Name: 165
Title: 12-September 1999 Business Meeting Minutes
Last modified: 2005-08-27
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Meeting Minutes for 9-12-99

Meeting start  6:33pm

Roll Call
Br. Lovelace-late
Br. Rye-ABS EX

*Meeting minutes for 9-5-99 passed.

President's Report
-Adopt-a-School Program needs us for 1 hour a week of tutoring. The applications is due by the 21st.
-OU AIDS Walk is this Wednesday.
-Tri-Delts are having their Pancake Breakfast on the 18th for $3 to benefit the American Cancer Society.
-The Battle of the Greeks is being sponsored by Pizza Hut; giving away a big screen TV for the most pizza's ordered.
-Sooner Yearbook group photo will be on Sept. 26 at 5:30pm; meet at Coplin Hall.
-Clay Walker is performing for Homecoming; tickets on sale on the 17th.
-President's Pack came in; its due next week.
-Regionals will be at Rolla this semester.
-James Parker wants a fraternity to beat the sororities in GPA this semester.

-Retreat research continues.
-Dinners will be on Tuesday at 7pm after Formal Pledging.
-Aftermeeting will be at 8:30pm.

-Bills and statements went out; pay up now.

Rush Chairman
-Dinner on Tuesday from 7-9pm; dress is business casual.
-We have 4 pledges so far; let's keep working.


House Manager
-Absent temporarily.

Scholarship Chairman
-Mondays and Thursdays 8-11pm at the House; Wednesdays from 8-10 at Kirk lounge.
-Form N is complete; I need grades and transcripts.

Chapter Editor

Social Chairman
-I have a social schedule.

Committee Reports

Old Business
-untabled Summer Rush Bill.
 -National hasn't responded yet.
 -tabled until National responds.

New Business


Br. Wheatley
-I scraped knee last Thursday.

Br. Stocco
-Thanks for a good time; I think I'm leaving Tuesday.

Br. Bryant
-I got a new computer; I've been busy.

Br. Forsythe
-On Tuesday I went to Tapworks.
-I went to a cool party on Friday for the European Student Association.
-Saturday there is a hamburger feed.
-I went on a Princess Bride date last night.
-I need to take people to meet women at parties.

Br. Dickinson
-Tapworks was out of a large number of beverages.
-I have a boring life (this is not meant in a complaining manner).

Br. Mercer
-Having NASA on campus was fun.
-Shirley and Miller were there as was Bonnie Dunlar.
-I have 3 IFC meetings this week.
-OU wants my software.

Br. Powell
-Br. Stewart visited this weekend.
-Cheating on Starcraft is fun.
-NULL-install festival was fun.
-Dr. Page remembers me.
-The new Geo Prizm is mine.
-Br. Das is coming to Formal Pledging.

Br. Lowe
-I had a good B-day week.
-School sucks.
-Br. Rogers' toes are painted.

Br. Stewart
-It's a girl!

Br. Garner
-I saw Craig; it was cool.

Br. Aldridge

Br. Rogers
-Happy B-day to "Lanky."
-I had an okay B-day.
-The hamburger feed was cool.

Br. Ycedo
-I'm sick.
-The G4 was released...I'm tempted.
-Girls are icky.

Br. Lovelace
-Yesterday was cool; I lost my voice at our 49-0 win.
-I went to two parties; I met Heather.
-A bad week is coming up.

Br. Branson
-I had a good week; I talked to Dr. Das on Thursday for my article.
-I'm joining Pi Mu Epsilon for math.
-The hamburger feed was fun, but tiring.
-The pledge education syllabus is finished.

Br. Lewis
-I had an alright week.
-I have a new computer.
-Shauna is driving me insane and I'm losing my hair.
-I have every football game on my TV if anyone wants to watch.

Br. Siard
-I sympathize.

Br. Williams
-This is the third year that I've been sick on my B-day.
-I had a bad week, but I bought FFVIII.

Final Announcement
-To Br. Lewis for the social calendar.

Meeting end  7:27pm