Name: 151
Title: 20-September 1998 Meeting Minutes
Last modified: 2005-08-27
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20-September Business Meeting Minutes

Meeting Start: 18:40

Roll Call:

Pledges: Phil, Mark B., Trek, Thomas
Absent: Will, Edgar (late)
Alumni: Marcos


  • Marcos didn't get them
  • Minutes for 3 weeks ago and 2 weeks ago passed

Officer Reports:


  • IFC meeting attended this week; nothing to report
  • Thanks for participation in: Anchorsplash, tonight's NDI presentation

Vice President:

  • Met with Beth (IFC), told her pledge program, signed forms
  • Retreat 16th-18th at Br. Watson's apartment
  • Pledges meeting after this meeting
  • Pledges strongly suggested to go to retreat
  • Initiation will be 16th January; I-Week is 1st week of school.

Pledge Educator:

  • Meeting afterward to set weekly meeting


  • Minutes passed
  • Forms: get them to me.


  • Rent due tomorrow!!!


  • Study Nights!!! Mondays here, Wednesdays at Walker 4E, 8-12
  • Show up an hour per week
  • Fill out form N data (passed around)
  • Person attending the most this week gets the IBM bag!

Alumni Relations (Stephen):

  • Alumni going to try to cover Event Horizon so we can do the retreat (need $$$); next alumni meeting, Sunday 18-Oct at Nic's apartment 1:30PM
  • Alumni trying to solidify balance, know it is possible; need an Alumni Treasurer

House Manager:

  • Thanks to all who helped out on House Cleanup
  • Chore list does not end until Sunday 12 midnight. Need dishes downstairs washed


  • Have a calendar. Will be updated throughout the semester. Will have copies made.
  • This week: Dinner Tuesday 7pm, Friday; Mike Movie Night.
  • 28th-3rd = Homecoming Week.
  • TAMU visiting on the 3rd

Historian (Marcos):

  • 1998 photos now in a single album, 1997 being organized, 1996 pending. Others being developed.
  • Have purchased albums; will use the rest for black books


  • Editor's files up to date. Got rankings on newsletters


  • No events; rush goes on


  • Should go to their meeting next week
  • need a card for them



  • Went over the budget. Insurance cost us a butt-ton.
  • Pledge fees: most for IFC & Triangle National. $150 for House & 180 for activities.
  • House: $12,000 + $150
  • Chapter: $2520
    • $780 for insurance
    • 837 for rush
    • 840 insurance overrun: ~ 700 budget
    • 300 social, 170 WOW, 50 Historian, 25 scholarship, 90 house seed, 200 Event Horizon
  • House budget goes to bills and rent
  • House budget not used for seed account; the whole Fraternity pays that
  • Insurance high from alcohol-related deaths; no competitive rate. Entire year ins: $1620
  • Vote to accept budget: PASSED by consent

No Old Business.

No New Business.


  • Marcos: Anchorsplash was fun; good for support. Commend everyone who attended. Career Fair: Strongly encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity; another one in January. In any case, register with Career Services!
  • Ira: Got first interview with a non-Oil company: Lockheed
  • Stephen: 14th was birthday (22th), got tickets to a performance in Catlett from Pres. Boren. Got interview with IBM.
  • Seth: interview Friday, 2 Monday and one Thursday upcoming. Will help with resumes
  • Jeremiah: IBM interview; interested for testing position in Houston.
  • Hugh: HP interview; IBM Houston has resume
  • Craig: Have AMOCO and Anadarko interviews; last week "sucked a big nut." Next week tests; SPE Convention in New Orleans after that (Will not be here Sunday)
  • MarkG: Good job with rush
  • MarkA: Pledge meeting afterward; need to meet PE/MD committee
  • Kendall: Tests last week: 92%'s all across the board. Want to get with Seth to look at resume
  • Mike: Crappy week last week; bitter @ IBM
  • Neil: Crapload of tests next week; OU Cousins. Will sleep for a day and a half after Wednesday.
  • MarkB: Ate 8 meals last week; no longer will try.
  • Phil: Test in English; wrote essay in class; question was not related to study guide; quizzes in Physics
  • Trek: Nothing last week.
  • Thomas: Falling behind in Calculus; writing impossible paper tonight
  • Stephen: As of this week, there is no illegal software on my computer. Phil and Stephen will do it.

Final Announcement:

  • to Jeremy for incredible work at House Cleanup

Meeting End: 19:21

Aftermeeting 10PM