Name: 161
Title: Triangle Meeting Minutes 22-Mar 1998
Last modified: 2005-08-27
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22-Mar Business Meeting Minutes

Meeting 6:39pm

Opening Roll Call:

Stocco - present
Bryant - present
Watson - present
Forsythe - present
Dickinson - present
Mercer - present
Murphy - present
Kraft - present
Burgess - ABS ex
Powell - present
Martin - present
Stewart - present
Garner - present
Aldridge - ABS ex
Pl. Rogers - ABS ex
Pl. Chen - present
Pl. Ycedo - present
Pl. Lovelace - present

Dr. Brian Grady was present for this meeting.

01-Mar meeting minutes passed with corrections.

Officer Reports:


  • Presenting Cards and COE's to Craig, Mark A, and Mark G
  • Greek corps still taking applications. 8 men & 50 women involved. "Communal philanthropy thing"
  • Leadership school still open
  • A-Chi-O's 8-5 Wednesday donations, taking

Vice President:

  • none

Pledge Educator:

  • Pledges got tour
  • Pledge Class President not present, so VP will report:

Pledge Class Vice President (N. Lovelace):

  • Toured previous houses at last meeting, etc.


  • Minutes passed
  • Will attempt to get in touch with George for form-signing


  • Need to take Neil to Greek Affairs

House Mgr:

  • April 11 (Sat) is House work day


  • Somewhere between here and King Kopy, Event Horizon in progress

Social Chair:

  • Not very social recently.
  • Calendar on wall--things went on last week, like Arts Classic Run
  • Ping-Pong tournament Thursday night with new net!
  • Have things on Greek Week. Must write a letter to House Mom; since we don't have one, will write to Br. Wheatley or Dr. Grady. :)
  • Greek Week T-shirts look good this year (according to some members...)
  • 14-Apr (Tue) have a Greek Weeek philanthropy project; need 10 guys & 10 girls. (meet at the House at 2:30pm)
  • Will keep us updated on Greek Week.
  • Founder's Day Celebrations: 7pm for Banquet, and 10pm for Bermuda Triangle (18-April)
  • Social Committee meeting requested. 6:30 Thursday.

Alumni Relations:

  • Going to Dallas to meet with Alumni this Sunday.

IFC Representative:

  • No one ran for IFC offices. IFC will probably not do very much for this year.
  • Rush rules will be fast and relaxed.

ASK Liaison:

  • Nothing to report.


  • $593.23 in account, not including gained money from Spring Break
  • Bills going out.

Scholarship Chair:

  • Not able to fill out form completely; form was dealt with by Nate and Marcos and sent in to Nat'l.
  • "Those who did realy good" turn in transcripts to Br. Burgess


  • Not anything to report

Philanthropy Chair:

  • Nothing else, except Greek Week items mentioned in Social report.

Committee Reports:


  • Nothing


  • Meeting on 6:30 Thursday

Old business

  • None.

New Business:

  • Motion: to purchase long stapler ($15) from house budget.
    - Passed with one negative and one abstention


  • Br. Wheatley:
    - Glass in hand from door incident (ouch!)
  • Br. Stocco:
    - Marcos has no announcements! Stop the press!
  • Br. Bryant:
    - Site Interview: Flow Serv.. BW/IP for this summer.
    - Magazines in magazine rack are current. Get those you want, else they are trash.
  • Br. Watson:
    - Went to Hawaii and brought some Lei's for the Chapter. (Br. Watson proceeds to lei everyone.)
  • Br. Grady:
    - Still looking for replacement COE dean.
  • Br. Forsythe:
    - crappy week. See later for other stories.
  • Br. Dickinson:
    - Mr. Nice Guy a cool movie.
  • Br. Mercer:
    - Worse week than Nate.
    - 2 Interviews for CS Director, Mon 2:30 and Fri 2:30 in EL 117. Open to all students to attend.
  • Br. Murphy:
    - In Arts Classic Run, placed 40th. Crappy day afterwards
  • Br. Kraft:
    - Got car Friday, and Friday was my Birthday!! (20th)
  • Br. Burgess:
    - Site interview in Austin Wednesday through Saturday. Need to get ride to airport.
  • Br. Powell: - Large group went to Regionals in UTA, and went on to UCLA and LA area.
    - Weather was good.
    - Harvey Mudd was cool college.
  • Br. Martin:
    - Was sick (and still am)
    - Got Compilers shtuff done (4.5 hrs!).
    - Have physics test Monday. Whoopiee!
  • Br. Stewart:
    - Elected pres. of SPE. - There is no past, only the present and the future.
  • Br. Garner:
    - Woke up at 7pm yesterday; 15 hours of sleep!
  • Br. Aldridge:
    - Weekend getting better
  • Pl. Rogers:
    - Spring break sucked. UK beat Duke today.
  • Pl. Chen:
    - Stomped at Arts Classic; passed by a 12-yr old.
    - Semi-annual job threatening by Patterson.
    - Saw Sarah McLaughlin.
  • Pl. Ycedo:
    - Someone named Jeremy called about homeless shelter; for President to call.
    - Happy Mark is alive; afraid was sick or dead.
  • Pl. Lovelace:
    - Life is hard []. That's all.

Final Announcement:

  • To Br. Mercer for stupendous work on Event Horizon.

Meeting ends 7:08; all members and pledges present.