Name: 182
Title: 28- March 1999 Business Meeting
Last modified: 2005-08-27
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Meeting Minutes for 3-28-99

Meeting Start  6:30pm

Roll Call
Br. Aldridge (late)
Br. Lewis (ABS)

President's Report
-IFC elections are on March 31st.
-Greek Preview Day is on April 18th, 2pm.
-There are four $250 schoarlships for FNG's and pledges.
-Basketball at the Sigma Chi house on April 14th.
-Oustanding Faculty member application is due on Tuesday.
-Rush rules for summer and fall:  Pledge cap at 57.

Vice-President's Report
-Everyone go visit Dr. Das; his office hours are Monday and Wednesday
from noon-1:30pm.
-Some people need to get to know the pledges better; dinners will be:
    Matt Williams with Aaron Lowe
    Stephen Siard with Neil Lovelace
    William Rye with Kendall Rogers
-Tuesday dinner cooked by Ycedo and Dickinson; cleanup by Murphy.
-Aftermeeting at 9:15pm.

Pledge Class President
-We still don't have a syllabus.
-Our pledge class phrase is signified by Pi Sigma Pi.
-We didn't do so well on the last pledge test.

-Everyone needs to pay your bills.
-Quality Maintenance Supplies has removed us from their calling list.
We paid for the lightbulbs they sent; we should tell Greeks and National
about their scam.

-The first week of the "Reminder" program went well; positive feedback
received; the program will continue, with the addition of personal
reminders to the organizational reminders.

Chapter Editor
-We have the Event Horizon; read and edit it; it will be mailed

House Manager
-The newest system for chores now involves stickers and "childish"
-There is a new window in the hovel and Stocco's stuff is being removed.

Rush Chairman
-Rush is going to start soon.
-Matt Miezlish will be here on Tuesday.

Scholarship Chairman
-Nothing to report.

Greek Week Representative
-Greek Week is April 11-15 effectively; we are Epsilon Team.
    Blood Drive (sign up downstairs)
        Need volunteers to train on Tuesday at 7pm at the Sigma Epsilon
        Tuesday at the Delta Gamma house
        Wednesday at the Alpha Chi Omega house
    Basketball tournament on Wednesday.
    Greek Games at the Kappa Sigma house on Thursday; cookout to follow.

Social Chairman
-Next weekend is Easter.
-The weekend after Easter is the Alpha Sigma Kappa dinner / Bermuda /T
-There will be a social meeting at 7pm on Thursday at the house.

Old Business

New Business


Br. Wheatley
-This Kosovo shit needs to stop.
-There is a pie downstairs that is "free game".
-I have an electronic organizer that is also "free game".

Br. Grady
-I have no information on the house; I will call on Monday.

Br. Dickinson
-I went to the University of Lousiville this weekend with ASK-beta; the
people there are cool.

Br. Mercer
-I raised the stakes with my software project; we have an April 29th
demo deadline.
-My visit with my sister moved to I-week so I won't be seeing her.
-My parents think that I'm killing my wrists and my body with too much

Br. Murphy

Br. Yarrison

Br. Lowe
-I had a bad week.

Br. Stewart
-I went to the architecture ball with a cute date; there was free beer.
-I suffered very few traumas this week, so it was a good week.

Br. Garner
-I'm leaving Friday to go to my sister's wedding.

Br. Aldridge
-This week was the most bizzarre of weeks in my life.

Br. Rogers
-The number of OU students/grads at contra dancing is increasing; I will
continue to recruit dancers.

Br. Ycedo
-I had an interesting week; I love chemicals.

Br. Lovelace
-I'm learning a new instrument.
-I'm almost as good as Dave Matthews now

Br. Branson
-I had a long week; I lost my day planner; broke my dongel.
-Academic tournament was long; I'm tired.
-College Bowl game at 6:40pm at the Chisholm Trail Room.
-I will not be living in the house next semester.

Pledge Siard
-The universe ended this week.

Pledge Williams
-I'm having similar housing problems with Branson.

Pledge Rye
-I had a long week:
    Monday-I got HIV tested; I get the results back on Monday.
    Wednesday-I won the OUSA election for a congressional seat.
    Thursday-I was on a religious panel; I was asked to preach at a
    Saturday-The GLBA conference and rally went well; a beautiful woman
hit on me.

Final Announcement
-goes to Will Rye for winning the OUSA election this week.

Meeting End  7:11pm