Name: 159
Title: Triangle Meeting Minutes 22-Feb 1998
Last modified: 2005-08-27
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22-Feb Business Meeting Minutes

Meeting Start: 6:06

Opening Roll Call:

Stocco - present
Bryant - present
Watson - Abs. unex.
Forsythe - present
Dickinson - present
Mercer - present
Murphy - present
Kraft - present
Burgess - present
Powell - present
Martin - Abs. ex.
Stewart - present
Garner - Abs. unex.
Aldridge - present
Pl. Rogers - Abs. unex.
Pl. Chen - present
Pl. Ycedo - present
New! Pl. Neil Lovelace - present

Table minutes from 15-Feb.

Officer Reports:


  • PACE award nomination forms for outstanding freshmen are here
  • UIFI and Leadership school sheets here
  • Tuesday: Alpha Chi Omega 6:30 Forum on not Drinking (I think)
  • Need coordinator for Arts Classic Walk (appt Stewart)
  • Kurt Over came/did programming
  • WOW Banquet was awesome; largest collection of OU Alumni

Vice President:

  • Not much; congratulations to all people who worked on WOW; it was very nice

Pledge Educator:

  • First meeting held Thursday; meetings will be on Tues. from now on at House after dinners at 9:00pm.
  • Member manuals are ready now
  • I-Week looks good for May 11-16 (need to check for Neil currently)

Pledge Class Representative (Pl. Ycedo):

  • Working on getting to know each other; working on pledge class phrase.


  • Bills go out TODAY
  • The cost for the WOW Banquet dinners had to go up by $2 per person; next time, lets try to get the numbers a little more correct (the Club was generous in their charges, and they could have been much worse)
  • Made $170 in donations from Alumni at WOW Banquet; very happy.
  • Have meeting with Tony Ford at 3:30 tomorrow at the house to discuss the creation of the seed account.
  • "Give me your money" (tonight, because we have a capital shortage)


  • Don't look at Aldridge
  • (Not in meeting:) Sorry for my absences these last couple of weeks. I'll be back with you this week (yeah, I hear the groans.) :)

Rush Chair:

  • Thanks to Neil Lovelace, and Matt Ball for coming
  • Introductions
  • "Rush goes On"

House Manager:

  • Set goals (handed out report on goals)

Chapter Editor:

  • Alumni received newsletters
  • last one goes out before finals week
  • Receipts within budget (Treasurer says, "Good job")

Scholarship Chair:

  • A little behind; will get study hours posted by next week.

Social Chair:

  • Past week was easy week
  • WOW was great
  • E-Week THIS week:
    - Mon. - Blood Drive 10-4 Carson 100
    - Mon. & Tue. - Games Tourney at Willoughby at 7pm
    - Wed. - Fluid Dynamics Lab at O'Connel's, 3:30-7:30pm
    - Thu. - Casino Night at University Club at 5:30
    - Fri. - LKOT fireout at 5:22pm
    - Sat. - E-Week banquet at 7pm
  • Science Bowl will be Sat; have info. sessions on Fri.
  • Need to meet w/ WOW Committee for letter writing
  • E-Week was run so well (dripping sarcasm)

Alumni Relations:

  • Added Pursley and Waltrip to the mailing list; find out why Waltrip missed

WOW Chair:

  • Enjoyed banquet; use phone calls when dealing with Alumni

IFC Representative:

  • Short and sweet meeting
  • In meeting: Prohibit events between pledges of different fraternities? 2 No's; others Yes; /T voted yes


  • Thanks for all hard work to Garner and Forsythe
  • Going to use slide show at Founders Day probably

Philanthropy Chair:

  • Sat. - Science Bowl

ASK Liaison:

  • NADA

Committee Reports:


  • Finalized budget
  • Exec. meeting might be late tomorrow (Ira will be gone)
  • Budget passed by chapter.


  • None


  • This week's dinner:
    - Garner and Chen - cook dinner
    - Murphy and Kraft - cleanup
    - Powell - presenting Alien Anatomy
    - Aldridge will not be there b/c review session
  • Next week's dinner:
    - Burgess and Dickinson - cook dinner
    - Stewart and Aldridge - cleanup


  • Meeting Mon. at 6pm


  • None


  • Put on a banquet Saturday
  • In After Meeting: to discuss changes in program for next time

New Business:

  • Motion (by Br. Mercer): to move meetings from 6pm to 6:30pm so that Martin could make it to more meetings.
    - Note: This motion was conceived for the most part by Br. Martin to help facilitate his participation within the chapter.
    - Motion passed by majority vote (Stocco, Stewart, and Kraft opposed)


  • Stocco:
    - Thanks for WOW; stressful, but went well
    - Thanks to Garner, Mercer, and rest of committee
    - E-Week participation encouraged (vote for Stewart)
    - Philosophy of Mind (about AI); meeting Philosophy Study Lounge in DHT 607 11am- 1pm on Feb. 25 (Wed.)
  • Bryant:
    - Dance marathon on Apr. 18; need to write letter to decline (though we do still want to stand on street corners for money with Delta girls)
  • Watson:
    - Apologize for tardiness
    - Buy mug for Br. Over and blanket (this is a reminder)
  • Dr. Grady:
    - Annual nagging about getting minutes on e-mail (gotcha.)
    - Had great time @ banquet
    - Please write University Club thank you note (they were quite generous)
    - Moved towards a flat tax (taxes were done wrong 3x and we're very hard)
  • Forsythe:
    - B-day Apr. 15
    - Thanks for WOW
    - Will be upset if we don't do banquet again next year while in France
  • Dickinson:
    - Is a "needle-p***y"
  • Mercer:
    - Spring break; Martin, Mercer, and Burgess driving; need to meet to do numbers and figure expenditures (bring sleeping bag); leave Mar 6 (Fri.) for UTA; leave Sun. afternoon and get to CA on 10th; leave 13th and get back on 15th.
    - Ira, you need to call Harry at UTA
    - First interview for Dean; not liked; more interviews set for Feb. 26 and Mar. 3 & 4
  • Murphy:
    - None ("Nothing here, sir!")
  • Kraft:
    - Had a good time
  • Burgess:
    - No more interview drops this semester
  • Powell:
    - Various E-Week bitching; I have tests on Fluid Dynamics Day; (Grady is not a voice of Reason)
    - Drink one for me (if you're over 21)
    - Need help with C++
  • Stewart:
    - WOW "Woo-hoo!"
    - E-Week; do something.
    - Vote for Brandi!
    - Jeremiah, your dinner was awesome.
  • Garner:
    - Sorry for tardiness; had understanding of music performance to attend (yeah, good excuse)
  • Aldridge:
    - Zzzz = Sex in MS-Word 97 (Note from secretary - It's true! I just checked it!)
  • Rogers:
    - Sorry for tardiness; got no sleep until late last night
  • Chen:
    - WOW was fun
    - Am having a bad-hair day
  • Ycedo:
    - Am wearing my pledge pin (Chen was not) (maybe Stocco should do exponent since he hasn't explained that pledges don't tell on one another (?))
  • Lovelace:
    - It's cool to be here, and you guys are cool

Final Announcement:

  • to Br. Forsythe for the WOW banquet work.

Closing Roll Call:

Stocco - present
Bryant - present
Watson - present (tardy)
Forsythe - present
Dickinson - present
Mercer - present
Murphy - present
Kraft - present
Burgess - present
Powell - present
Martin - Abs. ex.
Stewart - present
Garner - present (tardy)
Aldridge - present
Pl. Rogers - present (tardy)
Pl. Chen - present
Pl. Ycedo - present
Pl. Lovelace - present

Meeting Ends: 7:10