Name: 153
Title: 04-October 1998 Meeting Minutes
Last modified: 2005-08-27
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04-October Business Meeting Minutes

Meeting Start: 6:30pm

Roll Call:

Absent: Martin (late), Pl. Branson (late), Pl. Birchett (exc.), Pl. Lewis, Pl. Bonilla (late), Pl. Smith

Officer Reports:


  • Consultation went okay...didn't say much.
  • Regionals this week; leave at 6pm this Friday.
  • IFC Congress mtg.: Security guard at all events per 75 people is the new policy; voting in 2 weeks; other houses supporting.  Penalty is $500 and social suspension for one year.
  • Alpha Chi Omega Frisbee Fling Oct. 15-17; $45 per team, 7 men per team (not enough to field at a team at this point).

Vice President:

  • At the union just before 8 tonight for ASK Candidate Ceremony
  • Documentation from ELC this week, incl. Ritual education. incl.
  • Pledge Class Education went well
  • Dinner (Moved back to 7 PM). Volunteers: Marks (B. & A.)
  • Everyone help clean up


  • Bills are made, but not printed out yet.
  • Marcos, Brent, Ira have no vote/voice via legislation now because of the bills
  • 1 hour for house acquisition this retreat


  • Minutes need to be passed
  • Pulled records about house bills / contracts (loss of voice/vote from rent nonpayment, etc.)


  • Rush goes on


  • Almost had a party; TAMU did not show up.
  • Nothing happening socially this week until this weekend; Regionals
  • Neil & Marcos have birthdays
  • Leaving 6 PM Friday for Regionals


  • Lost attendance for one study night last week.
  • Kendall gets thing prize.
  • Next week, you can win a variety of items (cards, T-shirt, Motorola pen)
  • Working form N; files in progress

House Manager:

  • Washer will be fixed tomorrow (probably)
  • House work day coming up in about 3 weeks. Ideas?...


  • Couple new chapter newsletters from other chapters posted.
  • Notebook in progress

Pledge Educator:

  • Defer to our Pledge Class President...

Pledge Class President:

  • Talked about history
  • We will do walking tour next week.
  • Tom had homework tonight
  • Will is at work


  • Nov 7 - Omniplex philanthropy, zoo
  • Want to look at a new big project to be passed on to next Philanthropy Chair
  • Alumni Relations:
  • Posted info about retreat, Dallas meeting, and Local Founders'
  • Nov 14 - Local founders, $12 per person.


  • Passed by CONSENT (for preceding week(s))



  • Met, talked about stuff, not much

No old business

New Business:

Motion by Mark Aldridge to create House Acquisition standing committee:

  • MarkA: Wanted to have this for a while
  • PASSES by unanimous
  • Mark A nominated for chair
  • Mark A is voted in as chair
  • Recommend meeting to see who will show up
  • Meeting will be 7 PM Wednesday


  • Wheatley:
  • Dr. Grady: Car & computer broken last time attended a meeting. Computer broken today; if car is also, I will never attend another meeting! :)
  • Stephen: Interview with Williams Tuesday
  • Jeremy: same interview; 99 on Structures test, other good test scores
  • Seth: Also Williams interview; site interview with Saabre
  • Jeremiah: Received letter indicated "We'll call you..."
  • Hugh: Last week sucked, next week will suck. Tulsa Fair was cool
  • Craig: Week was great; good Hamburger feed; lots of profit; rode on the float; Chevron interview went great.
  • Pyrex: Good conversation with ELC; had a cinnamon roll and two Mt. Dews last night, and it is kicking in now. ...And that is fine.
  • Kendall: Had cinnamon roll at [Tulsa] Fair; got ace test for Intro to Aero
  • Mike: For Mardi Gras trip; base cost is $300; Feb 16. Need more for spending, etc. Garner & I need to find out soon. Need social calendar for Connor Cole. Week from today is "Nat'l Coming Out Day"
  • Neil: Work sucks, out of town for Birthday Thursday.
  • Edgar: Bored. Sucks. No job. Running out of $$$. Whose shirt???
  • MarkB: Next week test, quiz, paper, program due Mon-Thu.
  • Phil: English report due Monday; not started yet. Need to do laundry
  • Jeremiah: Pictures turned out to be a 2-hour shot at Glamour Shots. Got some stuff at Library's book sale
  • Kendall: Happy to say: have a Gig in Dallas on Saturday. Jazz band concert Wednesday @ 8 in Catlett Ctr

Final Announcement:

  • to Craig for Hamburger feed efforts.

After-Meeting at 9:45pm