Name: 160
Title: Triangle Meeting Minutes 01-Mar 1998
Last modified: 2005-08-27
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01-Mar Business Meeting Minutes

Meeting 6:46pm

Opening Roll Call:

Stocco - present
Bryant - present
Watson - present
Forsythe - present
Dickinson - present
Mercer - present
Murphy - present
Kraft - present
Burgess - present
Powell - present
Martin - present
Stewart - present
Garner - present
Aldridge - present
Pl. Rogers - present
Pl. Chen - present
Pl. Ycedo - present
Pl. Lovelace - present

22-Feb meeting minutes passed with corrections.

15-Feb meeting minutes re-tabled for further corrections.

Officer Reports:


  • E-week review
  • Fire out - Steve Reid
  • E-week banquet
  • Marcos - Kt. Of St. Pat.
  • Craig - E-Week King
  • 20% of Science Bowl volunteers - Triangles
  • Leadership School
  • Softball
  • Want to be on Dad's day exec. Committee? - see Br. Bryant
  • Wednesday, 2 pm - orientation for things available (OMU Union)
  • Paintball - Cameron 21-Mar ($50 per team)
  • Mar. 4 - Alpha Sigma Phi - Dinner from around the world - benefit Robert Carson

Vice President:

  • Formal pledging tonight for Neil Lovelace (now 4 pledges)
  • Triangle Badge - given some time after initiation for completion of stuff. Br. Aldridge is the first from his pledge class to earn his.
  • 7 pm Wednesday, MDPE committee meets.
  • Don't have black book for Neil tonight, will have one before Tuesday pledge meeting.


  • More bills coming out this week.
  • "I need money. Give me money."
  • Current balance = ~ $200


  • Minutes 15-Feb delayed until final names for WOW banquet on minutes.
  • No further data.


  • No Nic, Stephen, Jeremy, Jeremiah, Mike, Eugene, Neil for last 2 weeks (Study nights)
  • This week, Garner not present.

House Manager:

  • Nothing

Social Chair:

  • Stuff going on this week: Laundry/philosophy Thursday, 9pm. Launderette between Walker and Cate
  • Trip for Spring break leaving Friday.


  • Newsletter on Web
  • New directions to Br. Fong on web site. (they had Marcos's old Honors number)
  • Chapter directory here - double check your info.
  • Chapter editor's notebook missing - large white 2 inch notebook. "FIND THEM!"

Rush Chair:

  • "Rush goes on, and stuff."


  • No news is good news? ("Booooooooooo!" from crowd)
  • Did have science bowl participation - (Marcos) sign-ups through E-week and Triangle and SCS/ACM. Lots of Triangle participation. Improvisation due to lack of people was needed. Some came early to move tables and chairs. Keep an eye out for it next year.

ASK Liaison:

  • Received e-mail from ASK of officers list.
  • Stephen notes that they will be looking forward to seeing him at their next meeting. (after spring break)

Alumni Relations:

  • Added Andrew Gregory to Alumni trip
  • Dallas trip on 27-29.


  • Need to take composite-style picture of Neil (for our records) in addition to the BB/LB picture

Pledge Educator:

  • List for pledges with draft of directory. Correct draft (members)
  • Syllabi for meeting is out.
  • Elections for pledge officers

Pledge Class President (Pl. Kendall Rogers):

  • Went over code of Ethics.
  • Secretary: Pl. Ycedo; VP: Neil; Treas: Chen.

Committee Reports:


  • Bike rack up now, thanks to Jeremiah.


  • No meeting - need to get together to send out thank-you's and get money.

Greek Week:

  • Meeting tomorrow night (Mon) at Pi Beta Phi
  • We are paired with Chi Omega and Sigma Chi.

Old Business:

  • Research goes on.

New Business:

  • Motion to make initiation 16-May (I-Week starts late on 10th, Sunday)
  • Passed by consent
  • Motion to give $75 to Red Cross from $300 Road Rallye win.
  • Passed by consent (1 abstention)



  • Br. Wheatley:
    - Brent has mug for Wheatley - Craig needs $7 for it. (E-week Cmte)
  • Br. Stocco:
    - E-Week was fun. Bothered by differences from tradition - but it was fun.
    - Want to recognize Ira, from negative attitude during Road Rallye, Ira still wanted to go on instead of quit.
    - Thanks to Seth for being partner at games tourney.
    - Thanks for giving blood. May have been second place or tied for second. Good considering needle fear in chapter.
    - Get Triange some publicity this last week.
    - Suckered into helping with tables.
    - Thanks to Eugene for the impressive gumbo.
    - Went to see Sphere, not too impressed
  • Br. Bryant:
    - Alpha Chi invited us to dinner March 30, 5:30 pm!!!!
    - Road Rallye success-Triangle is cool!
  • Br. Watson:
    - Take field trip to see Br. Lowe in Houston area weekend of March 21st; the LAST free weekend. Will stay at Nic's place. Same weekend of Arts Classic Run. 6 people going. Seth will drive. Leave Friday night or Saturday morning.
  • Br. Forsythe:
    - Proud of those who gave blood.
    - Green Beer day good after giving blood.
    - Triangle is good;
    - Used $20 gift certificate at Don Pablo's for 2 year anniversary with Lynn. (She won it at Games Night)
    - Arts Classic run.
  • Br. Dickinson:
    - Craig got robbed at Beard Contest
    - Questions interesting at Science Bowl; confusion from
  • Br. Mercer:
    - Depart for Arlington Friday 5:30 pm.
    - Ira called them and left message; silence gives consent
    - Mercer's car: Maddog in front, Garner in back., Mercer Driving.
    - Hugh's car: Marcos, Brent, Aldridge; I'm driving.
    - Seth's car: Jeremy, Jeremiah, Ira, and Nate. Seth is driving
    - Hugh says: "Give me money!"
    - AAA updated (Stephen)
    - Bring sleeping bags.
    - Neil's middle name is Dewitt
  • Br. Murphy:
    - Thanks to everyone who gave blood.
    - Green Beer Day cool; thanks for applause
    - Casino night cool; went to watch play also.
    - Fri. was LKOT fire-out.
    - Thanks for Triangle's high level of participation.
    - Sphere was good.
  • Br. Kraft:
    - Green Beer day good.
    - E-Week banquet
    - Now 'Single' status
  • Br. Burgess:
    - Nothing.
  • Br. Powell:
    - E-Week banquet good experience.
    - Managed to get program in on time
    - Don't use bike rack for a week.
    - Thanks for birthday contributions.
    - Mom took out to get "Blow Job" (21st birthday)
    - Grandmother cannot drive well at night
    - Enjoyed presentation at dinner Monday.
  • Br. Martin (Hey, that's me!):
    - Catching up (typitty-type-type).
    - Beard contest disapponting; the choice based on actual beard merit was either myself or another quiet person next to me. But I'm not bitter. (It still sucks; there was money involved.)
    - E-Week banquet cool; Enjoyed the pleasant company of Rebecca.
    - Congratulations to Br. Stewart, the new Engineering King!
  • Br. Stewart:
    - SPE made $600 over E-Week
    - Looking forward to further activities with ASK and their new advisor, Dr. Melissa Riegor (sp?).
    - Interesting comment involving Ileen's roommate
  • Br. Garner:
    - Dr. Grady was drunk!
  • Br. Aldridge:
    - <dripping sarcasm>Thank Fate for placing all tests this week</dripping sarcasm>.
  • Pl. Rogers:
    - E-week banquet good; good food; left early, had to go to OKC.
    - only had 12 minutes to eat; still was good time.
    - Congratulations to all (Craig, Marcos, etc.)
  • Pl. Chen:
    - Congratulations, etc.
  • Pl. Ycedo:
    - Will bring laundry to house sometime soon
  • Pl. Lovelace:
    - Enjoyed Wednesday's Fluid Dynamics Lab
  • Br. Watson: Announcements are too long!
  • We will be going to Braum's as per tradition after a formal pledging.

Final Announcement:

  • A lot of people did stuff.
  • Pl. Lovelace, for growth of 5.25%

Final Roll Call:

No changes from opening.

Meeting End: 7:46pm