Name: 175
Title: Meeting Minutes 1-31-99
Last modified: 2005-08-27
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Meeting Minutes 1-31-99

Meeting Start 6:31pm

Roll Call

Br. Stewart (ABS)

Br. Lewis (ABS)

*Minutes for 1-24-99 passed.

President's Report

-have a t-shirt for Brent from Phi Mu's.

-Solarc is looking for people.

-Das agreed to pledge as an associate member of /T; need 3/4 member

vote, alumnus letter, and active letter to National Org. for him.

Vice-President's Report

-new pledge Williams.

-WOW banquet; we finally have a banquet hall; Jim Summers is speaking;

invite your parrents and such.

-dinner next week; Branson and Lewis can do presentation.

-aftermeeting at 9:15pm.

-fill our your WOW points.


-if you owe money, pay it; bills go out tomorrow.

-need Form A's then. Pledging fee is $225 for the semester.


-going to start putting random errors in minutes to make sure someone

reads them.

Rush Chair

-goes on.

-Games Night @ Johnson tomorrow.

Scholarship Chair

-don't have a sheet for grades yet.

-study nights are still Monday and Tuesday.

-goes on.

House Manager

-people not doing their chores.

-new method:








-Paul left cat food inside; cat food goes outside and needs a note; "we

need the Iron Fist!"

Chapter Editor

-assignments due Thursday:


Ycedo-"Crack", thanks

Lovelace-Rush, treasurer report

Mercer-WOW, letter for Das, President report

Garner-new house, Vice-President report


Williams and Siard-pledges

Stewart-social calendar

Alpha Sigma Kappa liason

-need a date for Frontier City, like March 27th? (tabled report)

Committee Reports


-contingency list sent to realtors.

Old Business


New Business



Br. Wheatley

-am now an adjunctant instructor for Linux.

-on Board of Directors of citizen's police academy.

-Art of Networking on Feb. 16th; sounds kind of cool and such.

-going to France in 17 days

-DHCP works in the house now.

Br. Mercer

-I'm in a good mood; my OS project is done.

-Greek Affairs is obnoxious.

Br. Murphy


Br. Yarrison

-Stephen is no longer going to kill me.

-I need a concealed weapons license.

Br. Lowe


Br. Garner

-I'm back to my old ways; missed 5 or 6 classes last week.

-Mardi Gras is in two weeks!

Br. Aldridge

-aced my Cell Biology quiz

-wrote a kick ass paper.

-this weekend was cool.

Br. Rogers

-Thursday, jazz band was in Tulsa; walking in downtown Tulsa.

-Friday sucked; had a bad class.

-went polka dancing on Saturday.

-got a new CD.

Br. Ycedo

-girls are icky!

-dead serious about the cats.

-I have Linux; thanks Wheatley.

Br. Lovelace

-been working out; lots to do.

-test on Tuesday; wish me luck.

Br. Branson

-calculus is almost done; and its hateful.

-thanks to Wheatley and Yarrison for the movie.

Pl. Siard

-I need a better name.

-had a weird week; days are messed up and many temporal anomalies.

Pl. Williams

-had a good week.

-next week is going to be bad (tests and such).

Br. Bryant

-E-math II sucks.

-I'm helping the Japanese students.

-the Japanese teaching candidate was terrifying!

Final Announcement

-Matthew Williams for increasing chapter size.

Meeting End 7:03pm