Name: 178
Title: 21- February 1999 Business Meeting Minutes
Last modified: 2005-08-27
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Meeting Start 6:32pm

Roll Call
Br. Stewart (ABS EX)
Pl. Birchett (ABS)
Pl. Siard (ABS EX)

*Minutes passed for 2-14-99.

President's Report
-met Stathos last week; we are not the only fraternity pissed at IFC;
our National may be able to get us out of such things as security guards
and the like at party.
-IFC constitution is being revised; we need to speak to Chad (IFC
President) about associate membership in IFC; Al Evon says that we can
withdraw from IFC and National will not have any problems with that.
-Exec. Council meeting last Friday; we now have a budget.
-I met with the officers this past week.
-we got stuff from K-State.

Vice-President's Report
-WOW; if you want input on the menu, please see me soon; I need your
points too.
-guests need to be added to our count; currently 10 Alumni and family
-I don't have the Pledge Syllabus (yet).
-Pledge class meeting at 3pm Friday; I will get with the officers for
their presentations.
-dinner on Tuesday will be cooked by Mercer, Branson, and Williams.
-HAC; anyone with free time (Yarrison) please fill out some paperwork
for me.
-aftermeeting at 9pm (Yarrison ABS).

-we have a budget.

-minutes are going around.

House Manager
-Props to house people; a little chagrined when got back from Mardi Gras
at the state of the house, but it looked okay.
-House meeting at 5pm Sunday.
-Dish schedule:

Chapter Editor
-Event Horizon is almost finished.

Rush Chairman
-goes on.

Scholarship Chairman
-nothing major this week.
-study nights still on Monday and Tuesday; and it would seem that apathy

Alumni Relations
-RSVP's are coming in for WOW.

Social Chairman

Alpha Sigma Kappa liason
-Frontier City is on April 27th.
-they are holding their candidate ceremony tonight.

Old Business

New Business
-Disaster Relief Fund, authored by Br. Lovelace.
    passed by the majority.
-The Law of Conservation of Energy, authored by Br. Lovelace.
    passed by the majority.


Br. Bryant
-last week was eventful: Monday, dropped E-math II because the teacher
was not answering questions; Friday, went dancing; Sunday, there is a
dancing workshop ($2).
-found out I'm not going to Japan.

Br. Mercer
-3:30 on Thursday, we lost our internet access; lost the hard drive, but
have a new one that needs programming.
-I'm not going anywhere during Spring Break.
-going to breakfast with Sen. Mitchell and seeing Margaret Thatcher this
-Southwestern Bell owes me money.

Br. Murphy
-bought my first pair of pants in two years.
(Br. Martin, "Well, that was the biggest let down")

Br. Yarrison
-survived 4 tests last week.
-went dancing too.

Br. Martin
-I got President's Day off.
-I got one shirt.
-I get paid this week.
-everything is going fine.

Br. Lowe
-Jumped 8 times this week, setting a personal record.
-100th jump on my 1 year anniversary of starting jumping too.

Br. Garner
-Mardi Gras was the Bomb.
-looking for a good job (offers such as planting tulips, ECN, and
Wendy's from the members).

Br. Aldridge
-I've been sick all week (and that sucks).

Br. Rogers
-had an interview on Wednesday.
-there is a Sigma Gamma Tau meeting on Tuesday.
-there is a Tau Beta Pi meeting on Thursday to "suck me in".
-saw Midsummer Night's Dream ("kissing some guys stones.")
-got a Raytheon application.

Br. Ycedo
-I might disappear this week...probably to New Orleans.
-Mardi Gras kicked ass! I got pictures...

Br. Lovelace
-Got some new shoes.
-heard from a friend last Friday night; I might have a companion over
Spring Break.

Br. Branson
-survived last week; and I'm not dead.
-Midsummer Night's Dream was great.

Br. Lewis
-parents came last weekend.
-I got engaged.

Pl. Williams
-got a cloak donated from Matt Yarrison.
-I have a date on Friday night and have pledge meetings.

Pl. Rye
-I have a busy schedule.
-there is an RA position opening in Tarman; interviewing going on.
-running for Student Congress.
-Benefit concert at Diversity went well.
-Spring Break is three weeks away.

Br. Mercer
-Green Beer day is Wednesday!
-E-Week this week.
-Fountainhead comes out next week.

Br. Martin
-got a Microsoft packet; making me drool; Seattle rocks.

Br. Rogers
-Will has a cool car (I drove him home at 4am).

Final Announcement
-to Ycedo for Event Horizon work.

Meeting End  7:14pm