Name: 172
Title: Meeting Minutes 1-10-99
Last modified: 2005-08-27
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Meeting Minutes 1-10-97

Meeting Start 6:32pm

Roll Call

Br. Murphy (ABS)

Br. Yarrison (ABS)

Br. Lowe (ABS)

Candidate Lewis (ABS EX)

President's Report

-I-Week is going on


Vice-President' Report

-stressed, but okay here.

Pledge Educator

-the candidates passed the Pledge Test with 100%.

Pledge Class President

-the test was.


-we have a new treasurer-in-training.

-bills will go out by the end of the week.



Scholarship Chair

-our GPA won't be stellar, but last semester is over.

-let people know about good times for study nights.

Chapter Editor

-next issue goes out the 1st week of February.

-Br. Ycedo is in training now.

House Manager

-"clean your shit up"

-House Work Day some time soon.

-"throw your shit away!"

-"see the Iron Fist of Death!"

Rush Chair

-special meeting following this meeting.

Social Chair

-working on a schedule; looking for ideas.

Alumni Relations

-Corp. Board meeting next weekend (supposedly)

Committee Reports


-no change since last time.

Old Business


New Business



Br. Wheatley


Br. Bryant

-hope everyone had a good holiday; it was nice being in the house alone,

then get to see people again.

Br. Mercer

-1st time I have gotten straight A's in college.

-father is doing very well, and is even on lower medication levels.

Br. Burgess

-playstation rocks.

Br. Powell

-made an A in linear algebra because of perfect attendance

-made a C in Physics II and B's in everything else though I failed the

compiler's final.

-I start work at Alka-tel on the 18th.

-Half-life is addictive and cool, and slow on my computer.

Br. Stewart

-I'm dragging us down in the academic department with 5 C's and a B last


-break was good.

-I'm tired.

-Phillips is laying off 1400 people; I'm worried.

Br. Garner


Br. Aldridge

-All B's and an A

-"I have a piano!"

Br. Rogers

-though I failed a Grady test, I still have a 4.0.

-I have had my piano for 7 years.

-break was good; Cheryl is cool.

-I got a speeding ticket for going 17mph over the limit.

Br. Ycedo

-got one A and all B's.

-its good to be here, but I have to do work.

Br. Lovelace

-break was a "pot of shit".

-now working only 1/2 hours and taking 12 hours of classes.

Candidate Branson

-break went well; worked for a week and a half.

-finally got my Eagle Scout.

Candidate Lewis

-got rid of the Breath-a-lyzer.

-break was somewhat fun.

-grades were not what I wanted, but better than expected.

Final Announcement

-Stephen Mercer for running I-Week.