Name: 184
Title: Minutes for meeting of 23 march, 1997 op
Last modified: 2005-08-27
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Minutes for meeting of 23 march, 1997 open 1830 17


ND Forsythe
JW Kraft
MD Stocco
ML Dickinson
AM Lowe
BR Murphy
MW Yarrison
JD Powell
SR Mercer
JN Watson
MS Humphrey
HP Martin (Late)
PJ Doerpinghaus (Late)
IH Bryant


1. OU giving away free bike racks.
2. JN Watson, ND Forsythe attending Boren's soiree
V. President
1. Not quite yet recovered from allergic attack, but alive.
2. No Member Development programs next few weeks
Pledge Ed.
1. No meeting this past week
Pledge president pro-temp
1. Nothing new
1. Minutes filed
2. Now that mailing list is fixed, will be getting minutes out to interested alumni, others.
3. IFC Awards packet out, thank you MD Stocco. Dr. Grady nominated for outstanding chapter advisor.
1. bills issued.
2. Rent paid
Rush chair
1. Rush letters went out
2. Need to form a rush committee
House Manager
1. No official meeting
2. Chores as standing
3. Network policy discussed at next meeting
Chapter Editor
1. SJ Burgess and SR Mercer have done a whole lot on the web site
2. Alumni page links updated, bad links removed.
3. PWD Changes during next after meeting
4. MD Stocco sent changes out.
Scholarship Chair
1. Nothing new
2. Study nights have been a bit under-attended
Social chair
1. Tee shirt designs in for bermuda triangle party.
2. Invites ready to mail to alumni
3. Planning needs to be done for camping trip
Alumni Relations
1. Alumni list fixed
IFC Representatives
1. Elections for Wednesday
2. Job Fair packets in. Mostly for business majors, though.
3. Greek preview day Apr 13. Need formal letter to IFC to participate.
4. Possible IFC rush changes, Eliminate stamps on cards, Limit Max rushees to 45
5. Dry during Rush
6. OUPD has bike racks available. First come first serve basis.
7. 17 April, IFC Rush workshop.
8. Sometime in April Greek World, by PK(eta) Party.
ASK Liaison
1. Meeting to work on mission statement, Monday, 8:30 PM.
1. Poetry night recorded
Philanthropy chair
1. IFC taking up donations for couch fire victims
2. April 5 next internet install day.
3. Donate blood during greek week
Greek week committee
1. Meets Thursday, 8PM
2. Starts off with convocation sun, 13 April.


1. none


1. Alumni org re negotiated rent, down to 1300 for summer.
2. Get Advised
3. Summer Rush Chair, JW Kraft
4. Summer Membership Development would like to have everyone in an Engr related field.
5. Committee of whole report accepted on camping
a. JW Kraft, SR Mercer, ML Dickinson will leave at about 2PM on Friday. Rest will follow at about 4PM.
6. Need to allocate funds for bermuda triangle party shirts. Exec committee will do this.
7. JC watts speaking on April fools day, sig ep house. 7PM MSH going.
8. Rush committee appointed
a. ND Forsythe, JN Watson, JW Kraft, MS Humphreys, HP Martin


1. Please be vigilant on Bulletin Board.
2. Mark W. Needs someone to ferry him around on 4 April to/fro optometrist
3. Mailing labels on order from national
5. Dr. Grady officially thanks us for the nomination.
6. People still owe MW Whatley money for Jedi.
7. Nic's adrenaline is mounted above the switch in his room. If he starts going into shock, give him the shot in the leg, call 911.


SJ Burgess for his work on the web page.