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Title: Meeting Minutes for 2-27-2000
Last modified: 2005-08-27
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   Meeting Minutes for 2-27-2000

Meeting Minutes for 2-27-00

Meeting Start  6:33pm

Roll Call
Br. Yarrison (EX)
Br. Garner (LATE)
Br. Gilland (EX)

Guest Speaker :
-3-3 of Basketball tourney philanthropy by IFC
-Scholarship Money, several jobs for it are open
-March 25-26, teams are 4 people and $92

President's Report
-Regionals, contacting Al ASAP, 25-26th of March
-IFC composite information as an alternative
-Still have some forms if you need them
-March 6th is campus kidnap

Vice-President's Report
-Retreat is this weekend
-We are leaving at 5pm on friday, be here at 4pm
-Meeting will be during retreat
-we will return 3-4pm on Sunday
-You will have to pay for one meal on Friday
-MPA, MWW, MBW, MEY, and HPM are driving
Dinner: cooking: SRM,MAB, cleanup: SCS,MEY
After Meeting is at 9:30pm

Secretary's Report
-Minutes did not go out, two will go out this week for passing
-Web page is currently being moved, we'll have updates in a few weeks
-IFC Awards packets are here

Treasurer's Report
-We now have a budget
-Pay your bills soon

Rush Chairman's Report
-Rush had been good this week
-We have had two Rushiees, one at the banquet
-Chem Review Session this Wednesday at 7pm, SCS and MPA are on it
-Hanging Flyers on Monday at 6:30pm

Chapter Editor's Report
-Event Horizon did go out
-Not on the web yet, but it will be soon

Social Chairman's Report
-Nothing this week but Retreat and Regionals coming up.
-April 1st is Bermuda Triangle Party

Scholarship Chairman's Report
-Tuesday before and after dinner is a study group
-Wednesday is not working out
-Thursday, nothing happened, lets try again, 7pm

IFC Representative's Report

Philanthropy Chairman's Report
-Dance Marathon worked out

Greek Week Chairman's Report
-I'll be doing weekly reports now
-we are registered
-1st meeting is this wednesday at 10:00pm

Executive Committee Report
-Budget was made
-It was exciting and tantalous
-President's Packet stuff is due by next Exec meetings!

Added, House Manager's Report
-Fire Drill plan is going to be tested this week
-I've tested the fire extinguishers and such

Old Business
-Old Cable Bill was tabled indefinitely

New Business
-"   I- Let a separate fee to be henceforth referred to as the "cable fee", be added to the bill of
-         each person currently paying rent or parlor fees. This cable fee will be in the amount
-        charged for cable divided by the number of paying persons.
-    II- The treasurer shall be given free license to collect these monies and/or alter the amount.
        These monies shall be paid to the cable company for house cable television.
     III- This bill shall take effect in the first month during which cable is purchased, and lapse
        during any months in which these cable services lapse."
-    Voted and passed (10-6)


Br. Wheatly
-My laser disc player is dead
-I now have a DVD player
-and a bike

Br. Forsythe
-Dance Marathon was cool, similar to study abroad

Br. Dickinson

Br. Mercer

Br. Kraft

Br. Powell
-Thanks for going to the B-Day

Br. Martin
-I have money
-The laser disc is working
-Consultation was interesting
-The Alumni Meeting happened
-This week sucked ass
-Becky was here

Br. Lowe
-Thanks Marks for the attic help
-T.V. and Microwave are up for grabs

Br. Aldridge
-All Systems are functioning within operational requirements...

Added Br. Martin
-Even the hair?

Added Br. Aldridge
-I said "Operational..."

Br. Rogers
-E-Week Banquet was cool
-My Denmark trip has been okayed

Br. Ycedo
-This week the positives outweighed the negatives for the first time in a long time

Br. Branson
-Curt had some good opinions
-Good week mostly
-Weekend was fun

Br. Lewis
-Had the shits, they are over now
-Hope you get them
-Week was good

Br. Siard
-I have an A in Calc 4
-A on my Comp Org Test
-IBM called me, I will be in Austin this summer

Br. Williams
-I went home this weekend
-I am stable now

Br. Rye
-Aunt passed away
-We are doing better
-Keep us in your prayers
-Had several dates
-Friday sucked

Added Br. Garner
-Had a good weekend

Br. Meizlish
- Good Week

Br. Scott
-"Everyday in each and every way life just keeps getting better and better...."
-I have a busy week
-I am triple booked this weekend.
-"Stick them to the ceiling! That is the answer to all my problems!"

Br. McCann
-Calc test was cool, I beat Siard

Added Br. Siard
-(single fingered mudra of contempt toward Br. McCann)

Br. Kirkpatrick
-Going to Birmingham
-The Blazers suck

Added Br. Martin
-IBM meeting was cool
-I don't know my summer plans

Final Announcement
-To Nate for Dance Marathon

Meeting End  7:27pm.