Name: 16
Title: Meeting Minutes for 2-13-2000
Last modified: 2005-08-27
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   Meeting Minutes for 2-13-2000

Meeting Minutes for 2-13-00

Meeting Start  6:31pm

Roll Call
Br. Mercer (ABS)
Br. Yarrison (ABS)
Br. Rye (LATE)

*minutes for 2-6-00 were passed.

President's Report
-President's Packet has arrived, officers take care of your parts ASAP
-We are now advantage members of IHOP
-There is a Drug Seizure auction on the 19th
-Free testing for the MCAT etc… Feb 19th
-Mr. Engineering Applications are now up
-Homecoming 2000 applications for exec council are in
-Triangle Group Picture will be in Copland Hall 8:30pm Tuesday, dress business casual
-Exec Council meetings are now at 5:30pm Thursday, each week

Vice-President's Report
-Talk to me about retreat ideas
-Tuesday Dinner: MEY,BMG cleanup: SCS JMG
-Aftermeeting is at 9:30pm

Secretary's Report
-The Member Tree is not working, am working on it now.

Treasurer's Report
-Bills are out. If you have no box, they are in mine.
-Pay your bills now, we need to make rent.

Rush Chairman's Report
-We have no pledges
-Final Day to pledge is March 23rd
-We have Dinner (Tues), Mike's Anti-V-Day Party, Party on Saturday, Anime Movie Night (Wed)

Chapter Editor's Report
-Get me your articles TONIGHT
-Rough Draft will be going out at the Aftermeeting
-Event Horizon will be ready to go out by Tuesday

House Manager's Report
-House Work Day : Saturday at Noon

Social Chairman's Report
-There is a party this weekend
-get 15 songs on a song list in my mailbox downstairs
-NDF - get the security guard
-Decorations run is tomorrow at 5:30pm (MAB,TNL,HPM)

Scholarship Chairman's Report
-Semi-Formal Study Night after Anime Night on Wednesday
-Tuesday Prior to Dinner will be a Computer Science / Open study group

Alumni Relations Chairman's Report
-Craig was here, he got caught speeding

IFC Representative's Report
-There is a meeting this Wednesday

Philanthropy Chairman's Report
-Campus Kidnapping Sign-up, March 6th from 6:30-8:30pm

Executive Committee Report
-National is thinking of raising the initiation and pledging fees
-We have decided to advise on a Active Fee increase instead
-THAP project is now updated
-Next meeting we are going over the budget

Social Committee Report
-There is no map on the invitation to the party, give directions on hand out

Old Business

New Business


Br. Forsythe
-Decent week
-I apologize for giving people food poisoning

Br. Dickinson
-Life is busy, long week

Br. Kraft

Br. Powell
-Radhakrishnan… Software Project… Fun…
-impromptu movie night last week rocked.

Br. Martin
-This week sucked ass
-I finished my project
-AI test did not go well, I think I did a 1/3 of it
-Numbers for 823 look perilous, but we are hopeful
-I'm catching up, thanks for the help

Br. Lowe
-I have a dresser and a desk, if you want them, take them
-Next month will be busy, I have to miss a week of class

Br. Garner
-I'm going to NY for spring break

Br. Aldridge
-Best week in a long while
-Aced a test
-cool Saturday

Br. Rogers
-June 3rd 2001, I'm getting married

Added Br. Lewis
-My condolences

Added Br. Rogers
-Cool contra last night
-Weekend was great, almost went to church

Br. Ycedo
-Lot of tests, more to come

Br. Branson
-Week keeps getting better - long
-Bad test this Friday
-Saturday was great
-I'm free

Added Br. Martin
-It's good NOT to be free

Added Br. Rogers
-Oh yeah. 2 tests and quiz this week
-My ring is stuck and I am in pain

Added Br. Branson
-I'm Free

Added Br. Martin
-It's good not to be free

Br. Lewis
-Sunday I missed the After Meeting because of Randy
-Week was all right
-Randy beat the hell of Mercer
-Life is looking a bit better

Br. Siard
-Went to see La'traviata, it was great
-I am not free
-Ozaydin is still breaking my head

Br. Williams
-Had a great weekend, Dave came in
-Went Bowling

Br. Rye
-Long week, Geography is a joke
-Stuff is going on at home, not doing very well
-Keep them in your prayers
-Party last night was cool

Br. Meizlish
-Excellent week
-Placed 3rd in math on recent test
-Stuff is turned in
-I have a date tomorrow night

Added Br. Williams
-Fuck all you attached people, Mike I'll be there tomorrow night

Br. Scott
-Going to California on Tuesday, back on Sunday

Br. McCann
-2 test next week
-Life is peachy clean

Br. Kirkpatrick
-Crutches, purses, and daggers, not necessarily in that order

Br. Gilland
-Academically now caught up, doing well
-Socially I went to a party Friday and won a $25 costume prize (was in drag)
-Pulled a road trip for Dad's 50th birthday
-Ft. Smith is boring
-Toys R' Us, Braumhs, and Bowling (frightening)
-Been a good week

Added Br. Dickinson
-Two interviews this week

Added Br. Rye
-My birthday is Gay Day at Disney

Final Announcement
-To Br. Lewis and Br. Martin for rescuing MWW (food-poisoned) and two Frenchmen from Chickisaw.

Meeting End  7:27pm.