Name: 167
Title: 26-September 1999 Business Meeting Minutes
Last modified: 2005-08-27
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Meeting Minutes for 9-26-99

Meeting start  6:30pm

Roll Call
Br. Forsythe-late
Br. Lewis-ABS
Pl. Gilland-late

*Meeting minutes passed for 9-19-99.

President's Report
-I mailed in National paperwork.
-IFC dues in Treasurer's box; need $35 to IFC for Brett tomorrow.
-I have info. for Frisbee Fling.
-The Big Event is in spring; campus-wide philanthropy for Norman.
-Photos are scheduled for Nov. 7th at 5:30pm at Coplin Hall.

-Br. Lovelace and Pl. Meizlish will be absent from retreat.
-Dinner for Tuesday will be cooked by Br. Garner, Dickinson and Bryant.
-Aftermeeting will be at 9pm.

-I need to order thank-you notes.

-Form A's have been mailed in.
-I need to go to the bank.

Rush Chairman
-One rushee called this week.

Chapter Editor
-I have a list of people without articles here, including Br. Yarrison, Lovelace, Rogers, Dickinson, and Forsythe and Pl. Meizlish.  I need these articles ASAP.

House Manager
-The fan has been fixed; the roof needs to be looked at for repair; the back hallway needs cleaning; the snake is loose in the house.
-The house committee meeting will be at retreat for 20 minutes.
-Cleanup for the Festival of Sin will be on Oct. 29, 30, and 31.

Scholarship Chairman
-I still need grades.
-I need a list of people participating in the Frisbee Fling and money for the entry fee.

Social Chairman
-The Festival of Sin will be Oct. 30th.  We have T-shirts designed and are working on invitations this week; we need a budget ($300).

IFC rep.
-There were two bills introduced as amendments to the by-laws that will be voted on in two weeks.
 -1) Disallow pictures of beer on the web (vote yes for this).
 -2) Boren wants to limit parties on weekdays to one/month (vote no for this).
-They want two people there, preferably one from our Executive Council included.

Pledge Educator
-We had the 1st meeting; meetings will be Wednesday at 8pm at the house.
 -President-Matthew David Meizlish
 -Vice-President-Brett Matthew Gilland
 -Secretary-Michael David Scott
 -Treasurer-Jan Cody Kirkpatrick

Pl. Class President
-We are working on a class project and name.

Committee meetings

Executive Council will be meeting at 8am on Tuesday at La Baguette.

Old Business
-Summer Rush bill; still tabled.

New Business


Br. Wheatley
-I didn't win the Hammer award at work.
-I enjoyed the weekend.

Br. Bryant
-This will be my last meeting for a while; Monday I'm going to Japan for study abroad; I'm going to work on robotics; I'm taking Japanese and a sports class too.
-I decided on my thesis.
-This is really strange.
-Someone stole my sheets last night.

Br. Forsythe
-I apologize for being late.
-The party was good.
-I had a long week.

Br. Dickinson
-This week was full of stuff and entertaining.

Br. Mercer
-I have two interviews; I'm guaranteed an on-site.
-I met James Parker after shots (Stoplight).
-Dr. Das, Tom, and I met with University officials; they are licensing our software.

Br. Yarrison
-The Ren. Fest. in KC was cool.
-We played "Spot-the Brothel."
-Academics suck.

Br. Powell
-I have an interview with IBM.
-Interviews early in the morning suck.
-The party was fun; Shana was cute.
-$75 of my alcohol disappeared last night.

Br. Lowe
-This week was bad; I got invited to Tau Beta Pi; the party was cool, but I passed out and lost my snake.
-The United Way Fundraiser is on Oct. 13th.
-Br. Bryant and I saw this guy have a seizure.
-A few people died at TAMU in a sky-diving plane wreck.

Br. Garner
-I saw Batman on Friday; I missed one test this week.

Br. Aldridge
-I have already had 6 of the 7 Deadly Shots.

Br. Rogers
-I missed the party.
-The contra dance was good.
-I have a new cool calculator.
-The AE program is officially dead.

Br. Ycedo
-I have three tests; Computer Org. sucked.
-I had a great weekend.
-I'm applying for a job involving Mac's.
-I met a girl last night that wasn't icky; she was cool.
-I had dinner with her.

Br. Lovelace
-The Sooners are now 3-0.
-There is a bad week ahead, though one just passed.
-I'm getting a B in German.

Br. Branson
-I had a long week; and a long last night.
-Six of the Seven Deadly Shots are done.
-I got compliments for our large liquor cabinet.
-My two tests went well; I have an interview with Raytheon.

Br. Siard
-The router is going to move this week.
-Congratulations to Br. Bryant.
-Bell Atlantic wants me back; I'm thinking of committing ritual suicide.

Br. Williams
-Thanks to everyone who braved the Delta Gamma Anchor Splash.
-Last night was a great party; I had fun.

Br. Rye
-I had a long week; I'm doing well in French with mostly B's.
-I got a hair cut and dyed my hair.
-My friends had a good time at the party.
-I threw up for the first time last night.

Pl. Meizlish
-My week sucked, especially French.
-I went to Ren. Fest. and had fun.
-I had Johnny Jump-Ups with Br. Yarrison.
-I have two tests this week.

Pl. Scott
-I had a good week; my three tests and two quizzes went well.
-I have two more tests this week.
-I have amore powerful (Ultra 5 with Solaris) computer than Br. Mercer.

Pl. McCann
-I have a test on Thursday and two on Friday.
-Delta Gamma Anchor Splash was interesting.

Pl. Kirkpatrick
-I'm sick; I had a good weekend; I'm tired with two tests coming up.
-I went dancing on Friday.

Pl. Gilland
-Last week was cool.
-Chaundra went home with me and we ran out of gas (be sure to heckle her).

Final Announcement
-To Br. Branson for pledge education

Meeting end  7:23pm