Name: 176
Title: 07-February 1999 Meeting Minutes
Last modified: 2005-08-27
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07- February Business Meeting Minutes

Meeting Start: 6:46pm

Roll Call:


Officer Reports:

  • There is a jam on WOW from IFC.
  • WOW points need to be turned in.
  • Grady is working for a 2/14 date on the housing board meeting.
Vice President:
  • Aftermeeting at 9:30 pm
  • Bills are out; only a few minor mistakes; pay them soon!
  • Sent the minutes around the table.  Look at them for corrections.
House Manager:
  • The new work schedule is working well.
Chapter Editor:
  • Turn in your assignments, now!
Rush Chairman:
  • goes on; we have our new pledges; working on the next rush.
Scholarship Chairman:
  • nothing this week
Alpha Sigma Kappa Liason:
  • need dates (weekends) for Frontier City trip.
  • Science Bowl is February 13th.
Social Chairman:
  • calender worked up; will be at the next meeting.
  • Friday is Mike's Magic Movie Night; be there!


  • Passed by CONSENT (for preceding week(s))

No old business

No new Business


  • Br. Wheatley:
  • Br. Bryant: why do Americans laugh at Japanese tourists with cameras?, why do we have the KKK in black hoods?  (Things Japanese want to know why they are funny)
  • Br. Burgess: Br. Dickinson's web page has been updated; look at it.
  • Br. Mercer: in need of CS majors for the IEEE Robot project; we need help. Br. Forsythe has a date in France too.
  • Br. Murphy: absent
  • Br. Yarrison: going skydiving next week with Br. Lowe.
  • Br. Powell: had a pre-Mardi Gras party with a full bar.  The "real world" is boring!
  • Br. Lowe: I feel much better.
  • Br. Stewart: Dad called; giving me tickets to Vegas!
  • Br. Garner: Leaving for Mardi Gras on saturday!  older sister getting married; I'm going to be an uncle.
  • Br. Aldridge: he said something...but forgot to write it down at the same time.
  • Br. Rogers: went to Dallas; got paid; all is cool.
  • Br. Ycedo: life gets more and more like a Green Day song.
  • Br. Lovelace: I have two tests on Thursday.  Saw an Amanda Love Hewitt look-a-like.
  • Br. Branson: weird day today; got into Br. Aldridge's pants.
  • Br. Lewis: had a good weekend.
  • Pl. Birchett: Studio sucks.
  • Pl. Siard: I am worried about the previous "pants reMark?"
  • Pl. Williams: had a good week.
  • Pl. Rye: went camping in the Wichita Mountains; it rained, and got soaked.

Final Announcement:

  • to Will Rye for increasing chapter membership.  Good Job!

Meeting ended at 6:56 pm.
Aftermeeting at 9:30 pm.