Name: 158
Title: Triangle Meeting Minutes 15-Feb 1998
Last modified: 2005-08-27
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15-Feb Business Meeting Minutes

Meeting Start: 6:02pm

Opening Roll Call:

Stocco - present
Bryant - present
Watson - present
Forsythe - present
Dickinson - present
Mercer - present
Murphy - present
Kraft - present
Burgess - present
Powell - present
Martin - ABS UNEX.
Stewart - present
Garner - present
Aldridge - present
Pl. Rogers - present
Pl. Chen - present
Pl. Ycedo - present

Officer Reports:


  • Not much done b/c of tests this week.
  • Mortar Board Honor Society-"Want to write about your favorite time of day?"
  • Omniplex trip went well

Vice President:

  • Jeremiah and Nate-dinner this week; Hugh-entertainment
  • Eugene and Mark Garner-dinner next week; (Craig says "no" at this moment)

Pledge Educator:

  • Program syllabus-available at end of the week hopefully
  • Need to meet with officers about their presentations.
  • Tentative-Pledge meeting at house at 7:30pm.


  • nothing


  • Bills go out
  • "Give me your money"

Rush Chair:

  • Going to call Neil, who is very interested in joining.
  • Rush Committee meeting, Monday 7:00pm.
  • "Rush goes on"

House Manager:

  • House cleanup, Feb 22, 12:00pm.

Chapter Editor:

  • Draft done; still working on scanning in ECN.
  • Fold copies on Monday and hopefully get them out by Tuesday.


  • Study nights-#1 goes to Marcus Stocco with 4.5 hours logged.
  • Watson, Dickinson, Stewart-need to make an effort to be there.
  • (Burgess pledge class has problems signing out of study nights)
  • Friday-last day to drop classes with automatic withdrawal

Social Chair:

  • This week-house dinner and study nights.
  • Sat.-checking on E-Week Road Rally beginning at 11:30. WOW Banquet at 5:30pm.
  • (Is Dickinson on crack?)
  • E-Week meeting on Wednesday.
  • Beard contest starts Wednesday at E-Week meeting, Felgar 400.

Alumni Relations:

  • (Mercer for now) no more add-ons to list
  • nothing interesting to report


  • Did they have a meeting? They had no communication with us if they did.
  • So, are we being fined?

ASK Liaison:

  • NADA ("No news is good news"?)


  • If you have pictures, give them to Marcus.

Philanthropy Chair:

  • Omniplex-(Marcus says) was fun, hectic, left in the dark because of social chair.
  • We were late, but built space stations and paper airplanes
  • (Garner slightly irritated, says [expletive deleted])
  • Next year in Nov. they want us back for Astronaut Camp.

Pause while bookcase was moved in...

Committee Reports:


  • $20 spent on supplies
  • House clean-up, Feb. 22, noon


  • Meetings this week to work frantically
  • Need list of who invited, and who is coming from everyone.
  • Need RSVP's and list of Alumni attending.
  • Dr. Trytten will be there.
  • Revising the point system for next year

New Business

  • Watson - Motion: that chapter pay for WOW banquet fee for pledges
  • Friendly Amendment by Stewart to add Grady and his wife;
  • Passed by majority (Mercer opposed)


  • Stocco -Wed, went to interpreting Frederick Douglas, and it was awesome
    - "Lonely Guys Night" fell through-went to "Down the Road" play (about serial killers) was cool
    - Need to meet officers for pledge syllabus; Balfours still has throw blankets for $35, can go as low as $28 if order of 6-10 is made.
  • Bryant - Building codes make this house look depressing
    - Omniplex trip was good
    - Have fun with your first tests
  • Watson - Cheap chocolate can be bought at this store on Main.
  • Forsythe - Titanic was financially impressive, but otherwise wasn't
  • Dickinson - none
  • Mercer - Met with Dean Gillon of the Honors College.
    - Thank you for giving professors drugs, esp. Kim, who had a personality for a day.
  • Murphy - Murphy's law does work; car broke down and so did dad's.
  • Kraft - Omniplex was fun
    - Test Wed.
    - Interview with Hiltii on Fri.
  • Burgess - going to miss Wednesday study night, have Kraft cover.
    - Omniplex trip was fun and frustrating.
  • Powell - apology for family timing.
    - Thank Dr. Radhrakrishnan for test on Feb. 25: Powell's b'day and Green Beer Day.
    - Professors are pricks
    - Since on financial aid probation, enrolled in Medieval studies and "have to" attend Medieval Fair in April.
  • Stewart - E-Week; need help publicizing.
    - Paraphernalia on sale in Felgar.
    - Happy Valentine's Day.
  • Garner - "Um, I don't week!"
    (Craig) "You go girl!"
  • Aldridge - Omniplex was cool.
  • Pl. Rogers - none.
  • Pl. Chen - Omniplex was fun, esp. pumping sugar into little kids.
    - Work sucks, and does anyone know how to fix a Sparc 20 station?
  • Pl. Ycedo - Physics with Hufficker: Is 5/12 a good score? Yeah, it should be fine.

Final Announcement:

  • Br. Mercer: for his work on Event Horizon

Closing Roll Call:

No changes from opening.

After-meeting will immediately follow.

Meeting End: 6:40pm (approx)