Name: 174
Title: Meeting Minutes 1-24-99
Last modified: 2005-08-27
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Meeting Minutes 1-24-99

Meeting Start 6:32pm

Roll Call

Br. Yarrison (late)

Br. Lewis (late)

*Minutes for 1-17-99 passed.

President's Report

-President's packet came-forms for Rush, VP, Secretary, Treasurer,


-(suffered) at the IFC meeting last week; discussed alcohol policy and

social policy for too long.

Vice-President's Report

-WOW points sheet; fill it out and turn in by late February.

-March 6th is the banquet date.

-Aftermeeting at 9:15pm.


-pay your bills (rent, National Fee, and local dues).


-I need help putting stuff on the web.

-sent the minutes out.

Rush Chair

-Siard is our newest pledge.

-I hate IFC; they don't understand /T..

-got IFC flyers; they show that /T has no house.

-Formal Rush is from Monday-Thursday

-brief set of Rush rules for Formal Rush.

Scholarship Chair

-form N received.

-need grades; I will get them at the next meeting (need to go by Greek


-Jan. 27th is Multicultural Career Fair 10:30am-2:30pm at the Field


-study nights 8-12 on Monday and Tuesdays at the House.

Chapter Editor

-you got your assignments by e-mail; they are due by 2/3.

-will have copy ready by 2/8.

House Manager (rant)

-"times they are a changin".

-Guido-Martin Storage Shed Method invoked.

-dishes are getting a "newly cleaned" policy.

-"if you didn't want me, its too f____ing late now!"

-Marcus' room is now storage space.

Alpha Sigma Kappa liason

-they are inviting us to dinner on 4/10 at 6:30pm.

Social/Philanthropy Chair

-working on a calendar.

Old Business


New Business



Br. Bryant

-Dance Club lessons on Monday at 6:30pm.

-Kevin Fong left a moving message by e-mail; read it.

Br. Mercer

-the robot is going well for IEEE.

Br. Murphy


Br. Yarrison

-looking for a local flight club.

Br. Lowe


Br. Stewart

-went to Houston; had a good time (life is good).

Br. Garner


Br. Aldridge

-Michael Collins is a cool movie.

Br. Rogers

-I have a ride to Dallas with Wheatley.

-Wheatley contradanced (enjoying females!).

-Japanese music concert was cool.

Br. Ycedo

-job at UPS; not sure if I want it.

-I want a Samhaim celebration.

Br. Lovelace

-lots of homework (life is mediocre).

Br. Branson

-3 hours of sleep but the Wichita tournament was fun.

-homework is going well (CS kicks ass).

Br. Lewis

-I'm positive this was a shitty week.

-my car is in the shop (no parts).

-my hard drive crashed; but its working better now.

-looking forward to next week.

Pl. Siard


Final Announcement

-Stephen Siard for increasing chapter membership.


Meeting End 7:04pm