Name: 148
Title: 23-August 1998 Meeting Minutes
Last modified: 2005-08-27
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23-August Business Meeting Minutes

Meeting Start: 18:32

Roll Call:

Alumni: Wheatley, Stocco
Advisor: Dr. Grady
Pledges: Edgar Espino
Absent: Seth, Eugene

Last week for Aaron Lowe, Matt Dickinson to be in attendance regularly.


  • Passing around table for review.

Officer Reports:


  • First week of Rush over. Got a pledge (Edgar), meeting many friends.
  • Engineering Fall Festival Thursday 10:30-2pm, need about 3 to work booth. Sign-up on list
  • [Craig:] Need people to help with Hamburger Feed, 9-3

Vice President:

  • Long distance is working. Will hear a higher-pitched dial tone, enter four digit passcode (bond, year)


  • Minutes passing around
  • going to Sooner Trophy tomorrow for Jim Summers


  • Pay your bills.
  • Deposited ~$1300, no seed account yet.


  • Monday night: Games Night @ Cate Ctr. Kendall & Stephen will reserve space. Aldridge & Brent snacks.
  • Wednesday: Event at House, 7 pm, Nate, Craig, Stephen, Aaron, Hugh talking
  • Saturday: Philanthropy event
  • New pledge: Edgar Espino
  • Take down any fliers you see about the party


  • Still working on Saturday's event.
  • Need to iron out tentative social calendar
  • [Dr. Grady:] need to set date to go to my house; will be ice cream/pizza event.
  • [Marcos:] Anchor splash? [Craig:] depends on interest level
  • [Stephen:] letter about Omniplex? They want our help


  • Status on Composite; Jeremiah is working on it.
  • Stephen is looking at pictures; some are missing


  • Resume drops start 31st.
  • Will post need help/will help list.
  • Study nights are starting after rush. Monday at Walker and Wednesday at House

House Manager:

  • House meetings Sundays 5pm @ House
  • Get your chores done. Downstairs floor looking bad. Personally cleaned downstairs.
  • Will set up shopping list on downstairs fridge.

Committee Reports:

  • Executive committee meeting Thursday 5:15.
  • [MarkG:] Write down stuff on the calendar downstairs.
  • Stephen: Want to re-form Alumni Relations Committee: Need helpers.
  • [Marcus:] Need to talk to George about when Alumni meetings start.
  • [MarkA:] Need alum. Treasurer
  • [Craig:] Need to reorganize WOW committee quickly; get a few people to talk with Nate to share information.

Old Business:

Old Research (seed account):

  • Tabled indefinitely

No New Business.


  • Mark W: Matt D's last meeting before he leaves for Germany. Knee still hurts. Going-Away party was cool
  • Ira: People who call every two years want to give presentation: Sunday Sep. 20, 5:45p Need 4 J/S. Got a Thank-You letter from ASK for participating in Nat'l Convention.
  • Dr. Grady: Welcome party was a great sucess; positive comments; congratulations.
  • Nate: Had fun at picnic; soccer, water fight; party was fun last night; 8 days to go.
  • Matt D.: Leaving on Thursday
  • Seth: been fun ,will be fun
  • Jeremiah: Digital bites; need Hamming info.
  • Hugh: Got stuff from home
  • Craig: Want to see everyone @ Fall Festival [Dr. Grady getting pie'd!!]
  • Mark G: Post Toasties is Good!
  • Mark A: If this week is any indication, will be a hellish semester.
  • Kendall: Same as Mark; will cooperate with Pyrex on E-Math
  • Mike: Too much to do.
  • Neil: T, R, 5-12a, Sat: 12-6 (work schedule)


  • Last week's minutes: PASSED by consent

Final Announcement:

  • To new Pledge, Edgar Espino.

Meeting End: 19:06

After Meeting: 9:30pm