Name: 177
Title: Meeting Minutes 2-14-99
Last modified: 2005-08-27
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Meeting Minutes 2-14-99

Meeting Start 6:30pm

Roll Call

Br. Garner (ABS EX)

Br. Ycedo (ABS EX)

Br. Rogers (late)

Br. Lewis (ABS)

Pl. Birchett (ABS EX)

Pl. Siard (late)

Pl. Rye (late)

*Minutes for 2-7-99 passed with corrections.

President's Report

-IFC meeting was "fun"; Phi Mu is spending $200,000 on their

recolonization effort

-new Rush policy; raised maximum number of bids from 50 to 55

-there is a 4:1 girls to guy ratio for Dance Marathon

-dinner for President's was paid for by social fines.

-IFC is looking for Rush book editors.

-meeting 9:15am Tuesday with Beth Stathos; $195 fee for Dance Marathon


-K-State on April 17th; 11 RSVPs./

-Tuesday, Feb. 16 is "Art of Networking"; Wheatley involved.

-Greek Corps looking for interested individuals.

-National Convention, Orlando, FL this year. Aug. 7-10. Possible

delegates: Lovelace, Rye, Branson. Rogers.

-Greek Week Rep; meeting Mar. 8; Lovelace and Branson going.

-scheduling meetings with other elected officers:

Treasurer/Rush-Wed 6pm

Secretary-Mon. 5:30pm

Scholarship-Tues. after dinner.

-Exec. Council meeting Friday, 6pm.

Vice-President's Report

-Pledges get their membership manuals (syllabi to follow).

-pledges meeting 2pm Friday.

-form A's still not mailed.

-Tuesday dinner; Lovelace and Rogers cooking; 7 eating.

-Jim Summers speaking at WOW; invitations are out; Grady, Wheatley, and

Langley have RSVPs.


-have stupid software; we have a positive balance.

-National bills are being paid.

-"pay your fucking money!"


-minutes went out, check them.


-I have a grade sheet

-study nights still Monday and Tuesday; I might have to start enforcing

the 1 hour a week.

Rush Chair

-goes on; talk to friends; our goal is a 50% increase in chapter size by

next Jan.

NO EVENT HORIZON (President's words)

Alumni relations


Social Chair

-have a calendar; its not set in stone.

-social meeting on Wednesday for IFC; have a "crap" packet; has

Constitution with definitions.

-this week: E-week meeting 5:30pm on Wed.

-E-week is 21st-27th.

Old Business


New Business



Br. Wheatley

-please buy me a mug and shirt since I won't be here.

-thanks to Lovelace for doing the above.

-touchdown in 91 hours.

Br. Bryant

-did cha-cha to the Beastie Boys.

Br. Grady

-wife hit a deer; messed up the car.

-finally getting over being sick.

Br. Mercer

-3 weeks until Dr. Fagan and Dr. Tull kill me; we have spent their grant


-I have an interview with Williams.

-also interviewing with MCI Worldcom.

-Sunday, seeing Midsummer Night's Drea (Branson is going with


Br. Murphy


Br. Yarrison

-donated blood today.

Br. Lowe


Br. Stewart (laughing at President)

-good week; great Screw Valentine's Party.

-(I'm a bit of a slut) my sister is my dating service; I have her


-will be gone next weekend in Vegas (EX).

Br. Aldridge

-said something but forgot to write it down.

Br. Rogers

-Jazz concert sucked.

-yesterday rocked; free, good music; heard Blue Moon of Kentucky.

-called Cheryl and sent roses.

Br. Lovelace

-planting seed in "heart" of a certain female.

-bought flowers and she was pleased.

-great lazy day.

Br. Branson

-next week looks good to take up drinking.

-Tuesday and Thursday suck greatly.

-Academic team in Wichita kicked ass; went undefeated and might go to

Ann Arbor for National competition.

-Br. Wheatley donated money for a camera.

Pl. Siard

-there is a reason for fountain pens.

-going to see a Tolkien Scholar talk next weekend (EX).

Pl. Williams

-up from my post-break-up depression.

-CS TA's are Satan incarnate.

-learning the piano.

Pl. Rye

-busy week; passed the calculus test.

-Friday, did rounds in Adams (climbed 96 flights of stairs).

-went to party last night; should have gone to Pimp & Ho's Party though.

Final Announcement

-Garner, Ycedo, Birchett for being absent.

Meeting End 7:12pm