Name: 183
Title: 04- April 1999 Business Meeting
Last modified: 2005-08-27
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Meeting Minutes for 4-4-99

Meeting Start  6:33pm

Roll Call
Br. Murphy (ABS)
Br. Stewart (ABS
Br. Rogers (ABS)
Br. Lovelace (ABS)
Br. Lewis (ABS EX)
Pl. Williams (ABS)

President's Report
-I missed the IFC box last week, so there's a lot of stuff.
    -IFC fine for missing Congress meeting; its been taken care of by me
and Neil.
    -Greek Preview Day is April 18th, 2-5pm.
    -Have an application for Junior IFC Scholarship.
    -Stomp Down on April 10th, 6pm at Lloyd Noble.
    -Branson will take care of Mom's Day coordination for events.
    -Lambda Chi and Chi Omega are doing Campus Kidnap on April 20th.
    -There is a 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament, June 12-13.
    -Sigma Nu Sumo Competition April 6-7th.
    -The OU Library wants donations.
    -OK Lupus Association Philanthropy information here.
    -There is a Gang Rape Prevention program; perhaps we should attend.
-Alpha Sigma Kappa is cleaning up the Duck Pond on Tues. at 5pm.  We
have been asked to join them.
-Grady turned the Housing problem over to Mercer; the zoning board
turned the earlier buyer down.  Doug Koscinski on the
Board can answer our questions.
-There is an IFC Congress meeting on Tuesday at 8pm.

Vice-President's Report
-Tuesday's dinner; Branson and Siard cooking; cleanup by Ycedo.
-We had a pledge class meeting.
-Aftermeeting at 10pm.

Pledge Class VP/Secretary
-We now have syllabi.
-We took a quiz.
-We have new material to learn for next week.

Chapter Editor
-Event Horizon went out this week.

House Manager
-Friday there is a general house cleaning at 5pm for the dinner on
-Sign up for chores on the list going around.

-I'm instituting a personal reminder system in addition to the Triangle
reminder system.
-The minutes went out over e-mail last Sunday.

Greek Week Representative
-The schedule for the week's events has been posted over e-mail.

Social Chairman
-This week, the following events are happening:
    *Stomp Down is on Thursday at 6pm at Lloyd Noble
    *Sumo Competition is April 6-7th
    *ASK Duck Pond cleanup on Tuesday at 5pm
    *Dinner as usual on Tuesday evening provided by Branson and Siard
    *General House Cleanup on Friday at 5pm
    *Aldridge is planning something for after the house cleanup...:-)

Old Business

*Minutes for 3-28-99 passed as sent by e-mail.

New Business
-Yarrison will plow up the garden in the front yard and work on it.


Br. Bryant

Br. Mercer
-Hedda Gabler is a good play; portentious.
-IEEE robot project hard drive crashed this week after I backed up the
-College Bowl; Unit Zero did well and won its bracket.
-Parents mailed me an Easter bunny; it was mutilated when it arrived,
but the ears were still edible.
-Medieval Fair and State speech tournament this next weekend.

Br. Yarrison
-Neons are fun at 120 mph.
-I'm taking up fencing this week.

Br. Lowe
-I'm now stealing cable also (I'm feeling good too).

Br. Garner
-Um, today is apparently Easter.
-My sister got married this past week.

Br. Aldridge
-Life just keeps getting better.

Br. Ycedo
-My computer is unhappy; I want to kill it and start over.

Br. Branson
-Hedda Gabler is an excellent play (Br. Mercer didn't get the point).
-I had an odd week; a boring weekend.

Pl. Siard
-I got the internship with Bell Atlantic.
-I have housing at the University of Maryland at the chapter house there
for $300 a month with access to Washington D.C.

Pl. Rye
-I got my HIV test back this week; it was negative (Woohoo!)
-I started Student Congress work last Tuesday.
-The week went downhill after Tuesday and the weekend went fast.

Final Announcement
-To Br. Garner for getting the pledge class syllabus out.

Meeting End  7:05pm