Name: 180
Title: 07-March 1999 Business Meeting Minutes
Last modified: 2005-08-27
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Meeting minutes, 3-7-99

Meeting Start  6:34pm

Roll Call
Br. Murphy (ABS)
Br. Stewart (late)
Br. Lovelace (late)
Br. Lewis (late)

President's Report
-We had a very good WOW banquet.
-IFC dropped our fine down to $90 and it has been paid.
-Have the UIFI registration packet for this summer
-Red Cross is looking for a $75 donation from us.
-Greek Week Mtg at Zeta Tau Alpha house on Monday at 10pm.
-have an IFC scholarship (which no one is qualified for).
-March 27th is the sorority tennis tournament.
-757 DeBarr has been sold *expletive* to others; we are going to start
negotiations on the least for next year.

Vice-President's Report
-WOW banquet was pretty cool; we had lots of alumni there; got $466 from
the Alumni; Br. Burgess made good on his graduation promise from his
second pay check.
-The DeBarr house is sold; we will have a HAC meeting on Monday at 4pm
(Yarrison and Ycedo will be there).
-Pledge Class Meeting; Pl. Birchett depledged; they got their black
    Pledge Class President:  Matt Williams
    Pledge Class VP & Secretary:  Stephen Siard
    Pledge Class Treasurer:  Will Rye
-Tuesday dinner will be cooked by Garner and Branson; Aldridge to clean
up afterwards; Br. Lybrand was invited; Rye, Lovelace, Stewart, and
Yarrison will be absent.
-Aftermeeting will be at 9:15pm.

Pledge Class President
-We got our black books.
-We are starting the memorization
-Meetings are on Fridays at 3pm.
-Still don't have a syllabus.

-The minutes are going around.

-Bills went out; pay them.

Rush Chairman
-"let it begin!"

Scholarship Chairman
-There is a Career Services thing.

House Manager
-From now on, initial your chores when you do them.
-Big house cleaning on April 9th at 5pm

Chapter Editor
-Working on the Event needs editing.

Alumni Relations
-WOW had 12 alumni show up plus one from Pitt. Chapter and one from KU
-I invited Br. Lybrand to the Tuesday dinner; he has books to donate.

Social/Philanthropy Chairman
-The Red Cross wants money from us (we don't have it).
-The OKC Memorial wants 168 pennies which sounds reasonable.
-Greek Week meeting at the Theta house at 10 pm on Monday (changed?)
-Alpha Gamma Delta sent us a thank you note for the valentines gift.

(President bought pizza for everyone! Woohoo! Thanks!)

Alpha Sigma Kappa
-Frontier City trip; we will try one last time for May 1st now.

*Minutes for 2-28-99 passed with corrections.

Old Business

New Business


Br. Wheatley
-Scotland was fun; it had good beer and wine.
-the router is *expletive*
-you can call me "ticket boy" now; got a speeding ticket on the way

Br. Bryant

Br. Mercer
-Software project and IEEE are going well.
-I'm dropping computer graphics because the math is too difficult.
-Watch for OKActives and Pledges email on Fall 1999.
-Br. Murphy won overall last night at WOW.

Br. Yarrison
-Parents came by on Thursday; cooked us a good meal; life is good.

Br. Lowe
-Going to Arizona too; jumping from a balloon.

Br. Stewart
-I am no longer an SPE officer.
-Got in touch with a cute girl from my high school.

Br. Garner
-no meeting for the next week; meet again on March 21st.

Br. Aldridge
-is anyone listening to him?  Who cares, he's just the secretary...

Br. Rogers
-Sunday was bad.
-Tuesday was good.
-I got my Raytheon application.

Br. Ycedo
-On Wednesday, Disney is coming to campus.
-Going to Arizona for the break.

Br. Lovelace
-I am changing major to Visual Communications for the art.

Br. Branson
-I need an airport ride next Friday at 9pm.
-I won't be here in time for the next meeting.
-The web page has been updated again (It is on the backburner though).
-Programming Structures test went well.

Br. Lewis
-Last week sucked; I had an ear ache.
-I'm looking forward to 4 tests and then Guyman, Oklahoma.

Pl. Siard
-My interview went well.
-Break will be my "ordeal of pain"; parents, wisdom teeth extraction and
-I will be staying in the house after Thursday.

Pl. Williams
-Last week sucked, but I survived.
-I now know pseudo-code.
-My grandmother is not doing well; I may have to leave to watch my

Pl. Rye
-I fell through the ceiling.
-I have a physics and a calculus test.
-I'm running for Student Congress; I will need help please.

Final Announcement
-To Murphy for being the best overall member.

Meeting End  7:17pm.