Name: 164
Title: 04-September 1999 Business Meeting Minutes
Last modified: 2005-08-27
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Meeting Minutes for 9-5-99

Meeting start  6:32pm
Roll Call
Br. Mercer-late
Br. Garner-late
Br. Ycedo-late
Br. Lovelace
Br. Williams-EX
Br. Lewis
Br. Rye-late

House Manager
-Flea disposal has been postponed; it has been less of a problem lately;
Br. Aldridge's parents are bringing some stuff to help too.
-Do we want to get a UPS for the router and the cable modem? They are
about $75.
-Clean up after yourselves, especially in the front room.
-Try to park closer to the oak tree so that we can fit as many in the
lot as possible.

-There were only two people at study nights this week, but that is
forgiven because of Rush.
-Study nights are Monday and Thursday at the house from 8-11pm;
Wednesdays at Kirk lounge from 8-10pm.
-The engineering career fair is Sept. 23 from 10am-2pm.
-The campus wide fair is on Sept. 22 in the OU ballroom.
-Resume drops are starting soon and they are online.

-Sept. 8, Br. Ycedo and Mercer will be at the IFC meeting at the Alpha
Tau Omega house.
-Grady is in Germany until Sept. 13th.
-I met James this week; Greek Affairs is going to work with us to get us
more involved with IFC.

-Aftermeeting is at 8:30pm.
-Research for a retreat location will go on this week; report next week.

Treasurer and Rush (ABS)

Chapter Editor
-Articles were due last Friday; I don't have many articles sent in; I
want them tonight.

Alumni Relations
-The picnic went well.
-The 20th Anniversary dinner will be either the 13th or 20th of
November; deciding to make the Grady dinner on the 13th and the
Anniversary dinner on the 20th.

-Executive Council will meet at 10am on Tuesday.

Old Business
-Budget for Fall 1999--passed.

New Business
-Summer Rush Bill
  -Increase dues $8.35 per member per month to pay for one Brother to
run    summer rush (also including rent and $150 stipend).
-Tabled for further research.

Br. Wheatley
-Thanks to Trevor for the cookies.

Br. Bryant

Br. Forsythe
-I had a long week.
-Thanks to Br. Aldridge for the belt loan; I had a nice date with a girl
from El Paso.
-I had fun at the picnic.
-Congratulations to Trevor for pledging.

Br. Dickinson
-The 13th Warrior was cool.
-I want a degree!
-Cody accepted a bid.
-I got a 103 and a 114 in bowling.

Br. Mercer
-I apologize for being late.
-I had a good weekend; my father was here.
-My dayplanner was lost at the Fall Festival, but it was fun.
-I was at the grill for the 1st hamburger feed this weekend.

Br. Yarrison
-I had a nice date with a girl from Ohio.
-Thanks to everyone for the help in Fall Festival.
-I nailed Dr. Rieger with a cream pie.

Br. Powell
-I had fun watching the Festival from the 4th floor of Felgar.
-I turned down a web project.
-There were some interesting frozen eggs this weekend.
-Trevor made strange cookies.
-There is a NULL install festival during the next hamburger feed.
-MIS ICS career fair is the week before the engineering career fair.
-Thanks to Br. Ycedo for the movies.

Br. Lowe

Br. Garner
-I was in Ft. Hood to see my sister's baby.

Br. Aldridge
-The Triangle recolonization of U. Conn. is going well.

Br. Rogers
-I have wind tunnel lab at the wind tunnel.
-The picnic was fun; so was the concert at the OKC Philharmonic.
-Los Dos Amigos' #30 has a lot of chicken.

Br. Ycedo
-Will has crazy friends.
-Cody and Michael Scott might go see American Pie tomorrow with us.

Br. Branson
-I had a long week too; I had fun; this week was entertaining; I'm
remembering less and less.
-The picnic went well.

Br. Siard
-Thanks for the cookies (to Trevor).
-Psychoactive drugs should not be used...
-I'm tired.

Br. Rye
-Long week; Friday sucked because of a French quiz and my check wasn't
-I work at Huffman.
-Went to a cool cookout with Cody; but the Riverwalk sucked.

Pl. Meizlish
-This week sucked.
-Cosmic Bowling was fun, though I suck at it.
-I have a pledge class now!

Pl. McCann
-Cosmic Bowling was fun; I threw the ball 3/4 of the way down the lane.

Final Announcement
-To Pl. McCann, Scott, and Kirkpatrick for increasing chapter

Meeting end 7:17pm