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Title: Meeting Minutes for 2-6-2000
Last modified: 2005-08-27
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   Meeting Minutes for 2-6-2000

Meeting Minutes for 2-6-00

Meeting Start  5:34pm

Roll Call
Br. Garner (EX)
Br. Ycedo (EX)
Br. Rye
Br. Rogers (LATE)

Guest Speaker : Alpha Chi Omega
 -Will be doing a Philanthropy : "Omega Man".
 -Contact their house if interested.

*minutes for 1-30-00 were passed.

President's Report
 -IFC meeting went well.
 -Consultation with National will occur; Wed-Sun (Feb 23).
 -Fall 99 Initiation Report is in to IFC; May have problems with a fine but things look positive
 -President's Roundtable was a success
 -IFC Staff Applications are out for those interested

Vice-President's Report
 -Retreat is planned for March 3rd - This date is now secured
 -Dinner this Tuesday; Cooking : SRM and MLD; Cleaning : MBW and SCS.
 -Aftermeeting : 9:30pm

Secretary's Report
 -Webpage will be up within the week.
 -Minutes should start being mailed for confirmation this week.

Treasurer's Report
 -(MPA) - Bills for Feb. are going out soon.
 -Important to pay on time, require funds for IFC and National Active Fee.

Rush Chairman's Report
 -Rush has been extended one week.
 -Formal Pledging will now be on Feb 12th.
 -Three events are now planned:
  -Tuesday Night Dinner - Jobs Already Assigned.
  -Thursday Night Mini-Golf - HPM is on details.
  -Friday Movie Night - MPA is on movies and snacks.
 -Still $116.00 under budget.

Chapter Editor's Report
 -Require Articles Urgently! Before Thursday if possible.

Social Chairman's Report
 -Social Committee Meeting is scheduled for Thursday 10th, 6:00pm.
 -Lifting will occur MWF at Houston Huffman at 5:30pm.

Scholarship Chairman's Report
 -No Study Nights will occur until after Rush.
 -Talk to me if you need tutoring now.

IFC Representative's Report
 -75 people entered OU's rush program this semester.
 -Feb 9th, IFC Pledge Educator meeting.
 -IFC is really pushing the President's Trophy.
 -10 IFC Scholarships are available.

Philanthropy Chairman's Report
 -Campus Kidnapping is March 6th; HPM is our kidnappie.
 -Need to form a Philanthropy Committee; TNL, MAB, NDF, and HPM are assigned.
 -Dance Marathon is coming : NDF and MLD have signed up.

Executive Committee Report
 -Consultation is happening.
 -Topics for Consultation/Regionals:
  -Dealing with a Larger Chapter Size.
  -Finding a new house.
  -Alumni Relations.
 -Getting the Budget together for this year by next meeting.

Rush Committee Report
 -Touch base on current situation.
 -Get people to the new events.

Old Business

New Business


Br. Forsythe
-Job interview went well
-Catching up on the week
-Car salesmen are slimy

Br. Dickinson
-Bought a Big Bad Voodoo Daddies CD
-Yesterday we got to beat each other with foam weapons; including middle school kids

Br. Mercer
-Br. Rice and I got the running
-E-mail on that system is now available to all members

Br. Kraft
-I like beer

Br. Yarrison
-I expect everyone to donate blood during E-Week
-Tuesday's games rocked! I did well (Fencing)
-Life will SUCK for the next two weeks

Br. Powell
-Want some popcorn?
-I got my money, I am no longer poor
-Graphics project is now done

Br. Martin
-Becky came to town this weekend
-Watched Galaxy Quest - it's great. "This is how it would happen"
-Software 2 group is going "okay"

Br. Lowe
-The snake is more fun than a slinky

Br. Aldridge
-For Br. Steward -Keep your safety tags up to date
-It was really cool seeing Craig
-Lots of tests coming up
-Applying for an internship with an anti-cancer research center

Br. Rogers
-Tuesday was fun - Talk to Williams
-Going to get married - "set in sandstone"; Will be next/next summer
-My car works now, but it still makes that noise

Br. Branson
-My fibula is fractured
-My Hard Drive is dead
-Monday was awful
-The next 3-5 weeks should be tolerable

Br. Lewis
-Had a shitty week
-Shauna had a good week…

Br. Siard
-Dr. Ozaydin is breaking my head
-I will not attempt to finish my CS project before dawn

Br. Williams
-Busted my tire while picking up Br. Rogers from dropping his car off
-Two tests are incoming
-The book Aristoi Rocks!

Br. Meizlish
-This week was very good.
-Pick my box up.
-Tuesday- PLEASE help me with CS.
-Trying to get a dating life started.

Br. Scott
-OU/Texas Basketball game was cool. I was on ESPN.
-Saw two plays
-I will be in California next/next Tuesday

Br. McCann
-Snakes are cool

Added Br. Lewis
-She works 3-midnight now, which sucks cause I don't get any now
-It also means the heathen is mine to watch

Br. Kirkpatrick
-I snuck into a party
-Learned some really "neat" things
-Magnolia (movie) is fucked up

Br. Gilland
-Good week, I'm tired
-I have 8 1 page papers due by Tuesday
-I "love" the liberal arts

Added Br. Dickinson
-Jaw Breaker is also fucked up

Final Announcement
-To Br. Garner and Br. Ycedo for having to be in Ardmore.

Meeting End  6:31pm.