Name: 17
Title: Meeting Minutes for 2-20-2000
Last modified: 2005-08-27
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   Meeting Minutes for 2-20-2000

Meeting Minutes for 2-20-00

Meeting Start  6:31pm

Roll Call
Br. Forsythe (LATE)
Br. Yarrison (ABS)
Br. Rye (LATE)
Br. Lewis (ABS)
Br. Scott (EX)
Br. Gilland (LATE)
Br. Rogers (ABS)

*minutes for 2-13-00 were passed.

President's Report
-Dues to Greek Affairs have been paid
-Higher Education Day is Tuesday in the State Capital
-Sexual Assault Program for Men is also on Tuesday
-Dance Marathon has no sign-ups at the moment, get this cleared up
-Kappa Alpha - March 4-5 is holding a baseball tourney

Vice-President's Report
-Dinner: JMG, MLD, cleanup: SCS,SRM
-Retreat will be discussed next week, should be $20.00 each, in Tulsa
-Have down 15 definite as going, if you change you mind contact me

Secretary's Report

Treasurer's Report
-We can make rent
-Pay your bills

Rush Chairman's Report
-We met on Tuesday and touched base
-Still at zero pledges, no rushiees have been in the house
-We are using E-Week as Rush events
-Things are not going well

House Manager's Report
-Thank you for the help
-Do your chores or give me a hand

Social Chairman's Report
-(MAB) Party went well, lots of fun
-(MAB) clean-up has gone fairly well, the "big stuff" still needs to be picked up
-(MAB) Check up on your E-Week events
-The Party ran overbudget

Scholarship Chairman's Report
-Semi-Formal Study Night after Anime Night on Wednesday
-Tuesday After Dinner will be a Physics study group
-Tuesday Prior to Dinner will be a Computer Science / Open study group
-This Thursday, Honors Kitchen, 7pm, study group

Alumni Relations Chairman's Report
-Nic was here.
-Alumni Org meeting is this Sunday at 3pm
-Slim chance that two of them might be at the party

IFC Representative's Report
-IFC is passing new legislation so that rush profits can go to scholarships
-National Honors Fraternity Book Drive is this Tuesday
-Rush Booklet is due the 1st of March
-Dance Marathon is looking good
-3 Houses have been vandalized recently, lock the doors

Philanthropy Chairman's Report

Chapter Editor's Report
-(SRM) The Event Horizon is ready to be shipped by 8:00am
-(SRM) Bill the Alumni

Executive Committee Report
-We have no Budget
-Requesting lost copy from National

Rush Committee Report
-Discused next year rush practices (i.e. disaster control methods)

Old Business

New Business
- New Legislation to bill members for MultiMedia Cable
-    MWW will pick up installation costs
-    $65.36 per month to be split amongst the members
-    cost of $3 to be added to parlor fees
-    (SRM) Was decided last time that cable be installed only in public rooms, not private
-    (MAB) This is a good Rush Tool
-    Public rooms could have a cable hook-up without a T.V.
-    (MEY) I see no advantage to out of house members if cable is not placed in public areas
-    (MWW) This should not come out of the Active Member Fees, but out of the $15 parlor fee that exists
-    (BMG) Cable should be placed in the Upstairs Public Room
-    (MBW) The House Manager looses money if we take it out of parlor fees
-    VOTE: Amend the bill to bill the cable as a separate entity.
-    Tabled...


Br. Wheatly
-I have copied of the retreat pictures for everyone
-I got locked out of my car
-My toilet works now, I fixed it
-Road Rally sucked
-Thank you Nate for the hard-hat

Br. Forsythe
-Thank you everyone for help with the party
-Party kicked ass
-Trevor, good job as DJ
-I might be sick again

Br. Dickinson
-I had 3 interviews, one next week
-Best friend from High School was at the party -> cool
-Floor in kitchen is now CLEAN

Br. Mercer
-I left at 1 am, at 5:33 am I finished my CS project
-Life is boring, this is a good thing

Br. Kraft
-Unfortunately the toilet now continually runs...

Br. Powell
-I turned 23 this firday, it was cool
-Reaper Man and Soul Music are cool
-Soilent Green is "different"
-Road Rally sucked

Br. Martin
-This week sucked ass
-Had a low level cold this whole week

Br. Lowe
-Thank you for cleaning
-Trek is cool

Br. Garner
-I got fucked up last night
-It was fun

Br. Aldridge
-My hair is evil
-Road Rally sucked

Br. Ycedo
-"I don't want to talk about last week"

Br. Branson
-Cool week
-Road Rally sucked a big hairy cock
-Monday rocked
-Fuck the less than free
-Trek is cool

Br. Siard
-"bad" interesting last week

Br. Williams
-Awesome week, awesome weekend
-I have made up with one of the most important people in my life

Br. Rye
-Week went fast
-No class on Friday
-Yesterday was cool
-Home is still not well, keep them in your prayers

Br. Meizlish
-Bad week with a speck of light
-Had a good date
-Sorry I wasn't at clean-up

Br. McCann
-Now avoiding all Road Rallies

Br. Kirkpatrick
-10 days and counting

Br. Gilland
-I'm behind in school
-I had a wonderful time last night... you know why
-Steph had fun, said she felt like an ass and wants to apologize

Added Br. Branson
-It was an even trade

Added Br. Wheatly
-Off Monday
-Life is beautiful

Final Announcement
-To Br. Lewis for an awesome party
(Honorable Mention to Br. Gilland for bring Steph to the party)

Meeting End  7:36pm.