roberson
--- MMC is withdrawing
--- DCL is withdrawing
-- Discussions...
--- for Br. Eyster
---- Br. Gilland: Has a lot to offer. A lot of people feel he would be good here or in any
other position
---- Br. Eyster: The office I want the most and would do the best at.
--- for Br. Roberson
---- Br. Nikolaev: Adheres who we are and believes in our principles. Has the energy to take
care of problems. Fairness and energy.
---- Br. Gibbons: Talked to Bob a lot about rebuilding Brother in the Chapter. He has a lot of
good ideas.
---- Br. Stone: Shown unmatched dedication to the Brotherhood. Is keeping it real.
---- Br. Roberson: At first I was running for President, I realized VP would match my
capabilities. I have a real passion for the brotherhood. Want to make it stronger and would
be fair. Can chair a meeting. I would also do well at the position
---- Br. Powers: Br. Roberson shows a lot of dedication. Whenever there is something that needs
to be done, Bob is there.
-- Elected: Br. Roberson

- Secretary
-- Nominations: Senkowski, Lauth, Kirk, Jones, Rowe
--- CGLis withdrawing
--- GFK withdrawing
--- JMJ withdrawing
-- Discussions...
--- for Br. Senkowski
---- Br. Faulkner: Would do a good job posting and correcting them.
---- Br. Lauth: Was in my first pledge class and would do an awesome job
---- Br. Williams: Took minutes at Retreat
---- Br. Gibbons: Didn't take minutes at the pledge class meeting [Historically never happened]
---- Br. Gilland: Will let us know how he feels.
--- for Br. Rowe
---- Br. Rowe: I will be a good Secretary for the next year. I type pretty well and I can
spell. My handwriting may not be so well, but it will be ok
---- Br. Bagwell: Has done some good Secretary roles already. Is technology inclined and can
take care of disseminating information
---- Br. Nikolaev: Will be good
---- Br. Cole: Will be good cause he always has a computer and can spell.
---- Br. Stone: Talented individual. Will make us Secretary
---- Br. Williams: He always sent in corrections
---- Pl. Suba: His whininess will make everyone read it
-- Elected: Br. Rowe

- Treasurer
-- Nominations: Br. Bruce, Br. Eyster
-- Disucussion...
--- for Br. Bruce
---- Br. Nikolaev: Ryan can count his own money. Brandon can teach him things. Will be able to
manage accounts and remind everyone
---- Br. Stone: With Ryan as Treasurer, my balance will quickly approach zero
---- Br. Bagwell: Wearing green, the color of money. I've shown him a few things on Quickbooks
already. His mother also uses Quickbooks at work.
---- Br. Gibbons: Talked to him about my experience as Treasurer. Understands what he is
getting into
---- Br. Bruce: Think I can handle it and Quickbooks.
--- for Br. Eyster
---- Br. Faulkner: Feel like he would be a good treasurer. Organized and will make sure bills
are kept updated. Has the personality that can get money from people. Can nag without driving
people crazy.
---- Br. Cole: Also wearing green.
---- Ms. Abreu: Mirroring what KAF said about Jon. Very persuasive. Extrememly persistent. Has
inherited somethings from his Grand-Big
---- Br. Gilland: Who is more intimadating to break your knees? Who would stand outside your
door giggling until you pay your bills?
--- Elected: Br. Bruce

- Rush Chair
-- Nominations: Br. Roberson, Br. Kirk, Br. Rowe, Br. Stone, Br. Eyster, Pl. Suba, Br.
--- Br. Rowe withdrew
--- Br. Rowe nominated Pl. Suba
--- Removing Br. Roberson
--- Br. Stone withdrew
--- Br. Gibbons nominated Br. Lamoureux
-- Discussions...
--- for Br. Eyster
---- Br. Gilland: Again with the naggy and the breaking. Good at being social and getting
people to be social. Would carry this on into Rush Chair.
---- Br. Bagwell: Would be able to close the deal. As a former rush chair, I think he has the
vision down. Has to be good at organizing and a lot of other skills. Has them all
---- Br. Faulkner: Socially active and in touch with what the Chapter likes to do. Would plan
a fun schedule that would get a lot of Actives out (and Alumni).
---- Br. Eyster: Has ideas about where I see Rush going such as which events are useful and new
directions to go with.
--- for Pl. Suba
---- Br. Rowe: Good at getting people to do things. Don't underestimate the power of the bling.
---- Br. Kincheloe: Don't think he would be bad at it. Maybe not the right time, but he could
definitely do it.
---- Br. Lauth: Would do an excellent job, but maybe not the right time.
---- Pl. Suba: I am a quick learner. Looking for mentors. Strong believer in "Rush goes on". Can
get information out and can get things going. Spread the Chapter out a bit.
--- for Br. Lamoureux
---- Br. Gibbons: Bob said that David did an excellent job with Rush II. A guy from work knew
about Laser Tag (which is the event Br. Lamoureux headed up). Is also organized.
---- Br. Gilland: He is very constant and aware of whats going on around him. Spends a lot more
time watching then throwing into the middle of situations. Can communicate that very well.
---- Br. Lamoureux: Decided to go towards this when I dropped VP. Over last week and a half a
lot of people asked me why I wasn't running for Rush Chair. I felt I could do VP and Rush
Chair, but Chapter has VP covered. I admit I am not the best rusher, but I enjoy organizing
events. I have fun pulling the strings and getting things done behind the curtain. I may not
be as loud as Br. Eyster, but I think I can be just as persuasive in my own way. Think its the
position for me this next year.
-- Split vote - Lamoureux vs. Eyster now
-- Elected: Br. Lamoureux

- Prank phone call to RMR to tell him he won Rush Chair. Left voicemail.

- House Manager
-- Nominations: Br. Lauth, Br. Jones, Br. Creasey, Br. Kincheloe
--- Br. Lauth withdrew
-- Discussions...
--- for Br. Jones
---- Br. Eyster: Had best House Manager campaign poster. Think he would do an excellent job.
---- Br. Cole: Would run House Manager in a similiar way to a dictator.
---- Br. Gibbons: I live with Matt and he is very organized and into cleanliness. Has strong
opinions and sociable enough to run these meetings. Full capable of excelling at all the new
---- Br. Bagwell: House Manager also has to mess with Quickbooks.
---- Br. Faulkner: Can you think of any word to better describe Br. Jones than fastidious? Who else could you want for House Manager?
---- Br. Gilland: Most convincing poster.
---- Br. Jones: May have to move in Fall, but will do everything in power to prevent this.
--- for Br. Creasey
---- Br. Powers: Organized, cares a lot about the house, and think its a chance for him to get
better acquinted with the Chapter.
---- Br. Bagwell: Has just as good of an attention to detail as Br. Jones. Had a good poster
campaign too. Committed to the Chapter..
---- Br. Cole: He is very dependable. He has been to the class we have together twice as much
as I have. Very organized. Showers daily.
---- Br. Creasey: Plenty of times that I get stressed out until I get things done. During the
winterizing of the house, Br. Kincheloe and I helped. Have some plans for it.
--- for Br. Kincheloe
---- Br. Kincheloe: Running on platform of change. Will clean the house even if it requires
cleaning with blood.
-- Elected: Br. Jones

- Steward
-- Nominations: Br. Kincheloe, Br. Lauth
-- Discussions...
--- for Br. Kincheloe
---- Br. Nikolaev: Lawerence will provide us more fun. More steaks and fun things.
---- Br. Kincheloe: Campaign of change. Believes the stewardship is just as important as any
other position. Makes people feel welcome around here. Thanksgiving dinner has been a way of
doing this. Make these more formal and more of an event. Also want to go with Sysco and a
long range schedule. Would like peoples' schedules ahead of time. Sucks for people to try to
scramble to figure out whats going on. Both candidates will do a remarkable job.
--- for Br. Lauth
---- Br. Cole: Is on the band wagon for Sysco and lots of other good things
---- Br. Bagwell: He has prior food service experience.
---- Br. Gibbons: Also emphasing food service experience. And organizational skills
---- Br. Senkowski: Both candidates are going Sysco.
---- Br. Lauth: I have plans to make lower prices and more desserts. I am not offering fun
things, but I may be offering steaks.
-- Elected: Br. Lauth

- LRK:

- Chapter Editor
-- Nominations: Br. Stone, Br. Eyster
-- Discussions...
--- for Br. Stone
---- Br. Stone: Strongly believe in power of written word. Will put everything into it. Wrote
articles for both McCarroll and Huffmaster. Will have fun with it but take it seriously. Will
have 3 out by Jan 08.
---- Br. Gibbons: what he said
---- Br. Powers: His energy and creativity have potential to make this fun rather than a chore
as it has been
---- Br. Senkowski: We will definitely get National Recognition
--- for Br. Eyster
---- Br. Gilland: Same stuff as before. Could be a heck of leader in the Chapter.
---- Br. Cole: Looking forward to seeing him in a position. Vote for John.
---- Br. Eyster: Vote for John
-- Elected: Br. Stone

- Scholarship Chair
-- Nominations: Br. Gibbons, Br. Jones
--- Br. Bagwell nominating Br. Lamoureux - declined
-- Discussions...
--- for Br. Gibbons
---- Br. Eyster: Think Br. Gibbons would make an excellent scholarship chair due to his study
habits and way he does things overall
---- Br. Nikolaev: Has some communication problems that may lead to him getting beat up at night
---- Br. Cole: Held strongly to study habits and kept alchemist ways
---- Br. Gibbons: Recognize I am grumpy. Disappointed in GPA of the Chapter. Already organized
Scholarship Committee to buffer my communication with the Chapter. Even if not elected,
working on ways to improve GPA around the Chapter. I am passionate about it and would like
title to go along with the work I am going to do.
--- for Br. Jones
---- Br. Powers: Good example to the Chapter. This position needs a leader. Has had lots of
manager, but needs new ideas. He brings this to the table.
---- Br. Jones: I am a greater scholar than [TRG] will ever be. No matter who you vote for, you
will get two for one. He has the charisma of a wolverine with hemorrhoids or something.
-- Elected: Br. Gibbons

- Voted to skip announcements

Member of the week
- Winner! - New officers
- RMR for being the "most powerful brother in the chapter"
- Winner! - Br. Bolton and Br. Ulmer for Banquet

Quote of the Week
- "My iron fist has a supple leather palm" - MMC

Meeting End 8:28 PM