Name: 179
Title: 28- February 1999 Business Meeting Minutes
Last modified: 2005-08-27
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Meeting Minutes, 2-28-99
Meeting Start  6:34pm

Roll Call
Br. Yarrison (late)
Br. Lowe (ABS)
Br. Lovelace (ABS EX)
Br. Lewis (late)
Pl. Williams (ABS)
Pl. Birchett (ABS)

President's Report
-Alpha Sigma Phi is holding a charity Mexican dinner on Wednesday from
5-10pm; dinner is $4 to raise money for child's surgery.
-IFC "fine" is now @ $90.

Vice-President's Report
-We are moving the retreat to April 23-25; fine for everyone now?
-Pledge class: Where were you Friday?  We will have an extra long
meeting next Friday.
-757 DeBarr is lost to us for now; Dr. Grady still wants to talk to
them; looks like we are staying here for another year.
-weekly dinner this week:  Ycedo and Siard cooking; Mercer and Branson
on clean-up.  Stewart, Rye, Garner absent.
-WOW: only have two sets of points turned in; I NEED MORE!; Aldridge and
Rogers will be absent; the pledges will not have to pay for the WOW meal

-Aftermeeting @ 9pm.

-I want e-mail to work again...

Treasurer (in absentia)
-Pay your bills!

House Manager
-We didn't have a meeting (Ira wasn't here anyway).  I will have a chore
list up by tomorrow; Get your stuff from the Guido-Martin storage shed
or its going to Good Will ("Take your crap!").

Chapter Editor
-Event Horizon is falling behind; hopefully get it out before WOW.
-I may have to give up this position.

Rush Chairman (in absentia)
-Goes on.

Alumni Relations
-12 RSVP's or so.

Social Chairman
-Look at WOW; Dance Marathon on Saturday also.
-Show up at E-club elections.

*Minutes for 2-21-99 approved with corrections.

Old Business

New Business


Br. Mercer
-"We got rid of all of the alumni!"
-I saw Margaret Thatcher from the 4th row; I didn't trip her at least.
-I finished 3 projects with 19 hours in front of the terminal this
-I still have one more project.
-I have a dental exam tomorrow.

Br. Murphy
-I had a good week last week; great E-Week.
-saw Midsummer Night's Dream; it was very good.

Br. Yarrison
-Midsummer Night's Dream was awesome.
-My parents are coming up this week.

Br. Stewart
-I am no longer the King of Engineering.
-The rivalry between the engineers and lawyers is still alive and well
(there were numerous pranks this past week).
-I had lots of fun.
-On Friday, I fired out of LKOT (Loyal Knights of Old Trusty) as #637.
-The E-Week banquet was a lot of fun.
-SPE (Society of Petroleum Engineers) is in the running for winning
-Next week looks to be even more fun.

Br. Garner
-I started working at Long John Silver's.
-Green Beer Day was lots of fun.
-I really don't remember much of last week so it must have been good.

Br. Aldridge
-My car is still not working
-I'm going to kill those beside me (Br. Rogers and Branson).
-The Wind Symphony was really good.

Br. Rogers
-I still haven't talked to Cheryl and I'm worried.
-Fluid Dynamics Lab (Green Beer Day) was cool last week.

Br. Ycedo
-I put Linux on my computer by myself (said with great pride).
-I'm half-baked on programming.
-School is getting more serious these days.

Br. Branson
-I got to see only one E-Week event, the banquet. wish I had seen more.
-I saw Margaret Thatcher, a play, and a concert this week.
-College Bowl is coming up; March 29-31 and we are going to participate.

    Br. Yarrison, Mercer, Aldridge, Garner, and Branson are signed up.

Br. Lewis
-Last week was long (Eahhh!).
-I had quite a few tests.

Pl. Siard
-I refuse to discuss last weekend (said with almost a snarl).
-I got email from Bell Atlantic; I want an internship only!

Pl. Rye
-I had two dates last week
-The "Thatcher thing" was okay; she said something about "an ancient
-Friday, APO dinner; OSU came, and the dinner sucked.

Final Announcement
-To Craig Stewart for being a "piece of shit".

Meeting End  7:12pm