Name: 201
Title: Meeting Minutes for 1-29-06 (Meeting #2)
Last modified: 2006-01-29
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Meeting Minutes for 1-30-05 (Meeting #2)

Meeting Start 6:3xpm

Roll Call (those present, unless otherwise denoted)

Br. Wheatley - PRESENT
Br. Hafner
Br. Collie - LATE
Br. Ulmer - PRESENT
Br. Prosser
Br. Ferguson - PRESENT
Br. Powers - PRESENT
Br. Kincheloe - PRESENT
Br. Bagwell - PRESENT
Br. Williams - PRESENT
Br. Bolton - PRESENT
Br. McCarroll
Br. Tuttle
Br. Lamoureux - PRESENT
Br. Hofrichter - PRESENT
Br. Akers - PRESENT
Br. Cole - PRESENT
Br. Roberson - PRESENT
Br. Campain
Br. Stone - PRESENT
Br. Gibbons - LATE
Br. Kirk - PRESENT
Br. Senkowski - PRESENT
Br. Rowe - PRESENT
Br. Huffmaster - PRESENT
Pl. Lauth

Ms. Wood - PRESENT


Officer Reports
President's Report
- Talked with Dr. Grady
- Next week's meeting is @ 2:00

Vice-President's Report
- Aftermeeting @ 9:00
- Aftermeeting next week is immediately after business meeting

Secretary's Report
- Posting meeting minutes at

Treasurer's Report
- Nothing to report

Rush Chairman's Report
- Bowling is Monday
-- Have contacts meet at the Manor or there (Sooner Bowling) by 9:00
-- Bean is in charge of bowling
- Saturday night is Anime night

House Manager's Report
- Please don't make messes or break things

Resident Manager's Report
- Pay your bills
- Still need rent from several people
- Trustees are working on an eviction policy

Steward's Report
- If you have cups or dishes in your room, bring them down
- Volunteers for Chapter dinner

Chapter Editor's Report
- Nothing

Scholarship Chairman's Report
- Study night is Thursday @ 8pm
- ASK will be there

Appointed Officer Reports
Social Chairman's Report
- Party dates were set
- Bizarre Love Triangle with Mardi Gras Theme - 18 Feb 06
- Spend some of the social budget on lighting
-- He will put some of his money in it and is encouraging others to donate
-- Will try to order this week
- BWB got SWE calendar
-- SWE wants Triangle to show up at date auctions
-- We are welcome to plug our parties at their general meetings

Athletics Chairman's Report
- Relay marathon
-- 5 legs over 26.2 miles
-- 5 people are needed

Alpha Sigma Kappa Liaison's Report
- Told ASK about study night this Thursday
- They have study night scheduled for Tuesday

Historian's Report
- Bob has info for next Historian on how to get composites

Old Business
-- Sending email out about throws to locals list
-- Tell everyone about it
-- We need to buy 25 min

New Business
- None


Br. Wheatley
- Not be here next weekend
-- Will be at UMBC's initiation
-- Flying out Friday
- Has a 400 watt inverter in his car
-- Can power 3 laptops and a WAP
- In 2 weeks, will be in Phoenix for National Council

Br. Collie
- Sorority parties rock

Br. Ulmer
- I have a girlfriend now
- My schedule is awesome

Br. Ferguson
- Talking with someone from HS
- Has almost all of my HW already done due to PDA
-- Also really fun to play with in class

Br. Powers
- Semester is awesome
- 1st HW assignment that is due in writing is due on Monday
-- About "My Passion"
- Capstone is to design satellite
-- Cal Poly has lots of people
-- We dont and I am doing all the programming

Br. Kincheloe
- Sushi night was awesome
- This semester will be awesome

Br. Bagwell
- Lost my American Express card
- Tax Party
-- Will also be doing FAFSA
-- Will be Feb, after Valentine's Day
- If you had an accout on Jeebus, your password has been reset

Br. Williams
- Bagged pasta
- Class is awesome

Br. Bolton
- Started FF8 this week
- Watching Naruto
- Dropping Linear
-- Taking it this summer

Br. Lamoureux
- Parental electronic purchasing spree continued
-- Got new speakers
- My family's donated washer has been leaking
-- Family friend willing to fix it
- Starting to plan for Akon
-- Current estimate is $200 for everything

Br. Hofrichter
- Just got new 300GB HD
- Cannot use it because he has nothing to connect it to my computer

Br. Akers
- Nothing

Br. Cole
- I'm sick
-- It sucks
- I sleep, eat
-- Dont rest, get not hungry

Br. Roberson
- Got a cool new Russian friend
- Got awesome speakers

Br. Stone
- Bought a hammer today
-- Can't get a 2.5" nail into my wall
- I am getting a 4.0 this semester

Br. Gibbons
- Getting voice back
-- Nick, Jon, and I went working out yesterday

Br. Kirk
- I too am hungry
- Sushi night was awesome
- Jenn's party is awesome
- Started decorating
- Not getting a 4.0, but I'll try

Br. Senkowski
- My phone sucks
-- Cant get games on it
- Hopefully I will pull a 4.0
-- Prolly taking summer classes

Br. Rowe
- On Friday I celebrated my 18 and 1/12 bday

Br. Huffmaster
- I am really busy

Ms. Wood
- Corey is awesome

Member of the Week

Quote of the Week
"If I were lucid dreaming it would be flying math sex." - Montana Rowe

Meeting End 7:01 PM