Name: 211
Title: Meeting Minutes for 3-5-06 (Meeting #7)
Last modified: 2006-03-22
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Meeting Minutes for 3-5-06 (Meeting #7)

Meeting Start 6:34pm

Roll Call (those present, unless otherwise denoted)

Br. Wheatley
Br. Collie - ABSENT
Br. Ulmer
Br. Ferguson
Br. Powers
Br. Kincheloe
Br. Bagwell
Br. Williams
Br. Bolton
Br. McCarroll - ABSENT
Br. Tuttle - ABSENT
Br. Lamoureux - LATE
Br. Hofrichter
Br. Akers
Br. Cole
Br. Roberson - ABSENT
Br. Campain - ABSENT
Br. Stone
Br. Gibbons
Br. Kirk
Br. Senkowski
Br. Rowe
Br. Huffmaster
Pl. Lauth
Pl. Nikolav
Pl. Bruce
Pl. Creassy
Br. Dr. Br. Grady
Ms. O'Roke
Ms. Wood
- Will be sent out through email

Officer Reports
President's Report
- No meeting this coming week
- No meeting the week after that
- Need a head cout for road trip
-- 8 people interested
--- + or - 2 people
--- 2 to 3 cars probably
---- MWW and SMP2's cars
-- SEF not going on road trip
-- If you have contacts in chapter along the way, then contact them
-- Route
--- OKC to Louisville to UMBC to Penn State to Toledo to Ohio St to National HQ to Purdue to Raleigh to OKC

Vice-President's Report
- Aftermeeting at 9pm

Secretary's Report
- Meeting minutes will be emailed
- Will update email lists ASAP

Treasurer's Report
- Got a lot more checks recently
- Sent out March bills yesterday
- Need people to respond about composite money meeting
- Money for pledge dues

Rush Chairman's Report
- Still have 4 pledges
- Rush goes on

House Manager's Report
- Chores are up
-- Due Tuesday morning

Resident Manager's Report
- Rent is due
- Could everyone keep the Solarium desk clean

Steward's Report
- Chicken and Dumplings for Chapter Dinner
-- LRK will cook
- Check the kitchen rules
-- Some people are not cleaning the grill, leaving sponges in places that will leave them damp

Chapter Editor's Report
- Haven't had a lot of time this semester
-- Spring Break devoted to Event Horizon

Scholarship Chairman's Report
- Study nights have moved to Wed at 8pm

Appointed Officer Reports
Social Chairman's Report

Athletics Chairman's Report

Alumni Relations Chairman's Report

IFC Representative's Report

Philanthropy Chairman's Report
- Big Event
-- During Retreat
- No one likes philanthropy :'(

Alpha Sigma Kappa Liaison's Report
- Will find out about Big Event with them
- Seperate biz and after meetings so we could do dinner

Historian's Report

WebMaster's Report
- Website is not up
-- realwebhost changed our dns without warning
-- Pyrex, Sean, and MMC need to come together to fix
- Will fix and prevent from happening again

Public Relations Chairman

Librarian's Report

Pledge Educator's Report

Pledge Class President's Report

Old Business

New Business
- BWB has an idea for road trip tshirt
-- See him later about it


Br. Wheatley
- Doctor says he is sick through next Thursday
- Trouble with car has cleared while testing
- Hates Ford engines
-- Mainly putting belts on them

Br. Dr. Grad
- Going to Disneyland this summer
- Been to Disneyland Paris, World

Br. Ulmer
- Finds that days dont have enough hours
- Stef is awesome

Br. Ferguson
- My computer still has problem with connection
-- DL drops to nothing, UL is working
-- Do not know what is wrong
- Sis is having last treatment on Saturday
-- Has radiation therapy still, but can wait til school is out

Br. Powers
- Starting a garden
-- Thank JWS, GFK, LRK
-- Don't stick trash in it
-- Feel free to put composte in the heap

Br. Kincheloe
- Long week
- Things happened but they escape
- Yay garden

Br. Bagwell
- Needs to work with SMM on compilers project
-- In java and he hasn't used it in 2 years
- Registered new dotcom
- Father went to hospital last night

Br. Williams
- I cannot wait for Spring Break
- Go see Dido and Aeneas, it is awesome

Br. Bolton
- Busiest week of the semester

Br. Lamoureux
- First business meeting in 3 weeks
- Went to Fl for Indy 500
-- Got flat tire on way back
--- Make sure valve are changed on tires; he learned hard way
- Went to Botball
-- Got awesome hat
- Has a test Wednesday
-- Doesnt know what it is about

Br. Hofrichter
- My lil is awesome
- Lisa is also awesome
-- But missed watching Dark Crystal
- Dark Crystal is awesome
-- Sequel will be awesome
--- Main character will be girl made of fire
- Sunbathing is awesome
- Hanging out with people is awesome
- Pangalactic Gargle Blasters are awesome

Br. Akers
- Nothing

Br. Cole
- My lil is more awesomer
- Found a knife downstairs while cleaning up
- Almost had van running
-- Think starter is bad
-- Hopefully will get it going

Br. Stone
- Been studying topology a lot
-- Really fascinating
-- Gardening is a lot like topology

Br. Gibbons
- Looking at buying stripped computer
-- Missing hard drive
-- Will prolly put Linux on it

Br. Kirk
- Will be studying chemistry
-- May be scare due to this
- Garden is awesome
Br. Senkowski
- Spore is coming out last quarter 2006
- Will get 4.0 this week
- Had only 2 HDs blow up this year
- Sleep is good

Br. Rowe
- Hasn't done my data structures that is due tonight

Br. Huffmaster
- Has 5 tests this week, 2 quizzes, and a lab report
- Apologies in advance

Pl. Lauth
- Giving up smoking for Lent
-- Sorry if I am yelling at you
- Going to be studying chem a lot too

Pl. Nikolav
- Tsar of Pledge Class
- Ryan is VP
- Kyle is Treasurer and Sec
- Khan is Rush Chair
- Been strange lately
-- Replace strange with any adj you want to
- I spend about two to three hours lying in asphault
- My mom's car is dead
-- Needs to have someone help her find a new car

Pl. Bruce
- Needs more sleep

Pl. Creassy
- Finally got linux installed on my comp
- Pirate Jon crashed his hand by shaking it at Formal Pledging
- Freaked him out by doing google searches of PJ

Ms. O'Roke
- Has two tests, two labs, and two HWs
- Had my elderly neighbor drop a cinderblock on my dogs

Ms. Wood
- Finally making Exalted character
- Hungry
- MCU is awesome

Ms Lisa
- I like sunshines, EJH's red toenails
- Going to try and learn 4 units of chem this week
- I am awesome

Member of the Week
Jellofest kids

Quote of the Week
"Tap that WAP"

Meeting End 7:17 PM