Name: 171
Title: 24-October, 1999 Meeting Minutes
Last modified: 2005-08-27
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Meeting Minutes for 10-24-99

Meeting start  6:38pm

Roll Call
Br. Mercer-ABS EX
Br. Garner-late
Br. Branson-ABS EX
Br. Lewis-late
Pl. Gilland-late

*Meeing minutes for 10-17-99 passed.

President's Report
-The President has been gone all week.

-Aftermeeting at 9pm.
-Br. Forsythe and Pl. McCann cooking this week.

-There is no budget yet because there hasn't been a President around.

-I sent out the minutes for last week.

Rush Chairman
-I have a schedule for Rush for next spring.
-Semester Rush procedures are also going to be handed out.
-Rush goes on.

House Manager
-Dishes were not cleaned up after the last weekend.
-There will be a work day on the 30th at 11am to clean up for the party.

Chapter Editor
-Event Horizon on disks now.
-Don't use Word, its icky!

Scholarship Chairman
-IFC will fix the incorrect grades they have posted.
-There will be a committee meeting this week.

IFC rep.
-Exec. Council applications are here.
-The Phi G's didn't use a brick to beat someone.

Old Business
-Rush Bill-tabled still.

New Business


Br. Wheatley
-Went to a good concert in Dallas.
-I had fun at contra dancing.
-I now have voice mail on my cell phone.

Br. Forsythe
-I had fun at contra.
-I got sunburned at the hamburger feed.
-The concert in Dallas was cool.
-I was sick on Tuesday.

Br. Dickinson
-I got invited to an interview with a winery and a railroad last week.
-I interviewed with JD Edwards and Spring last Friday.

Br. Mercer
-I was in Missouri; my grandmother died this weekend.
-I was in Austin for an interview that was good.
-Schinerbock tastes could be different...
-I killed the midterm I took on Monday.
-A Texas A&M guy and I turned the Texas flag upside down.

Br. Yarrison
-I aced my MOHEAT test.
-I got used as a target in fencing.
-There were CEO's at the Engineering reception.
-I cleaned up after homecoming.
-I hate tempra pain with a passion.

Br. Powell
-I rocked my E-Math test.
-ACM party on the 29th at 9pm (free food for those in costume/ $1 for everyone else).
-SEDS meeting on 10-28 at 6pm.
-Robitics movie night showed T-2; we discussed ethics and Mach-5 (a soccer robot).
-The IBM info. session was fun.
-Computer Science team beat the MIS team by 125 points.
-I have Total Annihilation on my computer now.
-I need a wake-up call at 9am on Monday.

Br. Lowe
-I'm going to Stanford and will miss most of finals week.

Br. Garner
-I've been to Kansas now.

Br. Aldridge

Br. Rogers
-Thanks to Br. Aldridge for letting me use his keyboard.
-I had fun at the contra dance.
-Lisa is a cute Alice in Wonderland.
-Lisa is coming to Kentucky for Christmas.

Br. Ycedo
-I got my MP3 player in OKC.
-Resentment and bitterness get old.

Br. Lewis

Br. Siard
-Grand Hotel and Simile are both good productions.
-Complaints about the router should go to me.
-I've seen Boren twice in three days.

Br. Williams
-I drove Br. Branson to the airport on Friday.
-Branson is getting back on Tuesday.

Br. Rye
-I have 3 midterms this week.
-I saw Lisa Tiger this week; she was funny.
-Last weekend party was crazy/fun.
-The RUFNEKS party had a fight/entertainment.

Pl. Meizlish
-I had a good/bad week.

Pl. Scott
-College Bowl starts tomorrow at 5:40pm for us.
-English Comp. was cancelled on Monday because our professor was in jail.
-I have a choice between an Honors Man-Hating Femi-Nazi course vs. remedial English...
-Daylight savings ends next week.

Pl. McCann
-I started playing FFVIII and played for 15 hours this weekend.

Pl. Kirkpatrick
-I have the best schedule for next semester.
-On Thursday, I did 8 hours of homework in 2 hours, so I celebrated on the weekend.
-I need more invitations for the party.

Br. Gilland
-I got a 95% on my German test.
-My parents came on Thurs. with money to replace the locks.
-On Sat. we won and I went bowling as Cosmic bowling.
-Stephanie got home late.

Final Annoucement
-To Br. Powell for cleaning up the kitchen.

Meeting end  7:12pm