Name: 169
Title: 10-October, 1999 Meeting Minutes
Last modified: 2005-08-27
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Meeting Minutes for 10-10-99

Meeting start 6:30pm

Roll Call
Br. Lewis-late
Pl. Meizlish-ABS

*Meeting minutes for 10-3-99 passed.

President's Report
-National sent pledge manuals and alcohol education CD's.
-IFC is having a lecture on Oct. 25 entitled "Relationships Between Men and Women."
-IFC Exec. Office applications are here.
-Adopt-an-Area forms are here as well.
-Dean's Council Meeting
 -$5 E-T-shirts.
 -E-Club points for E-Week awards.
 -KISS institute-need mentor/volunteers for spring Bot-ball.
 -Oct. 14, 1-4pm Jack Kirby is speaking.
-ASK Masquerade Ball on Nov. 13 after 9pm.

-Aftermeeting at 9pm.
-Br. Dickinson, Br. Forsythe, and Pl. Scott are cooking for dinner on Tuesday; Br. Ycedo and Br. Siard are cleaning up.

-We got an anonymous donation of $100 for the washer.
-Rent is due by the 15th of the month.
-I need a $30 check to E-Club for Fall Festival and need to get the $100 from them for hamburger feeds.
-Check your boxes for information!


Rush Chairman
-I have a rought draft of notes for spring rush and a schedule.

House Manager
-We have a new quiet washing machine.
-We have a house committee meeting next week at 5:30pm.
-There is a work day next Saturday at 1pm.

Scholarship Chairman
-I need grades from people for last semester.

Chapter Editor
-I have a rought draft of the Event Horizon.

Alumni Relations
-There was an alunni org. meeting today; looked at the by-laws for the corporation.  Local Founder's banquet will be at Applewoods at 6pm on Nov. 20.

Social Chairman
-I want a song list from everyone for the party.
-There will be a social committee meeting at 9pm on Friday, Oct. 15.
-I need to get a security guard for the party.
-Br. Yarrison is in charge of inviting other chapters.
-There will be a BBQ for United Way on Wednesday.

Food Olympics Chairman
-Questions: Health concerns, protests, benefiting Norman Food Bank?

Pledge Education
-James Parker is coming this week; rearrange schedule.

Pledge Class Vice-President
-We got through the quiz okay; we're doing well on our black books.

E-Club Rep/Open House
-Open House is on Oct. 29.  Need people for rubber-band car races 7am-1:30pm; This will earn us 900 points for E-Club.

Committee Reports

Executive Council
-Bills are paid.
-We discussed Rush.

Old Business
-Rush Bill; still tabled pending further research.

New Business


Br. Wheatley
-I made the best grape Kool-aid today.

Br. Forsythe
-On Friday, my wonderful weekend was curved; I had to rescue my girlfriend in Kansas; thanks go to Br. Wheatley and Mercer.
-The OU/Texas game was bad.
-Rush goes on.

Br. Dickinson
-My best friend from high school is here; he's training in Tulsa.

Br. Mercer
-I turned in a philosophy paper in which I incorporated Mage.
-There is tutoring at Truman Elementary on Friday.
-I will be in Fayetville this next weekend.

Br. Yarrison
-I had a great, restful weekend.

Br. Powell
-I interviewed with DCTS to teach faculty to use MS Office.
-On Monday, Golden Key will be in the Union and my mother will be there.
-There is a UNIX workshop on Saturday.
-The Frisbee Fling is not happening for us.
-NULL needs an Open House booth.

Br. Lowe

Br. Garner
-Life's a "bitch," then you die.

Br. Aldridge
-Life's a "beach," then you die.

Br. Rogers
-I went to a wedding this weekend in the middle-of-nowhere; I had a good time, especially at the party.
-Tau Beta Pi invited me this week.
-I got email from Denmark; I may have summer work there.

Br. Ycedo
-The University is not pressing charges against me (ask him for the story).
-Girls are still icky.
-I ordered a portable MP3 player.

Br. Branson
-I'm in charge of College Bowl again; I need to know by the 15th who will want to play.  The competition is on the 25-27 from 5-11pm.  There is a meeting on the 24th at noon in the Heritage Room of the Union.
-The Academic Team beat Texas this weekend.
-I had a long week.

Br. Lewis
-This was a good week.

Br. Siard

Br. Williams
-I had a long week; I went home for a long weekend.
-Funding and shoes are taken care of now.
-My sister took a good picture.
-Anime night went very well.

Br. Rye
-This was a short week; I got the largest financial aid package ever for me (largely Pell).
-I had a lazy weekend; "Respect my authority."

Pledge Scott
-Geosciences Week starts today.

Pl. McCann
-Life's a "bitch," then you marry one.

Pl. Kirkpatrick
-Long weekends are great; then something went wrong.

Pl. Gilland
-I had an interesting week.
-Wednesday started the 5 best days then ended painfully on Sunday.
-I'm good now.

Final Announcement
-To Br. Yarrison for the washing machine.

Meeting End 7:32 pm.