Name: 152
Title: 27-September 1998 Meeting Minutes
Last modified: 2005-08-27
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27-September Business Meeting Minutes

Meeting Start: 18:32

Roll Call:

Absent: Phil, Will (late)
Extra Attendees: Yarrison
Alumni: Wheatley, Stocco


  • Last week's tabled until next week.

Officer Reports:


  • Greek Affairs
  • College Bowl stuff

Vice President:

  • Dinner Tuesday: Mike & Trek
  • Dinner: move time? 8PM = new time
  • Billing for Dinners: $3/week; must indicate in advance if not present.
  • Dinner clean-up people: Garner, Trek. Need to get dishes done that night.

Pledge Class President (Mark Branson):

  • First meeting went well
  • Officers: VP: Edgar, Secretary: Tom, Treasurer: Trek
  • Next meeting 8 PM Monday (Changed to Wednesday)


  • Need forms I gave to officers.


  • Need Money from: Bryant, Martin, Murphy, Burgess, Stocco
  • Fines to Stewart, Garner, Murphy from after-meeting abs/tardies


  • Mike's movie night went okay. Late arrivals
  • TAMU visiting Saturday
  • Consultation Wednesday thru Saturday
  • Homecoming week. Building float at Brandi's; call Craig
  • Saturday 10:30 need volunteer
  • Tuesday night: after dinner, need help chalking (Brandi)
  • This weekend: Hamburger feed will need people. (7am)


  • Rush goes on
  • Need to compare social calendar with ASK.


  • Mark Branson wins IBM bag
  • Next prize will be spiffy Raytheon folder

Pledge Educator:

  • List of offices for speaking @ pledge meetings.
  • Moving meetings starting this week to Wednesday 8PM



  • Got pledge education schedule to National

No old business

No new business


  • Wheatley: Make sure you get stuff to Nate by October; takes up to a month at $12 to mail stuff.
  • Marcos: Didn't get to see the play this week, will try this wek. Want someone to go with me. (Picasso play) A friend will be working in a short stage play at old Science Hall starting Thursday (Schoolhouse Rock)
  • Stephen: Consultation this week. Presentation on Big O notation and the brain in Felgar this week: CS/Psychiatry. Friday, 2-3 rm 319 Felgar
  • Yarrison: 9.8 hours to pilot's license
  • Jeremiah: interview Monday
  • Hugh: lots of new antihistamine/allergy drugs; feel not normal. :)
  • Craig: Web page kicks ass, esp. compared to many other greek pages. Hurricane about to hit New Orleans.
  • Garner: Next February, some of us are going to Mardi Gras. Talk to me.
  • Aldridge: Going to the Tulsa State Fair in Tulsa
  • Kendall: This week sucked: 1. R. 2. personal....
  • Mike: Real Big Fish coming to Tulsa (Ska music). Mardi Gras.
  • Neil: Got my web page up. Working Tuesday, Saturday, Sunday
  • Edgar: New movie coming out Friday; want someone to go also.
  • Will: no response. Boss is a bitch.
  • MarkB: Calc exam tomorrow. Did see the Picasso show.
  • Trek: Big Ass Exam this week
  • Tom: Bad news: didn't get other job; wrecked bike on the way to second interview. Bad on Calc test. History test pending (essay). Bummer of a week.
  • Kendall: One highlight to week: finally got the last Wolfstone CD
  • Craig: Went to see Ronin; is very good.
  • Edgar: No job; running out of money.

Final Announcement:

  • Mark A for pledge education.

Meeting end: 19:01

After-Meeting @ 9:30pm