Name: 181
Title: 21- March 1999 Business Meeting Minutes
Last modified: 2005-08-27
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Meeting Minutes, 3-21-99

Meeting Start  6:32pm

Roll Call
Br. Murphy (late)
Br. Stewart (late)
Br. Branson (ABS EX)
Br. Lewis (ABS)
Pl. Williams (ABS)

President's Report
-We have a guest at the meeting, Dev Ghose.
-National sent us contest entries for money; the contest is web-based.
-The secretary needs to send National our officer list because they have
it wrong.
-TAMU was suspended for various reasons; everyone read your e-mail.
-March 23rd is Greek Week meeting; Ycedo and Branson are going.
-K-State trip, will cost $18.64 per person plus other costs; they want
designs for shorts (not t-shirts).
-I have a letter from Al Evon; respond to these questions if you can.

Vice-President's Report
-Aftermeeting at 9pm.
-Tuesday's dinner; Yarrison and Stewart cooking; Mercer volunteers for
clean up.
-There wasn't a pledge class meeting last week; there is one this week;
the President will be speaking at this meeting.

-We have money in the account; pay your bills!

-The minutes are going around; read them.
-This week will be the start of the e-mail reminders experiment.

House Manager
-Fill out the chore list for this week (yet another new method of
-"Do your chores, please!"

Chapter Editor
-I made no progress over spring break; I will be revamping the
newsletter for now.

Rush Chairman

Scholarship Chairman
-Classes start again tomorrow.
-Study nights are still the same (Mondays and Tuesdays at the house

Social/Philanthropy Chairman
-If anything is happening this week, I will get a hold of you.
-Do something nice for someone this week.

Alpha Sigma Kappa
-Aldridge found Eden's check; we need to tell them this.

Old Business

New Business
-The Chapter will share the expenses of National Founder's Day banquet
at K-State.  Will pay enough so that each member only has to pay $10 a
person for the banquet and pay for part of the following party.  This
will cost approximately $200.

-Housing for Fall
    -High bond number will have priority.
    -We will have a meeting on Thursday at 4pm.  Please send Mike your
    about housing requests (who you can't room with, if you can room
with 2 other
    people, will you be living in the house).
    -Br. Stocco will be moving his stuff out the weekend of April 17th.


Br. Wheatley
-American beer sucks.

Br. Bryant
-This upcoming week is Japan week.
-Japan night next Sunday at 7pm at the Union.
-Br. Kraft's birthday was yesterday.

Br. Dickinson
-I am home; got here on Thursday (longest day in my life).

Br. Mercer
-I am on medical leave because of my carpal tunnel syndrome acting up
-I spent 60+ hours on Software Engineering project this past week.

Br. Murphy
-I took an interesting trip to Michigan.
-Went to the UTA Chapter for St. Pat's; they had a big block party that
was cool.

Br. Yarrison
-I had a cool road trip; St. Louis, Louisville, St. Pat's in New

Br. Lowe
-Mike and Will are *expletives*.
-Jumping out of a balloon kicked ass.

Br. Stewart
-St. Pat's here in Norman was fun.
-Houston was cool; life goes on.

Br. Garner
-I didn't use my time to catch up on school (surprising).

Br. Aldridge
-I have my car back; I'm happy.

Br. Rogers
-I spent time in a ditch over the break.
-Louisville kicked ass.
-Things are happy.
-My chin is back (he shaved the goatee).

Br. Ycedo
-My break did not goes as I had planned.
-I met a nice stripper; my life is a testament to mediocrity.

Br. Lovelace
-On Friday, I get a fat pay check for 94 hours.
-I missed my "companion" over the break; I will call her and complain.

Pl. Siard
-I think I will win "The Worst Spring Break Ever."

Pl. Rye
-I had a long trip; it had lots of ups and downs; I got to see the Grand
-Everyone keep your fingers crossed for me this week.
-Ycedo's parents are very nice.

Guest Ghose
-I have a calculus worksheet to finish over my spring break.
-I have to write a paper on Mt. Tseng.
-I'm looking forward to a good break.
-I graduate on May 14th!

Final Announcement
-goes to Br. Dickinson for coming home.

Meeting End  7:28pm