Name: 162
Title: 22- August 1999 Business Meeting Minutes
Last modified: 2005-08-27
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Meeting minutes for 8/22/99

Meeting start 6:23pm
Roll Call
Br. Yarrison ABS

-Motion to recess at 7pm; reconvene at 10pm; passed.

President's report
-I had a good meeting with Dr. Grady; his priorities right now are
#1=Family, and #2=Triangle.  We're going to work on the application for
the President's Trophy.
-The House Acquisition Committee and the Executive Council are working
on getting a house.
-There will be an Exec. Council meeting at 10am on Tuesday at the house.

-I'm going to need a social chair, IFC rep, athletic chair,
parliamentarian, St. Pat's rep, and house steward; I will talk to people
to get their input.
-Engineering Fall Festival is on September 2.
-Open House is on October 29.  The physics test will be written by Br.
-November 11 is the date for nomination of officers.
-Novermber 21 is the date for the election of new officers.
-Delta Gamma Anchor Splash is probably going to be on September 25.
-January 10 is the first day of school for spring; that means that we
all have to be back on campus for Triangle no later than the 5th.
-February 26 is the date for Dance Marathon and the Engineering Banquet.

-There shall be no apathy chairman.

Vice-President's report
-The aftermeeting will be at 10pm.
-Start thinking about WOW now.
-Listen for special events; then post them on a calendar in the front
room and get others to go with you.
-Retreat will be sometime in September but I don't have the exact dates.

Rush Chairman
-We have a formal rush event in a few moments.
-Dale Hall 200 was filled with formal rushees.
-On Thursday we have the Welcome Party from 7-10pm; everyone needs to
-This coming weekend we have a rush event at Reeves Park from 12-2:30pm
on Saturday.
-On Tuesday there will be a formal rush event called "Toys Night".

-People owe money; pay it.

-The secretary will be getting the rules and regulations filed together
into a cohesive file.
-Reminders will start up next week.

House Manager
-The new manager is Br. Yarrison; he will start fining people; be
-Do your chores.

Chapter Editor
-I need three weeks for the next Event Horizon; one week for articles
from everyone; assignments will go out within the week.
-September 13, the Event Horizon will go out.

Scholarship Chairman
-There will be a log book upstairs and quiet times and I will get help
for others as they need it.
-I shall work on a scholarship policy next week.

Committee Reports

Rush Committee
-Moving people and flyers in key spots the past few days.
-For a profitable Rush, we have an initial "hot list".

Old Business

Recess 6:58pm

Reconvene 10:26pm

New Business

Bill for Phone Deactivation
-Br. Yarrison wants to keep the extra phone line for use of an ISP.
-The bill passes.

Bill for Pet Removal
-Amend for House Manager to be the judge of the definition of "Nuisance"
- tabled.
-Amend that "nuisance" be judged by a majority of the active
organization - passed.
-The bill fails.

Bill for Front Room Rent
-Amend to remove Section 3 of the bill - passed.
-Amend so that the sink may be used in the front room - failed.
-The bill passes.


Br. Wheatley
-I hate fleas and chiggers; I've been itching because of them.
-The international dinner was fun.

Br. Bryant
-I don't have school (Br. Bryant sucks).

Br. Forsythe
-The picnic and the party were fun.
-Br. Wheatley had a date at the party.

Br. Dickinson
-I almost had a 4.0 last summer, but I got one B.

Br. Mercer
-I love school.
-I don't have class on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Br. Yarrison
-I apologize to Br. Mercer for wronging his computer.
-Getting paid to fly is good.
-(Br. Yarrison raspberried Br. Bryant for not having school)

Br. Powell
-Summer was fun; this will be a great semester far from Dallas.

Br. Lowe
-"Fuck class."
-I saw Dr. Rieger's house and it was cool.

Br. Garner

Br. Aldridge

Br. Rogers
-I'm looking forward to Thursday...

Br. Ycedo
-I think this semester will be better than the last.
-Girls are ickky!

Br. Lovelace
-Girls are wonderful!
-I'm looking forward to a good semester.

Br. Branson

Br. Lewis

Br. Siard
-I went to Hell this summer.

Br. Williams
-Life is good; I'm dating again and I'm happy.

Br. Rye
-RA orientation is over.
-I have a cool upper classmen floor.

Final Announcement
-Br. Yarrison

Meeting end 10:54pm