Name: 150
Title: 06-September 1998 Meeting Minutes
Last modified: 2005-08-27
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06-September Business Meeting Minutes

Meeting Start: 18:37

Roll Call:

Absent: Stephen (excused), Craig, Neil (excused)
Pledges: Mark VI (Branson)
Alumni: Mark Wheatley

Officer Reports:


  • Went to Presidents' meeting (IFC); have documents of (ir)relevance.
  • Sep 30-Oct 3 Consultation - need to sign up. (sheet passed around)

Vice President (Absent):

  • Eugene has depledged: Fraternity life too structured (?)
  • We will set up pledge class meetings next week


  • Are we having fun yet? :)


  • Sent in 6 Form A's
  • A few outstanding bills: Neil, Jeremy, Marcos; Bills went out for the 3rd
  • Big bills: Nat'l dues & insurance (~ $620)


  • Last week of rush: (Picnic, Monday 2PM), (Dinner, Wed, 7pm), (Video Violence, Friday night)
  • Burn ban: cookout will have to be inside

House Manager:

  • Have some surplus
  • Cleanup days: 19-Sep, 24-Oct, 14-Nov.
  • Oct 24th - House work day - taking suggestions; food, etc.
  • No house meeting today; will be every Sunday at 5:30pm
  • People need to clean up their food. Empty containers, clean spills.
  • Chores need to be done

Social (abs):

  • Anchorsplash - 12th; will pick us up

ASK Liaison:

  • Some will be coming to dinner; dress will be business casual.


  • Resume drops Tuesday & Wednesday
  • Study nights the same
  • Study hard & get good grades & all that.



  • No meeting last week.
  • 5:30 Wednesdays.

Old Business:


  • Not ready yet: will try on Tuesday; 3 PM, be there; will need help

No New Business.


  • Ira: done with grad school apps; just waiting now
  • Seth: Cluster-fest was fun; Hamburger feed was good, needed more people
  • Jeremiah: Lunar eclipse this morning; Paul saw it. Kendall's birthday is the 11th
  • Mark W: Car running better than in a year

Final Announcement:

  • Jeremiah for the composite

Meeting End: 19:03

Aftermeeting: 9:00