Name: 215
Title: Meeting Minutes for 4-09-06 (Meeting #10)
Last modified: 2006-04-10
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Meeting Minutes for 4-09-06 (Meeting #10)

Meeting Start 11:12am

Roll Call (those present, unless otherwise denoted)

Br. Wheatley
Br. Hafner - ABSENT
Br. Collie - ABSENT
Br. Ulmer
Br. Prosser - ABSENT
Br. Ferguson
Br. Powers
Br. Kincheloe
Br. Bagwell - ABSENT
Br. Williams - ABSENT
Br. Bolton
Br. McCarroll
Br. Tuttle
Br. Lamoureux
Br. Hofrichter
Br. Akers
Br. Cole - ABSENT
Br. Roberson
Br. Campain - ABSENT
Br. Stone
Br. Gibbons - ABSENT
Br. Kirk
Br. Senkowski
Br. Rowe - ABSENT
Br. Huffmaster - ABSENT
Pl. Lauth
Pl. Nikolaev
Pl. Bruce - ABSENT
Pl. Creasey - ABSENT
Pl. Jones

- don't have quorum.
Officer Reports
President's Report
- Relay for Life is right before banquet.
- Exchanged email with Lawson and everything is getting worked out.

Vice-President's Report
- As always the aftermeeting was a blast last night
- Banquet in two weeks
-- Please r.s.v.p.

Secretary's Report
- Read the minutes

Treasurer's Report
- pay your bills

Rush Chairman's Report
- Rush goes on

House Manager's Report
- Keep the house clean don't and be afraid to clean up after others.

Resident Manager's Report
- Compiled a list of people moving into the Manxor and it looks good.

Steward's Report
- Meal plan meeting at 2:30 today
- Would anyone like to volunteer for chapter dinner cooking or cleaning.
-- Alex volunteers for cooking
-- Matt volunteered cleaning.

Chapter Editor's Report

Scholarship Chairman's Report
- go to study nights get good grades

Appointed Officer Reports
Social Chairman's Report

Athletics Chairman's Report
- Kelly decided not to run the marathon does anyone want to run 10k

Alumni Relations Chairman's Report

IFC Representative's Report

Philanthropy Chairman's Report -

Alpha Sigma Kappa Liaison's Report

Historian's Report
- There will be historian pictures immediately before this meeting.

Webmaster's Report

Public Relations Chairman

Librarian's Report

Pledge Educator's Report
- Pledge class when do you want to have pledge ed?
-- 5:30pm Tuesday

Pledge Class President's Report
- Dang apparently I can say something. The letters for our pledge class name are Alpha Pi Kappa (APK)

E-Club Chairman

Old Business

New Business


Br. Wheatley
- I know a really good place to eat breakfast in Gore.
- Br. Ulmer is the best pledge class educater ever.

Br. Ulmer
- Br. Wheatley that was awesome
- I like having time to think about my announcement
- My life is a living pain and Stef misses all of you
- I need more sleep

Br. Ferguson
- I'm still really tired
-- The beds are not as comfortable as back in the manxor but are better than the floor
- The light is really bright.

Br. Powers
- Between all of the hiking, swimming and boulder throwing i got ...
- The destructive line is the best.

Br. Kincheloe
- The day star is bright and not happy but it is warm

Br. Williams
- Sorry about leaving early. I got work at noon
-- Thanks to whomever is taking these minutes
- Will be in Orlando, FL from Friday to Tuesday afternoon
- Retreat was fun

Br. Bolton
- Learned 50 cups aren't enough for 20 people even with labeling untensils and putting plates on one end of the table does not mean the line will start there.

Br. McCarroll
- In honor of Br. collie what Br. Ulmer said

Br. Tuttle
- I'm here, I'm awake

Br. Lamoureux
- List of not quite injuries: ankles shoulders
- Didn't get taged out during capture the flag

Br. Hofrichter
- nothing

Br. Akers
- nothing

Br. Roberson
- Retreat is awesome

Br. Stone
- Its a beautiful day this afternoon
- I like the lake water and lets have a safe trip home.

Br. Kirk
- Cold lake water sucks

Br. Senkowski
- ahhhhhhh

Br. Rowe
- I have the awesome big

Pl. Lauth
- This year's retreat stacked up to last year's in a different way

Pl. Nikolaev
- Pissed that he did not get called on as the pledge class president.

Pl. Jones
- Nothing

Member of the Week
- Br. Bolton

Quote of the Week
- The bell is so you can tell when she is coming.

Meeting End 10:44 Am