Name: 20
Title: Meeting Minutes for 2-13-2000
Last modified: 2005-08-27
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   Meeting Minutes for 2-13-2000

Meeting Minutes for 3-19-2000

Meeting Start 6:33pm

Roll Call
Br. Forsythe (ABS EX)
Br. Mercer (ABS EX)
Br. Yarrison (LATE EX)
Br. Ycedo (ABS EX)
Br. Gilland (ABS EX)

President's Report
-IFC scholarship packet applications are here
-Big Events is April 1st

Vice-President's Report
-Aftermeeting is at 9:00pm
-Tuesday Dinner: KLR and MLD   Cleanup : SCS,MAB,JDP
-Working on WOW

Secretary's Report
-Still working on the webpage

Treasurer's Report
-Rent is due tomorrow

Rush Chairman's Report
-One pledge and a few rushiees
-Thursday is the final day
-Formal Pledging will be March 26th, Formal Dress

Chapter Editor's Report
-Online Event Horizon is now working as of Monday

House Manager's Report
-we have no washer yet…
-31st will be a workday, 4pm

Social Chairman's Report
-Social Meeting will be Thursday after Executive Council

Scholarship Chairman's Report
-Tuesday and Wednesday are still out standard days

Old Business

New Business


Br. Dickinson
-Break was…

Br. Kraft
-Fuck you all

Br. Powell
-Drove all over OKC at 3am
-I have new shoes

Br. Martin
-Went camping in Dallas
-Thursday Kicked Ass

Br. Lowe
-Fuck O'Connells

Br. Garner
-Break was the shit

Br. Aldridge
-P-Chem Test, I kicked it's ass
-Great spring break
-Coasting for the rest of the semester

Br. Rogers
-Uh…. Oh yeah, I spent a lot of time in my car
-Kentucky lost… sucks… ?

Br. Branson
-Good spring break
-I have an A in physics <- this is unexplained
-Good week, Eating Roule was very good

Br. Lewis
-Good break, had a great time

Br. Siard
-I'm procrastinating…
-I have to write a note to my parents
-I have biota

Br. Williams
-Very good spring break
-I have 33% chance of living in house/living in dorms/living in apartments and a 1% chance of driving myself off a cliff.
-I have learned some interesting things about my friends…

Br. Rye
-Padre kicked ass.
-Mexico was cool, I was almost arrested

Br. Meizlish
-I now work at Sonic

Br. Scott
-I was in California, now I am back
-As far as basketball… Michigan is all I have left

Br. McCann
-Break was shit
-Physics is awful

Br. Kirkpatrick
-Glad to be back, this is strange

Br. Gilland
-Regionals are cool
-OU lost, this is sad
-Hope TU wins
-Steph is back! ?

Final Announcement
Mercer for the president's trophy awards packet

Meeting End 7:07pm