Name: 155
Title: Triangle Meeting Minutes 25-Jan 1998
Last modified: 2005-08-27
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25-Jan Business Meeting Minutes (15:06)

Opening Roll Call:

Stocco - present
Bryant - present
Watson - present
Forsythe - present
Dickinson - ABS UNEX.
Mercer - present
Murphy - present
Kraft - present
Yarrison - ABS UNEX.
Burgess - present
Powell - present
Martin - ABS UNEX.
Stewart - present
Garner - present
Aldridge - present

Officer Reports:


  • Thursday, IFC Presidents' meeting:
  • Talked about not doing stupid things (i.e. fake IDs)
  • Elementary school tutoring and Greek Corps stuff available for those who want them
  • If you don't want your phone number in the Greek directory, contact them by Monday (presumably LAST Monday).
  • Budget information available:
  • Handed out information sheets.
  • Separate account information is available.
  • House will balance (no income for improvements, however).
  • Need to get receipts in with Br. Aldridge.
  • 1/5 of budget chapter already spent, so BE CAREFULL!

Vice President:

  • No report.

Pledge Educator:

  • MDPE committee meeting Thursday, 05-February, 7 PM


  • No report


  • Unavailable for report
  • (NOT IN MEETING): Minutes will be available on WWW and e-mail ASAP.

Rush Chair:

  • We have a new pledge! Kendall Rogers
  • A S K dinner Tuesday (shirt & tie)
  • Craig, Ira, Garner, Mercer: cooking/preparation
  • Monday: pool & pong in Willoughby
  • Help Garner out if he is busy or swamped!
  • If not involved in giving a bid, try to stay out of the vicinity of one.
  • Br. Stocco (Point of Order): we do have a bid sheet.

House Manager:

  • No report.


  • The paperwork is at ECN, currently down (during meeting).
  • Need to talk to officers about writing assignments.

Scholarship Chair:

  • Get me syllabi with grades in top corner
  • Monday is the last day to drop

Social Chair:

  • No schedule yet.
  • Rush happens
  • Br. Mercer (Pt. of Info.): Alumni need 1 month advance on planned dates. Earliest as of meeting would be 25-Feb.

Alumni Relations:

  • [still to be appointed: purportedly easy position; just need to call people, go to Alumni meeting, send party invites.]

IFC Rep:

  • No meeting this week.


  • No pictures have been turned in yet. Send them in as you get them.
  • Plan on having slides made from these pictures for the WOW banquet.
  • Remember your cameras

Philanthropy Chair:

  • Need to call the Omniplex

Committee Reports:


  • No report.


  • Handouts for budget and what the invites look like
  • Got to work on main obstacle: speakers.
  • Dr. Grady coming, Dean Snow busy.
  • Got budgets for $20 (Brent) and $400 (Nic)
  • Need volunteers for small stuff like dropping off invitations.
  • Dress rehearsal to be done before actual banquet
  • Need to pick up Jim Sommers Award
  • Note: The committee did make a lot of concessions on the plans, and this is just the first time to figure out how to do all of this.

Submitted Legislation:

  • Motion: to accept the WOW Committee report; WOW to pass as standing, WOW Committee not to dissolve as a result of acceptance.
  • Passed by majority vote.

Old Business:

  • None.

New Business:

  • Br. Stocco: Motion: to establish a co-op "fee" of $50 per semester of co-op for the person on co-op to pay to the Fraternity (local chapter). Due at the end of the first month of the co-op or upon receipt of paycheck, whichever is last. This bill would be effective beginning 01-August, 1998, and will not affect Summer co-ops.
  • Passed by majority vote.
  • Br. Watson: Motion: to suspend the orders of the day in order for the Secretary to read the previous week's minutes.
  • Passed by 2/3 vote.
  • Secretary read minutes.
  • Br. Watson: Amend minutes to include final role call.
  • Report passed (accepted)
  • Resume normal orders of the day.

Final Announcement:

  • To Br. Mercer.

Closing Roll Call:

Stocco - present
Bryant - present
Watson - present
Forsythe - present
Dickinson - present
Mercer - present
Murphy - present
Kraft - present
Yarrison - ABS UNEX.
Burgess - present
Powell - present
Martin - present
Stewart - present
Garner - present
Aldridge - present

Meeting End: 16:02