Name: 149
Title: 30-August 1998 Meeting Minutes
Last modified: 2005-08-27
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30-August Business Meeting Minutes

Meeting start: 18:33

Roll Call:

Absent: Garner, Brent
Pledges Absent: Eugene, Edgar, Trek, Mark, Thomas Smith (late)
Matt Yarrison present this week.

Last week for Nathan Forsythe to be in attendance regularly.


  • Passing around for review.

Officer Reports:


  • IFC Roundtable meeting: rebuild social policy, putting together judicial board
  • Greek Convocation (Motivational, Pledges encouraged to attend) coincides with Formal Pledges
  • Consultation coming up; will have a meeting schedule next week for sign-ups. (Wed-Sat)

Vice President:

  • Weekly dinners start now, after rush? First will be Tuesday 15th Sep. 7pm. Cooking at house: Craig will cook (w/ [unknown status; rushee?] Michael assisting, Mark A clean-up


  • Plaques are at Sooner Trophy, will be ready tomorrow.
  • Web page changes still pending


  • Kraft, Lovelace, Bryant, Garner, Murphy, Stocco, Burgess, Ycedo, Rogers, Aldridge owe money; accts receivable: $2601.53
  • Form A's had, for Phil need to get a major.


  • New pledges here: Mark Branson, Trek Lewis, Stephen Thomas, Phil Bonilla
  • Tomorrow: Bowling @ 3 Flags @ 7 pm
  • Wednesday: Info/Net Night; Friday: Movie Night. (7pm)
  • Hamburger Feed Saturday.

House Manager:

  • Don't mess with Thermostat.


  • Anchor Splash
  • Schedule ready next week.


  • Event this Saturday: Dipped dogs, ate snow cones, pizza

ASK Liaison:

  • At their meeting to invite them to our Dinner a week from next (Sep 9) (Wed)

Alumni Relations:

  • Alumni group met today; haven't talked to officers yet.

Chapter Editor:

  • Will put Marcos down to write about Engineering Fall Festival.

Alumni Report (from President):

  • George wants us to participate in OSPE happening at the same time as Green Beer Day at the Omniplex


  • Resume drops start tomorrow.
  • Wednesday 6:30 Shell Presentation at the Union, Business casual dress; bring resume.
  • Study Nights: Mon, Wed after rush



  • Budget ready for next week

No Old or New Business.


  • Wheatley: Good-bye, Nate.
  • Stephen: Need airport transport
  • Jeremy: Got a raise @ research job
  • MattY: Going to be here through tomorrow; got new car. Cleared Solo in aircraft, 18 hrs from real license
  • Seth: Linux Install Fest, upcoming Cluster Fest
  • Jeremiah: ACM meeting Tuesday 7pm. Paul almost entirely moved in. Cleared out fridge
  • Hugh: Saw Saving Private Ryan, very busy this weekend
  • Craig: St. Pat's meeting Wednesday. E-Club Thursday 7pm Felgar 400, free food. Saturday is the home game; get out and support! Finally got what was waiting for; an offer letter from Phillips to start in June; lots of $$$.
  • Pyrex: Marcos would have listed it; SEDS listserv has discussion in Dale Hall Tuesday. Wolfstone @ 85 MPH is good.
  • Kendall: Selina, KS, is a long way to go to pick up someone (Yarrison). Might need help with resume. Might need to use scanner to help with Web page
  • Mike: to circumvent traffic in his room, now mooching off Brent's cable. Am pretty good about it, within reason
  • Neil: Would like to help with Hamburger Feed but must go home this weekend.
  • Eugene: TA for Dr. Mooney's Intro class; have lots of e-mail
  • Mark: fun to dip dogs.
  • Trek: snow cones turn you blue.
  • Thomas: Don't get Kensington-style laptop-backpacks; it sucked and is already broken.
  • Nate: Will be in France in 72 hours.
  • Craig: Dr. Grady weekend: Oct 24th looks like most likely target. Get someone to talk to Dr. Grady. Also ask about Tuesday the 20th.
  • Jeremiah: Composite is ready.


  • PASSED by consent.

Final Announcement:

  • to our new pledges: Stephen, Thomas, Phil, Mark, Trek.

Meeting End: 19:15

Aftermeeting 9 PM