Name: 173
Title: 1-17-99
Last modified: 2005-08-27
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Meeting End 6:54pm

Meeting Minutes 1-17-99

Meeting Start 6:34pm

Roll Call

Br. Yarrison (ABS)

Br. Murphy (ABS)

President's Report

-Mercer is the new president; stay tuned for new appointments.

Alpha Sigma Kappa liason-Yarrison

Alumni Relations-Branson



St. Pat's-Garner

-IFC packet turned in on time; fully paid them off too.

-TIPS; alcohol awareness program - "How to Drink". Feb. 6th,

reservations in advance, at 9am or 1pm. 8 RSVP.

-Social events and information coming around.

-Who/What is Kunjufu?

-1/21 IFC President's Meeting.

Vice-President's Report

-Aftermeeting at 9pm.

-bring back your cards from Ritual.

-new members need to read the Ritual and Constitution.

-WOW committee meeting Sunday after the Rush event.


-I need the books.

-I will get bills to you.

-"don't spend money"


-minutes went out.

*Minutes for 1-10-99 passed with spelling corections.

Scholarship Chair

-Thursday's look like study nights? They will start after Formal


Chapter Editor

-assignments will be going out soon.

-I will be talking to Mercer and Branson for ideas.

House Manager

-"need to clean up shit"

-meet at House at 10am and clean up public areas.

-laundry sign-up is completely new for this semester now.

Rush Chair

-we have a potential Rushees list (16 people).

-we have proto-flyers; examine them.

Alumni Relations


Social Chair

-OU Cousins participation; they need people.

-Swing Dance activity 1/17 from 7-11pm.

-March 6th is Dance Marathon.

-February 19th there is a Blazer's game if anyone is interested.

Athletics Chair

-anyone interested in running, give me a call any day of the week.

St. Pat's Rep.

-meeting next Wednesday 5:30-6:30pm.

Committee Reports


-we need to talk to Dr. Grady.

Old Business


New Business

-House Propagation Bill (author, Br. Stewart)

Roll Call Vote















The bill (with all amendments) passes.


Br. Wheatley

-working on the router.

Br. Bryant

-I now have an office that I share with 5 others.

Br. Burgess

-working on the router.

-Powell's apartment is way too big and has floor space

Br. Mercer

-every Thursday at 6pm, there is a group watching Babylon 5 at Cate

Social Lounge.

Br. Lowe


Br. Stewart

-congrats to our new brothers.

-my biological brother is going to Prague.

-will be going to Houston next week to do recruiting for PGE and looking

for an apartment for me.

-there is a little girl that has been looking for me all week.

-its been a good week!

Br. Garner

-"Good Lawd!"

-only missed one class this week and it was recitation.

Br. Aldridge

-probably said something but didn't write it down as usual.

Br. Rogers

-going to miss Feb. 6 because of a gig in Dallas.

-Friday night, friends called from Austin about a contradance tour in

the summer.

Br. Ycedo

-show up tomorrow please.

-Hugh thinks Mike is hyper-sensitive and is willing to help him deal

with this.

Br. Lovelace

-it was a good week.

Br. Branson

-done with the week in Aldridge and Ycedo's room

-Initiation last night kicked ass.

Br. Lewis

-I'm glad that I-Week is over and Initiation was fun last night.

Final Announcement

-Lewis and Branson for being new brothers.

Meeting End 7:33pm