Name: 157
Title: Triangle Meeting Minutes 08-Feb 1998
Last modified: 2005-08-27
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08-Feb Business Meeting Minutes

Meeting Start: 18:33

Opening Roll Call:

Stocco - present
Bryant - present
Watson - present
Forsythe - present
Dickinson - present
Mercer - present
Murphy - present
Kraft - present
Burgess - present
Powell - present
Martin - present
Stewart - present
Garner - present
Aldridge - present
Pledge Rogers - present
Pledge Chen - present
Pledge Ycedo - present

  • Previous Week's Minutes Passed with corrections.

Officer Reports:


  • Flyer received requesting Greek Week rep. Bimonthly meetings starting in March. (Craig volunteered to do that).
  • Mark Garner will be ASK Liaison. Will come out as a stronger man (?)
  • President's packet in (see secretary)
  • Move Exec. Council meeting moved to Mondays at ~ 18:05
  • Need to get new pledges registered at IFC by Thursday! (for Mark) (Get check from Treasurer) (Need to get them to Ellison Hall) ($35/each)

President of Vices:

  • Pledges added to Others on the list are: Br. Stocco, Br. Tim Eiler.
  • Pledge education meetings - once a week for about an hour - get with Br. Stocco after the meeting.
  • Alumni organization meeting today: there will be at least 6 alumni from the Dallas area attending the WOW banquet

Pledge Educator:

  • Need to get schedules from all the pledges. Include all meetings and etc. that prevent you from attending.


  • Will get out the ASK thanks letter; see Marcos about stationary.
  • Marcos wants text in e-mail for minutes.


  • Did another Form A (for Mike)
  • Balance: $1342.36

Rush Chair:

  • Pledge ceremony happened tonight
  • Office hours after Seth's on Fridays here

House Manager:

  • Brent has a proposal for those living in the house

Chapter Editor:

  • Will hunt down and kill if assigned articles in e-mail box by 12:00pm
  • Marcos has no assignment

Scholarship Chair:

  • SCS posts on Friday all the jobs available for the next Monday.
  • Filling out Form N.
  • Bring me transcripts and grades if you want me to calculate them.

Social Chair:

  • Sent around a tentative schedule. If things there you don't like, let me know.
  • Late March, early April unlisted items, including movie runs, etc.
  • WOW banquet invitations. Will be nice. Faculty invited.
  • Invite those whom you think would like to be there.
  • $15 per person. Need tentative list for # of people

Philanthropy Chair:

  • Next Friday, Omniplex having young Astronauts' camp. Model rocket launch, early on Saturday. See Br. Stewart for sign-up sheet.
  • Lady at Omniplex said that everyone requested the Triangle boys, so we have good reputation!
  • Oklahoma regional Science Bowl. Need sign-up by 23rd-Feb. Event happens on the 28th. Same day as E-Week banquet (Will be done by 2pm) (9am)


  • We have a bunch of pictures. Help us go through them to choose some for the scrapbook.


Committee Reports


  • Met at 5:30


  • Retreat stuff will be done at Consultation (no retreat)
  • Last thing on Social calendar: Initiation May 16, after school is over for a week.


  • Need to have committee meeting.

Old Business

  • Financial things are in Exec Committee

New Business

  • Internet Shop problem brought up by Secretary. Will be dealt with outside of meeting (for now)
  • Motion: Bill to establish Triangle House Cable Fund (see bill)
  • Ira: should we make it analogous to how we pay for internet
  • Stephen: propose additional slice for Fraternity payment for main TV room.
  • Cable bill monthly is (w/ pay channels) $50/month
  • Motion felt as insufficient.
  • Motion to postpone the document until Stephen modifies it for resubmittal. Because it would be too time-consuming to deal with in meeting.
  • Passed by majority.
  • House Budget and Fraternity Budget (updated to reflect suspension, etc.) presented.
  • Motion: resubmittal of House Cable Bill. Modifications in document.
  • Brent is responsible for the bill from Multimedia
  • Amendment: to bill main room share to Fraternity account rather than House account
  • Amendment Passed by majority (No: Mike, Seth, Garner)
  • Motion Passed by majority (No: Mike, Seth, Garner, Craig; Abs: Jeremiah)


  • Wheatley: Congratulation to New Guys
  • Stocco: Pledge education: need to get with all pledges. Need schedules and some personal info. Hopefully first meeting will be this week. WOW banquet: some people have not turned in their WOW points. They haven't been judged, so there will be an extension. Please give Craig a list of those whom you've invited. Get the guest list started. Give out invitations soon! Please mention to parents. I have the alumni secretary minutes. Main thing discussed: officers need to set goals. Regionals will be UT-A on 07-Mar, the opening weekend of Spring Break. Current plans involving California indicate going there directly after Regionals. Balfour's has some new stuff in (including key chains, blanket available. Cheaper if we can get confirmed orders). Reiterate about science bowl. Really cool. Went to Orlando for SHPE conference. Very bad to get around. Liked conference, though. Europa stuff. Crap from career fair.
  • Bryant: Promised to get as many as possible to go to UTA's regionals. 3 pledges exceedingly close to our goal of 4. Thanks everyone for participation.
  • Watson: As Good as it Gets is a good movie
  • Forsythe: Fun at SWE dinner this week. Witnessed reason why Housing sucks: they day some foreign students arrived to promised rooms, stuck in Couch.
  • Dickinson: missed out if missed SWE dinner. Got a B grade in German. Regionals cool
  • Mercer: Copeland Hall, Noon, 12-Feb (Thu). 06-Mar: leaving for UTA. Obtaining list of those who are going.
  • Murphy: Nothing.
  • Kraft: Nothing.
  • Powell: Games night rocked! Resident Evil II sucks the life from any room. Thank Br. Stewart making Fluid Dynamics on my 21st birthday (25-Feb)
  • Martin: Job offer, SWE dinner cool.
  • Stewart: Long week, next week will be long. [expletive deleted]
  • Aldridge: 3001 Sucks. SWE dinner cool.
  • Garner: Nothing.
  • Pl. Rogers: Nothing.
  • Pl. Chen: Nothing.
  • New! Pledge Mike Ycedo: Happy to be here.

Final Announcement:

  • To Pl. Ycedo and Pl. Rogers for increasing size of chapter by ~ 10 %

Closing Roll Call:

Stocco - present
Bryant - present
Watson - present
Forsythe - present
Dickinson - present
Mercer - present
Murphy - present
Kraft - present
Burgess - present
Powell - present
Martin - present
Stewart - present
Garner - present
Aldridge - present
Pledge Rogers - present
Pledge Chen - present
Pledge Ycedo - present

Meeting End: 19:45